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Local Film Tweets

September 2002

Top Screenplay Contests

By Simon Rucker
Project Greenlight certainly offers the biggest prize -- your script made into a Miramax film-but be wary of the agreement terms
More than providing a little extra cash, screenplay contests can be an important step for an invaluable award -- industry connections.

Surprise Hit: "Kaaterskill Falls"

By Asa Pittman
Peter Olsen and Josh Apter on location shooting "Kaaterskill Falls."
Filmed on whim and a shoestring budget, "Kaaterskill Falls," the award-winning co-directorial debut of friends Josh Apter and Peter Olsen shows at Film Fest New Haven this month.

The Real Reality

By Nicole Sawyer
A still from "American Challenge."
The New Film Company takes the viewer on a voyage into a world rarely visited in film: reality.

Reviews in Brief: Convergence Film Festival

By Chris Cooke
 A still from "Clam Up," by Robert Todd.
Several local films will be featured at Rhode Island’s Convergence Film/Video/Animation Festival on September 12-15.

How to Be a... Child Actor

By Amy SouzaPatricia Campbell of Portland Models and Talent shares some tips and advice for parents of budding thespians.

Smashing the Celluloid Ceiling

By Susanna Baird
The Fund for Women Artists is the fiscal sponsor for the film "Tomgirls!" by Julie Akeret.
The Fund for Women Artists fights for an increased female presence in a male-dominated industry.

A Voice for Social Change

By Ann Jackman
A still from "Rape Is..." Photo by Stan Grossfeld
Documentary filmmaker Margaret Lazarus continues to encourage social consciousness with her latest film "Rape Is..." screening at the MFA, Boston this month.

Industry News

By Allison Walton
"XXYY" will screen as part of the Boston Film Festival this month.
A report of news & events in the local industry for September 2002.

Mass. Gut Job: What Now?

By Chris Cooke
Massachusetts Acting Governor Swift closes down the Mass Film Office leaving in its place only a reference web site.
After being dealt several recent blows -- the dissolution of the Massachusetts Film Office; absorption of the Boston Film Bureau; and budget slash of the Massachusetts Cultural Council -- what's the future of the Massachusetts and Boston film industry?

Zero Score

By Amy Roeder
Andre Kriegman (Andre Keuck) and Cal Gabriel (Calvin Robertson) record their suicide note in "Zero Day."
Ben Coccio explores the minds of a pair of high school shooters in the drama, "Zero Day," screening at the Boston Film Festival and New Haven Film Festival this month.