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Paid Jobs

Drama, Comedy, Voice and Acting Instructors Needed (Sherborn, MA)

(Union & Non-Union)

I am opening a small, school that offers acting classes to kids and teens in the afternoons. We are offering the following afternoon classes and need instructors:
Into to Acting
Advanced Acting
Musical Theatre Workshop
Get, Prepare, and Nail that Audition
Physical Acting
Into to Improvisation and Comedic Acting
Intro to Screen Writing
We are in Sherborn, which is next door to Natick, Framingham, Medfield, Dover, etc. There is no public transportation.
Please submit a resume, references, and cover letter to our email address listed.

Contact Details: Liana Morgens Sherborn Academy 508-653-4249 Website
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One Part Remaining

(Non-Union Only)

There is one part that I did not cast yesterday from my auditions for my radio theatre piece "Strange Fruit," that of Abel Meeropol, caucasian New Yorker in his late 30's. To learn more about Abel and about the story, go to Please let me know asap if you would like to read for this part.
You must be free August 24 to record.

Contact Details: Steve Provizer

Commercial Shoot in Madison, CT -- PARENT, 30-45 & CHILD, 6-8 ($125)

(Non-Union Only)

An independent production is creating a 60-second video as part of a campaign for a feature length film currently in post. It will feature a mother, father and child at a kitchen table, working on a very strange homework assignment.
We're looking for an attractive 'cereal commercial' family, with some improv skills and great comedic timing:
THE FATHER, 35-45, just home from work, great mood, somehow no stubble
THE MOTHER, 30-45, seemingly always busy cleaning a spotless house
THE DAUGHTER: 6-8, impossibly cute and precocious. Prone to talking back.

Contact Details: Thom Independent
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CASTING CALL: 1 Woman and 2 Men for Short Film Fantasy/Comedy

(Non-Union Only)

Transparent Frog Films is looking to fill key rolls for its upcoming Fantasy Film-Noir Comedy, A Bad Luck Guy in a Bad Luck Town, filming late September in the Boston area.
Fortune Teller-
Woman 29-55
A back alley fortune teller who may or may not be able to tell a person's fortune.
Must be able to do a Russian/Ukranian/Gypsy accent (can be poorly) and a convincing New York or Boston accent.
Male 22-45
A demon from the darkest pits of hell who doesn't always get the right soul.
Must be comfortable spending the entire day in heavy prosthetics and/or makeup.
Shadow Man

Contact Details: Transparent Frog Films
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(Union & Non-Union)

HUNT - Sarah Wisner, writer - Sean Temple, director
A body lies on a stony beach - a dead woman, discarded, until she unexpectedly rises. HUNT follows Diana as she pulls a piece of rebar from her body and makes her way back into the city. She knows where she’s going. She’s in control. What she looks for reveals her interest: men who treat women badly. Diana is hunting, and she will catch her prey.
HUNT aims to critique the gendered power structures in narrative film. Learn more at our Kickstarter, below.
DIANA (F, 20-28, LEAD)

Contact Details: Sarah Wisner and Sean Temple Website
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DP for short film

(Union & Non-Union)

I am seeking a DP for a short film entitled "Forrest of the Dolls" (working title). It will be a 1-2 day shoot this October (on a Saturday or Sunday), most likely filmed in Northborough, MA. This is a paid position. DP must have their own camera package, and other equipment would be preferable.

Contact Details: Jason Whittier Burning Torch Productions Website
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Acting Coach

(Union & Non-Union)

We are seeking a talented Acting Instructor for a fall weekend Position.
Open Call Productions is looking for an experienced, highly motivated acting coach who is available on weekends during the fall. Instructor will be working with aspiring actors ages 5-25.
Must have knowledge of industry with a proactive and enthusiastic attitude. Good admin skills helpful.
Living near or around Worcester, MA is a PLUS
Please send resume and a brief bio to

Contact Details: Stella Young Open Call Productions & JRP New England 617-986-4944

Video Producer/Editor at Boston University

(Non-Union Only)

Boston University Productions is looking for collaborative, creative storytellers to join our team of producer/editors in highlighting stories from the BU community. The producer/editor will produce, shoot, and edit video content for our daily news site BU Today, alumni publication Bostonia, and other online publications.
This is a great opportunity for indie/doc filmmakers and multimedia producers to put their skills to regular use. We want someone who can take ownership of projects with a confident, unique voice.

