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Release from Reason

31 Oct , 2015   Posted by:

Enter the fantastic worlds of Arthur Polonsky in a documentary, currently in production, by his son, Emmy nominated Director Gabriel Polonsky.

Arthur’s mystical art defined him as “one of the most important Boston painters of the 20th century.” His talents led him from Lynn, MA to the booming art scene of post WWll Paris, acclaimed international shows, and a feature in LIFE Magazine. He played a major role in the Boston Expressionist movement (a title that he ironically rejects). In fact, this is one of only a few films to cover this historic yet unheralded era in American art – as told through Arthur’s first hand accounts and 30 interviews with leaders of the Boston art community.

Yet Release from Reason is not a typical “PBS” documentary. At age 89, Arthur lights up the screen with his brilliance, humor, and eccentricity – still painting day and night in his ramshackle art filled Victorian house. Through breathtaking art and intimate cinema verite footage, the film brings to life Arthur’s journey to renowned young artist, relative obscurity, and reemergence in his 80′s with major exhibitions. It explores his fascinating influences and artistic process, and unconventional family of artists. The film is the story of a life devoted to art (at all costs) for 75 years, and the mysterious forces that fuel creativity.

Director: Gabriel Polonsky

Writer: Gabriel Polonsky

Cast: Arthur Polonsky and many others

Production Company: GP Studio

Producer: Producer: Gabriel Polonsky. Executive Producer: Eric Grunebaum

Director of Photography: Mark Wuerthner, Gabriel Polonsky

Filming Locations: Boston

For more information: http://releasefromreason.com/