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Local Film Tweets

March 2012

The Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation: Investing in a Brighter Future

By K. Correia
Mark Wahlberg at the Boys and Girls Club in Dorchester

The Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation and the Taco Bell Foundation have joined forces to provide Boys & Girls Clubs around the country with mentoring programs in film, television, and music production. One of their stops is Boston.

Salem Film Fest: Stories from Around the World

By Dave Walker
Reggae in the Ruff, airing at the Salem Film Fest

Now that the Oscars buzz is over, come to Salem, MA to relish in the undiscovered. Running from March 1-8, Salem Film Fest offers an excellent sampling of the best in documentary film from across the globe.

Ask the Screenplay Doctor: Bringing Novels to Life

By Susan Kouguell
Photo credit:

Screenplay doctor Susan Kouguell gives you the questions to ask and the software to use when faced with transforming a 500+ page novel into a 120 page screenplay. E-mail to have your screenwriting question answered in an upcoming issue.

Industry News - March 2012

By Casey Stirling
Raising Renee, screening at the Women's Film Festival in VT

It's a great month to be a woman filmmaker with the MJFF Women Filmmakers Forum, the VT Women's Film Festival, and the Women in Film & Video's 10th Annual Screenwriting Competition. Check out the news for local films, upcoming festivals, and filmmaker opportunities. To submit news, e-mail