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Influx of Studio Pics Forces Actors and Casting Agencies to Grow

30 Sep , 2009 | Written by Kerry O’Donnell | Posted by:

This summer, Grown-Ups, The Fighter, Furry Vengeance, The Town, Zookeeper, and Wichita all set up shop in Massachusetts. With the high demand on casting agencies and actors, how is the system faring?


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A Man of Many Hats

31 Jul , 2009 | Written by Kerry O’Donnell | Posted by:

Film professional David J. Garfield is at home on every side of the camera; last month he premiered The Suitcase in Boston.


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Diamond from Southie

31 Jul , 2009 | Written by David Pierotti | Posted by:

Southie native Jay Giannone breaks out with his first film, the audience award-winning 'Diamond in the Rough.'


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How to Make Films (and Generate Income) by Committee

31 May , 2009 | Written by Kerry O’Donnell | Posted by:

Brian Pickard of Penobscot Films in Vermont has invented an innovative method of fundraising for his film Slayers: pay and have a say.


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Top 10 Reality Show Audition Tips

31 May , 2009 | Written by Angela Peri | Posted by:

Boston Casting’s founder, Angela Peri, shares 10 pieces of advice when auditioning for reality shows.


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How to Nail an Audition

31 May , 2009 | Written by Ariella Gogol | Posted by:

Boston Casting’s Julie Arvedon offers insight on how to audition, when to give up, and the best way to become a reality TV star.


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No Tricks Here, Just Self-Determination

1 Feb , 2009 | Written by David Pierotti | Posted by:

Actor Elika Portnoy leads Boston-made film to overseas success.


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Ready, Set… Act!

1 Nov , 2008 | Written by David Pierotti | Posted by:

A Brookline-based acting class gives actors hands-on experience, a film credit, and a reel.


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Raise Your Hand if You Want to Direct

1 Nov , 2008 | Written by Raúl daSilva | Posted by:

The desire to be in charge of a film or television set must be matched with a purposeful attention to detail, especially for projects set back a few decades, explains industry veteran Raúl daSilva.


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Industry News October 2008

1 Oct , 2008 | Written by Erin Trahan | Posted by:

The Boston Palestine Film Festival returns with a second fest, Hatchling Studios develops a free FLV player, Melanie Perkins wins an Emmy, and more... a report of news & happenings in the local industry for October 2008.