Contact Details: Boston University Human Resources Website
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DRACULA..... Gender Swapped

(Non-Union Only)

DRACULA its been done many ways and this time I want to reverse the genders and change it up a bit. This movie would be played for seriousness NOT for laughs. Dracula Van Hellsing, Harker, Morris, Renfield would be Female and etc etc.
A joke or two here is fine but I would like to take a serious take on this.
I am only looking for the WOMAN who would play Dracula right now, nothing more.
This would then allow photographs of the actress to be taken to be used in a kick starter campaign, that way most of the cast and crew could be PAID for their time.

Contact Details: David 11 Car Pile up Productions
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Skilled audio/voice-over actors needed

(Non-Union Only)

Skilled audio/voice-over actors needed for a radio theatre production about the creation of the song "Strange Fruit" in the late 1930's.
Auditions are on Saturday, August 16 at Brookline Interactive Group- The recording will take place on Sunday, August 24 at a studio in Cambridge. You must be available on that date. Please look at the characters carefully.

Contact Details: contact Steve: If you have a voice demo, please attach that to your email or send a link. Under the non-profit umbrella of the Media Working Group. Website
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Looking For A Photographer

(Union & Non-Union)

We are looking for a photographer for a shoot on Wednesday for approximately one hour. When contacting please include your work, thanks.

Contact Details: Bryan Roberts Six One Seven Studios 857-202-7690 Website

Casts Wanted

(Union & Non-Union)

Actors, Models, Choreographers and Dancers wanted for an upcoming film project and participants must be between the ages of 30-65yrs old. Interested person(s) should send their CV with valid references from previous employers to Mrs Galina Wenzl-

Contact Details: Galina Wenzl Wenzl Productions

Editor/Graphic Designer

(Union & Non-Union)

A few video projects need to be completed by the end of August. Respond asap with resume; pay negotiable

Contact Details: M5 Productions and Oracle International Films 6177565316

2 roles for RED Indie Film

(Union & Non-Union)

(THIS IS NOT A PORNOGRAPHIC MOVIE - Previously posted in independent film section, but IN GREAT NEED of an actress that is NOT timid, that CAN be raunchy and spontaneous)
Cassie - 20 to 30, sexy neighbor type. Not many lines, but VERY seductive portion of the film. Actor MUST be comfortable with nudity, and have some improv skills as well. We're looking for a very specific body type, please send photo of body (ok if 'faceless'), along with headshot. BOLD actress required.

Contact Details: Elizabeth Dowdey Undisclosed -
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PA Wed 8-13, and 8-14

(Union & Non-Union)

Providence based production company needs experienced PA for this Wed and Thursday.
Please submit resume and any other relevant info.
Must have reliable transportation and available to meet at Pawtucket RI studio.
Pay is $150 for 10hr day Wed and $100 for half day on Thursday.
Thanks. no call please!

Contact Details: Cobweb Films/ CedarCrest Studios no calls please

Producer for LGBTQ Film

(Union & Non-Union)

Independent Film production seeking a second producer for feature film project scheduled to begin filming July 2015. Unpaid to start but will transition to paid next Spring. Please have experience and a passion for LGBT cinema. This will be a part-time gig but we would like some who can work closely with the film's director and other producer. Project has partial funding and talent attached. Send resume, letter of interest.

Contact Details: Dawna KaDa Films Website

Writer/editor for Transmedia project in Healthcare

(Union & Non-Union)

Writer/Editor wanted for Transmedia project in healthcare. Producing documentary, iBook and elearning course, repurposing media across all channels. Experience as writer, editor, with media required. Please send resume and cover letter. Project commences immediately and runs for approximately 2-3 months, more if needed.

Contact Details: Catherine Seo Lipedema Simplified LLC 617-721-9463 Website

Pyrotechnician Needed for Music Video Shoot

(Non-Union Only)

Zandrak Productions is looking for a pyrotechnician to help us on a music video in which a number of small objects will need to be burned in a studio setting. The shoot would be on 8/12/2014 and go from noon-8pm. Pay will be according to a day rate agreed upon before the shoot. Please reach out to us through the contact info below if you are interested in this job or would like more details.

Contact Details: Andrew Hutcheson Zandrak Productions (908) 619-2047 Website

Seeking a Fully Bearded Man 21-39

(Union & Non-Union)

Seeking a fully bearded man between the ages of 21-39 to play the main character for the first 2 pages of our feature film which starts in Boston and continues in Europe - with another actor. This is a non-speaking part since there is no dialogue for the first two pages.
Pay: $50/day for 3 days (5 hours a day)
You don't have to have a long beard but the more your beard covers your face, the better. You also do not need to shave your beard on camera but if you are willing to do it, let me know, it'd add plenty to the scene.

