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Local Film Tweets

December 2001

Ultimate Streaming Seminar

By Samantha Head
The Ultimate Streaming Seminar is  presented by Dale Sorenson (pictured above) of Sorenson Services USA and Future Media Concept
Thinking about streaming your film or video over the Internet? The Ultimate Streaming Seminar taking place this month can show you how to get there.

Meet Ross McElwee

By Hillary E. Cutter
A still from one of Ross McElwee's films "Time Indefinite."
Renowned New England Director Ross McElwee talks about his previous successes and his new film "Bright Leaves."

Industry News

By Allison Walton
The Boston Jewish Film Festival will co-present several encore screenings of "La Bûche" at the MFA, Boston.
A report of news & events in the local industry for December 2001.

Indie Revolution

By Michele Meek
A poster for the December 2001 screening.
Evonne Wetzner of the underground film revolution talks about the making of her successful screening series.

How to Be a... Graphic Designer

By Eric Aron
Kingpin Interactive has done graphic design work for WGBH's American Experience.
Graphic design isn’t just for paper. Learn how it fits into he world of film and video.

Tahmineh Milani Talks Back

By Stephanie Scott
Tahmineh Milani at the MFA, Boston.
A feminist filmmaker forges ahead and fights for freedom in Iran.

Visual Surprise

By Barbara E. Bellesi
A still from "The Tower of Industrial Life" screening as part of the Director's Cut on December 13. checks in with the VIDEO BALAGAN experimental film series to find out what surprises they have in store for their last shows of the fall season.