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Local Film Tweets

May 2012

Adults Only: A Web Series Come True

By K. Correia
Adults Only logo

From comic books to web-series, Jason Burns & Plymouth Rock Creative are proving “you’re only limited by the parameters you set for yourself.”

Nothing is Truer Than Truth: The Quest for Shakespeare

By Donna Sorbello
Nothing is Truer than Truth

Whether you’re a thespian or have just unknowingly quoted a Shakespeare aphorism, most everyone loves a mystery, especially filmmaker Cheryl Eagan-Donovan, who has set out to see if she can finally solve the truth behind William Shakespeare.

Digieffects: Making Damage & Delirium a Good Thing

By Peter Bohush
Digieffects was used here to expand the dynamic range between the brights & darks of DSLR footage, while maintaining contrast

People think it’s always sunny and warm here in Los Angeles, but I like to point out that we have four distinct seasons: fire, mudslides, riots and earthquakes. If one needed to represent L.A.’s seasons in a movie, Digieffects would be a go-to tool to get the job done.

Industry News - May 2012

By Casey Stirling
2 Days in New York, screening at the BIFF

Congratulations to the Boston Globe's own Wesley Morris for taking home a Pulitzer Prize in criticism! Check out the news for local films, upcoming festivals, and filmmaker opportunities. To submit news, e-mail

Ask the Screenplay Doctor: Breaking into the Biz

By Susan Kouguell
Photo Credit:

Now that you've got that diploma, what do you do with it to make those screenwriting dreams a reality? Screenplay expert Susan Kouguell gives you a checklist for how to break into the business after graduation. E-mail to have your screenwriting question answered in an upcoming issue.