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Paid Jobs

Art Director for 1930’s period thriller short “CLOVER”

(Union & Non-Union)

CLOVER is a period short set in the 1930s about a brother and sister who have to defend their frontier home against a mysterious man who comes in out of the cold one night.
Currently seeking an Art Director who will source props, direct and adjust furnishings of home’s interior (location is a small cottage outside of Springfield, MA), coordinate wardrobe, and handle any other aspects of production design.
Shoot dates are Friday, March 20, 2015 through Sunday, March 22, 2015, and then Friday, March 27, 2015 through Sunday, March 29, 2015.
Transportation, meals and lodging will be provided for duration of shoot, plus day rate of $100/day (negotiable depending on experience).
If interested, please send an email to with a short paragraph indicating your previous production design experience (with links to images or video, if possible) and a resume if you have one.

Contact Details: Joe Dwyer Pizza Baby Films

Short Film Seeking Piano Player for Studio Recording of Moonlight Sonata (1st Movement)

(Non-Union Only)

Seeking piano musician to play Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata" (1st movement) for a studio recording that will be used in a film score. This is a paid opportunity (negotiable). Specifically, I am looking for someone who can master the piece quickly and be able to lay down the complete track in a two-hour studio session.
Please contact me (Chris) at with your contact information and attached/linked media of you playing piano. If you have a recording of you playing the sonata, even better.

Contact Details: Chris Redtere Productions Website

Female 30-45 for fitness related shoot

(Union & Non-Union)

Casting female age 30-45.
Must be fit and able to perform various stretches.
Must be an experienced runner with good form.
Short educational film covering proper footwear.
Must be able to provide own wardrobe, some exercise and casual options.
Pawtucket RI.
Rate $150 half day.
If possible I would like to film afternoon Monday 2-16
May push date to week of 22nd. Please notify me of availability.
kalnyer at

Contact Details: Kal Cobweb/ Kal Nyer productions Website

Product Launch Formula Coordinator for Documentary Film and Ancillary Products

(Union & Non-Union)

Product launch formula, created by Jeff Walker, offers a clear and proven way to launch new products online. The right candidate for this position will know and have worked with this process, can create a plan, and can implement it. Position starts immediately. Contact - send resume, cover letter, and specific information about prior experience.

Contact Details: Catherine Lipedema Simplified LLC 617-721-9463 Website

Looking for VFX Editor for Sci-fi short

(Non-Union Only)

I am looking for a special effects/visual effects editor to collaborate with on my Sci-fi short. The film is set in the future and we are looking to "melt" a person. We are in the pre-production stage, and I want to bring on the VFX editor at this point to figure out what we need to execute this scene.
Prior experience in special/visual effects editing is a must because you will have a good amount of creative control in the development phase.
If interested, please email me and include examples of your previous work.

Contact Details: Sarah

The Sum of All Creeds Casting Call (Emerson College BA film)

(Union & Non-Union)

The film follows two brothers who attempt to disregard the blathering of a recluse they've taken hostage on their way to cross the Canadian border with stolen money.
Actor (Non-Union) (26): Henry Crane has always dreamed of fame and riches. At the introduction of the film Henry is no where close to the level of fame that he desires. Henry’s share of the score, which is $200,000, turns his fantasy life into an obsessive

Contact Details: Daniel Makie 774 266-6005 Website
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(Union & Non-Union)

Looking for a set builder to help on set for a 1-day music video shoot in late February. Must have experience with building sets equipped with the necessary tools.

Contact Details: Ogechi Musa-Assistant Director RAW productions

PAID Acting Roles for Independent Student Film

(Non-Union Only)

Seeking actors for an independent, student film. Toy Trucks tells the story of Owen as he graduates from truck driving school and comes to terms with adulthood. We're looking for four actors for single day shoots over the coming weekends.
Peggy (in her mid-50s)
Joan (mid-40s)
Lara (mid 50s)
Frank (mid-40s)
We hope to submit this film to festivals so all actors will receive exposure as well as minimum wage. Non-union members only. Please contact with any relevant experience (none necessary), and we'll supply more information about casting. Thanks!

