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Falcyyr (2011)

31 May , 2012   Posted by:

(currently in production.. Release date TBA)

Falcyyr is the story of four women chosen by the Fates at the request of Odin (the Great All-Father of the nordic gods) to be trained, empowered and transformed into legendary beings known as Valkyrie. These four women are chosen from different time periods and backgrounds as the gods are not limited by time and space. Each of them plucked moments before the time of their demise and given a choice to serve Asgard and therefore the word of Earth, or be placed back within the grasp of oblivion.

Once transformed they will save the earth from an aggressive alien race that views aumanity as a source of food.

Director: Ahura Z. Diliiza

Writer: Ahura Z. Diliiza

Cast: Ahura Z. Diliiza
Sinari Diliiza
Siira Phoenix
Theis Orion
Nirakazi Ng-Diliiza
Theis Orion
Shelly "Nun-chucks"Finnegan
Nadene McIntyre
(More to come...)
More info. coming soo

Production Company: Unicovia Pictures

Producer: Ahura Z. Diliiza

Director of Photography: Ahura Z. Diliiza

Filming Locations: Gorham, Westbrook , and various other Maine locations.

For more information: www.falcyyrmovie.com