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Local Film Tweets

April 2001

Cleaner 5: The Ultimate Video Compression Tool

By Peter Bohush
Cleaner 5
For serious compression of video, there’s no better utility on the market than Cleaner 5. You may want it to be simpler at times, but you’ll never find yourself wishing it did more -- because it does it all.

Experimental Film and Video: Inside Out

By Tiffany Patrick
A still from Alla Kovgan's award-winning experimental film "belongings."
Following up on last month's profile on the Balagan series, Alla Kovgan and Jeff Silva return to talk about their own experimental films.

"Loop Dreams"

By Chris Cooke
"Loop Dreams" director Harvey Hubbell V.
A review of the newest flick about the "making of an indie film" screening this month at Film Fest New Haven.

Industry News

By Allison Twomey and Matthew Evan Scher
Local film "Space Baby and Metal Man" will screen in April as part of Film Fest New Haven.
A report of news & events in the local industry for April 2001.

Holding Onto Identity

By Amy Souza
A still from "The Blue Diner."
"The Blue Diner’s" writer and producer, Natatcha Estébanez sat down with Amy Souza to talk about this inspiring film, which won the Best Film award at this year's New England Film/Video Festival.

Tradition Meets Technology

By Alex Rapp
Production still from "Full Sail: Classics Yachts in Antigua" which aired on Travel Channel.
The local production company, the Curt Worden Group reinvents itself as Context Media for the Internet age.

In the Green: Irish Cinema Continues its Lush Growth

By Peg Aloi
A still image from "Beyond the Pale."
Returning for its third year, The Boston Irish Film Festival will be the host to several premieres, many guest speakers, and of course, great music, and Guinness.

Massachusetts Covers Some Ground

By Hillary E. Cutter
Teresa Goding ponders a question as Emily Dickinson.
Profiles of two new films underway in Boston -- "Loaded Gun: A Search for Emily Dickinson" and "Have You Seen Andy?&quot

How to Be a Script Supervisor

By Kristen Paulson
Script supervisor Liz Argo proudly bears the tools of her trade.
You may picture someone hunched over a long curled scroll, covering it with red pen. But here, professional Script Supervisor Liz Argo of Argo Productions, fills us in on what the job takes.