Contact Details: Rebecca Hansen


(Union & Non-Union)

Look for 5-10 Cameramen/women to tape auditions in studios.
Please email Adjovi Koene at with resume & videos.
Thank you

Contact Details: Adjovi Koene TAAS

Video Series Co-Host/Actor

(Non-Union Only)

Video Series Co-Host/Actor
The Opportunity:
Seeking a vivacious, upbeat co-host for a series of short videos exploring small business and entrepreneurship. The videos will be updating a core section of a well-established business website.
What You'll Be Doing:
*Co-hosting a series of videos with Entrepreneur Bob Adams, in which you'll be responsible for asking smart questions, working from written scripts, and generally presenting a warm, engaging, and entertaining presence
*This will be a project-based position, with the possibility of separate ongoing work

Contact Details: Michael Boylan BusinessTown
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KEY CREW Positions for Tongal Twilight Storytellers Competition PITCH

(Union & Non-Union)

This is a bit unusual. I'm "hiring" crew - if I am selected to direct one of the short films I am pitching for a national contest through Tongal. $50,000 budget to direct. But I need people in place now for the pitch so I can talk about you!

Contact Details: Cate Carson Sensorium Pictures Website
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LOOKING FOR ACTOR ages 20-26 Senior Thesis Student Film

(Union & Non-Union)

The project is a short film surreal narrative. The story revolves around a guy who has been dumped by his girlfriend, she is leaving the country and the film illustrates the stages of his loss through surreal scenarios. Upon casting more about the script will be discussed and please feel free to email me any questions about it.
The film's tone is romantic comedy but deviates from the cliche tropes by relying more heavily on the visual story elements rather than an over spoken exposition. We are trying to SHOW loss and grief rather than talk about it.

Contact Details: Thomas Kim 413-446-3405
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LOOKING FOR ACTRESS ages 20-25 Senior Thesis Student Film Production

(Union & Non-Union)

The project is a short film surreal narrative. The story revolves around a guy who has been dumped by his girlfriend, she is leaving the country and the film illustrates the stages of his loss through surreal scenarios. Upon casting more about the script will be discussed and please feel free to email me any questions about it.
The film's tone is romantic comedy but deviates from the cliche tropes by relying more heavily on the visual story elements rather than an over spoken exposition. We are trying to SHOW loss and grief rather than talk about it.

Contact Details: Thomas Kim 413-446-3405
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Need Animal Wrangler - Parrot

(Union & Non-Union)

Looking for a trained animal wrangler to manage safety on set with a parrot. Use in film will be one location and with minimal stunts. Preferably has own parrot, though we are willing to provide one. Experience with parrots preferred, training mandatory. Shoot in early April, please contact for details.

Contact Details: Elise Ahrens Emerson College

Crew Wanted

(Union & Non-Union)

Cameraman, Scriptwriter, Editor, instructor, Tutor and Make up artist Wanted Urgently for an upcoming filming project next month to be shot in several cities in the USA and France so if interested do send your CV with references from previous employers to:

Contact Details: Helena Poultney

PT - Video Production and Post-production

(Union & Non-Union)

A Framingham video production company is looking for a part-time editor and office/production assistant.
Duties include:
• Editing on creative projects including corporate videos and documentary work. We work primarily in Adobe Cloud.
• Occasional graphics using After Effects or similar is a plus.
• Assisting in location shoots. Familiarity with lighting and basic shooting.
• Help in promoting, marketing and social media marketing of a feature film in post-finishing.
• Live TV or cable experience is a major plus, but not necessary.

Contact Details:
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Paid Sound Recordist Needed for Indie Feature

(Union & Non-Union)

Paid sound recordist needed for an indie feature "The fastest, most romantic love yet." It is about love and technology today. I'm far more concerned with ideas and characters than plot and tension. I'm looking for a like minded crew member who embraces the indie film community mindset. I have enough in the budget for around $250 a day, but most days would technically be considered half-ish days. As of right now, schedule is March 6 to 9 in the morning until 3 PM and March 12 - 15 from 2 PM onwards. A full day needed in April and a couple short days as well.

Contact Details: Shane Butler Dueling Hamilton
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Civil War Documentary Reenactments

(Non-Union Only)

WF 18-25. Brown hair, blue eyes. Gap in front teeth, preferable.
5'-5'4" 120 lbs. B or C cup. English/ or German.
WM 22-26. Light brown hair, Blue eyes. 5'11'-6'2" 120 lbs. English/German. Refined, good posture.
WM 40-50. 5'11"-6'2" 160 lbs Light brown hair/or salt and pepper hair, blue eyes. English/German. Refined.
Auditions will be held in Newport, RI. Means of your own transportation is a must.