Contact Details: Vinny B.
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Video Editor for Boston-Based Production Company

(Non-Union Only)

McElroy Films LLC (, based in Burlington, MA is looking for a video editor for event videos, interview-based videos, product videos, and creative highlight or music videos. Must have experience with Final Cut Pro 7. Company has plans to migrate to Adobe Premiere workflow within a year. Experience with After Effects, Apple Motion, DVD Studio, Encore, and color correction a plus. While not required, we value video production skills outside of post production. The position is full time and requires commuting to our studio in Burlington, MA. Work station is provided.

Contact Details: Evan T. Perry McElroy Films LLC 781-229-5900 Website
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Production Assistant needed for television shoot in Vermont

(Union & Non-Union)

Cook's Country from America's Test Kitchen is looking for a highly motivated Production Assistant to work on our beautiful Rupert, Vermont set next month. The ideal candidate is self-motivated, able to anticipate and address needs, and has some experience working as a PA on a fast-paced television set. The dates of the production are
September 11-24, and the rate is $200/day plus mileage, housing, and per diem. Please send your resume to Associate Producer Kaitlin Hammond at

Contact Details: Kaitlin Hammond America's Test Kitchen Website

Freelance assistants needed for Ct based production company

(Non-Union Only)

We need local freelancers to assist on still and motion shoots. Experience in either or both is fine.

Contact Details: Paul Horton Paul Horton Visuals 860 343 9155 Website

Looking For Sound Guy For Studio Shoot August 13th

(Union & Non-Union)

We are looking for a sound guy for a shoot in Franklin, MA on August 13th. Please send samples of past work and kit list.

Contact Details: Bryan Roberts Six One Seven Studios 8572027690 Website

Casting For A Fun Loving Grandfather With Massachusetts Accent

(Union & Non-Union)

We are casting for a fun loving grandfather with a Massachusetts accent for an educational spot. Please contact us with a headshot or recent photo. If possible please include past work.

Contact Details: Bryan Roberts Six One Seven Studios 8572027690 Website

Casting For A Male Middle School Student

(Union & Non-Union)

We are casting for a male student that could be in middle school for an educational spot. Please contact us with a headshot or recent photo. If possible please include past work.

Contact Details: Bryan Roberts Six One Seven Studios 8572027690 Website

Transcribe with time stamping for documentary video post produciton project in Healthcare

(Union & Non-Union)

Transcribe footage for documentary. Transcription software and foot pedal provided. Mostly interviews with interviewer and interviewee. Some footage of surgeries with surgeon talking explaining procedures. Also presentations at conference. All in healthcare. Send resume, cover letter with info about prior experience, along with your requested rate of compensation. Must have MAC and Premiere, though will consider FCP 7.

Contact Details: Catherine Seo lipedema simplified LLC 617-721-9463 Website

Sound recordist needed for short film

(Non-Union Only)

Sound Recordist with his/her own equipment needed for short film shoot on Saturday August 16th from 9 AM -7 PM in Woburn MA. Must provide your own transportation.
Bonus if you have an extra boom, etc because in one scene one of the actors is playing the sound recordist.
Compensation is $300 plus lunch.
Please send a list of past projects and a list of your equipment.

Contact Details:

Looking For Makeup Artist

(Union & Non-Union)

We are in search of a makeup artist for a thirty and sixty second spot on August 13th. Please submit with a resume and images or video of your work.

Contact Details: Bryan Roberts Six One Seven Studios 857-202-7690 Website

Immediate Need for Sales & Marketing

(Union & Non-Union)

Seeking a motivated Sales & Marketing Representative to work with a leading Video Production Company located just outside of Boston.
About the job
This position is primarily sales of video production jobs. As well as social media marketing. More importantly we need someone hungry for work in this thriving industry. This position will require knowledge of video production & online video marketing. Must be able to conduct video demonstrations and participate in weekly networking events.
- Post secondary education required - bachelor degree preferred

Contact Details: Benjamin McElroy Films 339-203-1395 Website
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Seeking Voiceovers - Professional Female Voice

(Union & Non-Union)

We are searching for a professional female voice for a set of 4 web videos for one of our clients. In total, there is about 6.5 minutes of dialogue needed. The ability to record is a plus, as we don't have a studio in-house. If interested, please email you demo and rate to
Thank you in advance and we look forward to hearing from you!

Contact Details: Ellipsis Entertainment Website