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Local Film Tweets

November 2001

Searching for Identity

By Chris Cooke
A still from "My Babushka: Searching Ukrainian Identities."
A review of the film "My Babushka: Searching Ukrainian Identities," screening at this year’s Boston Jewish Film Festival.

2001 Independent Feature Project Market

By Michele MeekListings of the New England projects featured at this year's market.

Carney on Cassavetes

By Cynthia Rockwell
Ray Carney's book "Cassavetes on Cassavetes" is available for purchase through
Film critic Ray Carney sheds light on the work of legendary indie filmmaker, John Cassavetes.

IFP Market Sobers Up

By Michele Meek
On the Lighter Side: Olympic Greasy Watermelon
A report of the New England films at the 23rd Annual Independent Feature Film Market.

LEF Foundation Launches New Fund for Filmmakers

By Devon Damonte
The LEF Foundation gave a grant to the Center of Independent Documentary for the film A Loaded Gun: A Search for Emily Dickinson
Lyda Kuth, Director of LEF Foundation New England, talks about a new source of funding for local filmmakers -- the Moving Image Fund Initiative.

On the Other Side: The Last Laugh

By Josh Shea
One of Alan Abel's most notorious pranks was feigning death and receiving a complimentary obit in the New York Times. continues its series with Jenny Abel who is working on a documentary about her infamous father, Alan Abel.

A Feast for the Eyes... and Mouth?

By Eric Aron
"Dirt Boy" is one of the several films to screen with a New England connection.
The 2001 Northampton Film Festival brings together films, music and yes, chocolate.

Celebrating Jewish Cinema

By Stephanie Scott
A still from "Najeeb - A Persian Girl in America" by Tanaz Eshaghian which will screen as part of the shorts program on Nov.7
Audiences will kvell over the 13th Annual Boston Jewish Film Festival this November, showcasing 45 films from 15 different countries.

How to Be a... Film Composer

By Kat Thomas
One of the mix rooms at Sound Techniques in Boston.
Are you wondering how to put your musical talents to good use? President of Sound Techniques Lance Duncan offers up some tips to becoming a film composer.

Jump Backs Animated Backgrounds

By Peter Bohush
Jump Backs offer classy graphics perfect for television, corporate, commercial and even wedding videos.
Make your own TV graphics in seconds with these great animated backdrops.

You Too Can Be an AE5 Expert

By Peter Bohush
Total Training AE5 tapes with Brian Maffit help motion graphics artists do their work faster and better.
Struggling to learn After Effects? Now there’s some help with two new After Effects 5 tutorial tapes.

Industry News

By Allison Twomey
"Physics of Love" will be screened as part of the program Women's Perspectives II at the Coolidge Corner Theater on November 15.
A report of news & events in the local industry for November 2001.