Contact Details: Steven Stanley FNB Productions Website


(Union & Non-Union)

The Actors Audition Studio (TAAS)is looking for 10 Photographers. Please attach body of work and experience in headshots & photoshoots.
3-5 years of experience. Will Negotiate and work with your pricing. Please send information to
Thank you

Contact Details: Adjovi Koene The Actors Audition Studio


(Union & Non-Union)

Millennial(s) is a short independent movie following a group of recently graduated college friends and set during their last night together before moving apart to start their future lives.
-DENNIS: Male, 20-25, All Ethnicities, blue collar, jock, stocky
-ISABELLE: Female, 20-25, Caucasian, high cheekbones, dark hair, pale eyes
-MARCUS: Male, 20-25, All Ethnicities, classic looks
-EVA: Female, 20-25, All Ethnicities, short pink hair
-FINN: Male, 20-25, All Ethnicities
-DANA: Female, 20-25, Caucasian, petite, English accent

Contact Details: Sofia Kiryelejza
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Staging Project Manager

(Non-Union Only)

Staging and Events Technical Project Manager
Video Resources, Inc. is looking for a Project Manager to help us drive our staging department. We are a production company who offers excellent customer service and a great client experience. We are built on relationships! We are looking for someone that can help us further build on our existing relationships and help us as we add new ones. What are we looking for?
Experience in:
* Negotiating with hotel AV departments as well as other vendors and suppliers
* Ballroom diagrams from 50 - 1,000

Contact Details: Chris Wells Video Resources, Inc. 774-285-9449 Website
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Delivery Driver - will train

(Non-Union Only)

High Output is a leading supplier of lighting and production equipment to the motion picture and theater industries.
High Output is looking for a motivated and flexible person, interested in being a delivery driver. We are willing to train you for your CDL license.

Contact Details: Jeff Kidman High Output Inc. 781-364-1838 Website
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Wedding Videographer for Saturday, 6/6/15

(Union & Non-Union)

My fiance and I are looking for a videographer for our wedding on 6/6/15 in Mashpee, MA. We would like coverage of the ceremony and the first part of the reception. Please send me a message if you are interested in this position. Thanks.

Contact Details: Lauren Eynatian

Casting ROMANTIC COMEDY Music Video

(Union & Non-Union)

Upcoming music video looking to cast the role of THE MUSE: a smart, attractive young woman who can think on her feet and get out of a jam, all while keeping her sense of humor and charm. 20s-early 30s.
Location: Greater Boston area
Compensation: paid

Contact Details:

Casting Call for Spec Spot for Major Brand

(Union & Non-Union)

Casting Call for Spec Spot for Major Brand
Conductor Productions is looking for actors who are naturally funny on screen and want to build their exposure to an online audience! Available to Non-Union and Union Actors.
Daughter: Caucasian, 6-8 yrs, feisty, good with dialogue.
Neighbor: African American male, mid 50s to mid 60s. Funny, deadpan.
Auditions will take place in Boston this Friday, February 6th. Please come with a one minute prepared monologue. The shoot date is Saturday, February 21st, 2015. This is a spec spot and only a small stipend and meals available if cast. It is for Netflix a major brand and would offer great demo material, exposure for future commercials, and the opportunity to work with an HBO commercial director.

Contact Details: Casting Conductor Productions
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Casting For Independent Short Film, "Bloodyback"

(Union & Non-Union)

Bloodyback is the story is set during the French & Indian Wars as a small group of survivors fight through an undead epidemic affecting soldiers and civilians alike.
Principal Roles
Samuel, 20-50. Frenchman attempting to aid a woman and her wounded child. French language ability is preferred, as well as background in stage or film combat
Rebekah, 20-30 year old German Mennonite, her ailing child forces her to rely on her traveling companions to get him to safety. German accent or language ability preferred

Contact Details: Jim DanDee
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Athletic Fitness Males Hartford CT

(Union & Non-Union)

Casting athletic males to bring class and elegance to our collection. Our videos are for the female viewer to enjoy. Themes include our girls giving men massages and kissing, where the camera focuses heavily on the males body, and males face reaction. Males must look into the camera while they interact with our girls. A female co-host is often used to show off the males features and physique. You will be expected to treat the women as a lady, and film the scene for the female audiences perspective.

Contact Details: Lin RedLight
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Dirty Stash Studios seeking talent

(Non-Union Only)

Hello there here at Dirty Stash we are here to bring you some of the Adult Entertainment we are seeking females at the ages of 18 to 39+ in great health & fit size if your interested please send me a email.

Contact Details: Steve Sleaze

Locations Wanted

(Union & Non-Union)

Feature Film entitled "Pinsky" seeking two locations to rent.
1. comedy club or a small venue with a stage that will play as a comedy club.
2. AA meet up. a church basement or other local that an AA meeting may occur.
If you have or know of suitable locations please contact Walter at

Contact Details: Walter Stone Website

Locations Wanted

(Union & Non-Union)

Feature film entitled "Pinsky" looking for locations.
1. comedy club or a small venue that can play as a comedy club
2. AA meet up. a church basement or other venue where an AA meeting may occur.

Contact Details: Walter Stone Website