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Bladework Slashes Its Way to the Small Screen

31 Dec , 2010 | Written by Warren J. Avery | Posted by:

Producer/Director Mike Grosse shares the swashbuckling story of his new TV show Bladework, a part sportscast, part reality program airing on NBC Universal Sports Boston.


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MyTV New England: It’s Really Your TV

31 Jul , 2010 | Written by K. Correia | Posted by:

MyTV New England provides local filmmakers a new model for getting their work on television.


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DSLR Buyer’s Guide: Which Should You Consider?

1 Jun , 2010 | Written by Peter Bohush | Posted by:

So you want to buy a DSLR. Which is right for you? Peter Bohush reports for


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Industry News – June 2010

31 May , 2010 | Written by Casey Stirling | Posted by:

Summer's just heating up, and the New England film scene is a hotbed of activities, festivals, and screenings. To report news email


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How to Edit for Children’s Television

30 Sep , 2009 | Written by Mike Sullivan | Posted by:

Senior editor Arnie Harchik explains how he integrates 500 hours of studio, location, animated, and audio footage to create one season of WGBH’s Fetch! With Ruff Ruffman.


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Next Generation Producers

31 Aug , 2009 | Written by Karsten Hatch | Posted by:

Somerville Community Access Television (SCAT) opens the eyes of young talent.


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Yoo-hoo, Filmmakers, Fight On!

31 Jul , 2009 | Written by Maddy Kadish | Posted by:

Documentarian Aviva Kempner shines a light on the most famous woman in America you’ve never heard of in her film 'Yoo-hoo, Mrs. Goldberg.'


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Top 10 Reality Show Audition Tips

31 May , 2009 | Written by Angela Peri | Posted by:

Boston Casting’s founder, Angela Peri, shares 10 pieces of advice when auditioning for reality shows.


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Cheap Moviemaking with Public Access

30 Apr , 2009 | Written by Karsten Hatch | Posted by:

A former staffer at Framingham Public Access offers tips for maximizing the production potential of local cable access stations.


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New England Producers Honor the Native American Experience

1 Apr , 2009 | Written by Mike Sullivan | Posted by:

This month PBS launches an unprecedented multi-media event with We Shall Remain, a five-part series spearheaded by local producers and bolstered by New England talent and locations.