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Paid Jobs

CASTING CALL - "TRIPPIN" - Jordanne (mid 20's, African American woman)

(Union & Non-Union)

When a night of drinking and celebrating gets taken a bit too far, a group of friends are forced to deal with violence, chaos, break ups and debauchery in the hope that they can save their friend…and themselves.
Written by: Korey McIsaac & Jeff Kucukistipanoglu
Produced by: Alessandra Brown, Bianca Farro & Korey McIsaac
Directed by: Korey McIsaac
JORDANNE: mid 20’s, African American woman. She is witty, confident, snappy and assertive. She tries to keep it together, but also has her pitfalls…like drinking.

Contact Details: Nzinga Williams, Casting Director BDKKproductions
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(PAID) Sound Recordist and DP Needed for Indie Feature Film

(Non-Union Only)

I need a sound recordist and a DP for an indie feature film shooting in southern Massachusetts over 15 days (non-consecutive) in late June and July. It is called "The fastest, most romantic love yet." It is about love and technology. If you are interested, please email me with your day rate, equipment, a reel, and general availability during that time. This will be PAID.

Contact Details: Shane Butler

Casting Call for the female lead @Emerson College

(Union & Non-Union)

Hi there,
We are a group of Emerson grad students who are looking for passionate talents to make a 30 min sci-fi dark comedy movie, named "iDeal Wife." It is a compelling story based on a futuristic product, which is programmed to love and fulfill all kinds of consumers. The story criticizes how the consumer-driven society impacts individuals.
Casting list:
 Virginia: 20-28, blonde, beautiful, elegant, innocent, well-shaped, flawless skin, Sensitive and lovable.
PAY JOB: $100 per day
SAG acceptable

Contact Details: iDeal Wife Team Emerson College 617-816-8326 Website
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On-Field Promotions Coordinator for Collegiate Baseball Team

(Non-Union Only)

The Seacoast Mavericks seek a dynamic, outgoing personality to serve as our On-Field Promotions Coordinator for between-inning games, contests, and promotions throughout our summer season. This position is needed for our 28 home games at Leary Field in Portsmouth, NH, starting June 6 and ending August 7. Hours are 5:30pm - 9:30pm (3:00pm - 7:00pm on Sundays), average of 3 game per week. Salary is $100 per game/night.
The Seacoast Mavericks are a nonprofit collegiate baseball team that plays within the Futures Collegiate Baseball League (FCBL).

Contact Details: Kim Cahill Seacoast Mavericks 603-866-0709 Website

Crew Needed for Groundbreaking Dramedy about Living With (Not Dying From!) HIV

(Union & Non-Union)

Crew Needed
Groundbreaking Pilot for New Series
Ultra-low-budget pilot for a new dramedy series
about living with (not dying from!)HIV
seeks talented crew members including (but not limited to):
• DP
• Editor
• Grips
• Gaffer
• Sound
• Assistant Director
• 1st AD
• 2nd AD
• Script Supervisor
• Production Designer/Props/Wardrobe
• Make Up/Hair
• Composer
• AC’s, Cam Ops, Jib Ops
• PA
Shooting August 2014, approximately 10 days
Locations will be in BOSTON
Rate: Negotiable
Copy, Credit & Meals

Contact Details: Rose Ellen McCaig pretty strong girl productions/Unsure/Positive Series Website
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(Union & Non-Union)

ARE YOU MY PERSON? a short film, is looking for a DP!
NEEDED: Director of Photography
DATES: July 2014-August 2014, Exact dates TBD.
PAY: Negotiable, please inquire; meals, IMDb credit
CONTACT: with a link to your reel and with any questions!

Contact Details: Holly Stanford 3157671036 Website

Paid Video Editing Internships Available for Summer

(Union & Non-Union)

We are a company specializing in the development and marketing of high traffic web properties, and a leader in its activity sector is searching for video editors for our paid summer internships
Job duties include:
* Reporting to direct manager
* logging & sub-clipping raw footage
* creating markers on timeline of scene highlights
* creating sequences from subclips
* editing trailers , compilations , and full length videos
* providing meta data descriptions of the video
* color correcting and adjusting levels
* audio mixing and correction

Contact Details: Human Resources Website
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Casting WebSeries in Bangor Maine

(Non-Union Only)

WebSeries shooting in Bangor Maine area July through September. Low pay, a number of roles. See details at:
Follow directions on website, no random emails, please.

Contact Details: See Ad. Liquid Chariot Productions email only please Website

Seeking Female Leads ages 10-13 & 35-40 for Short Film - Paid

(Union & Non-Union)

Seeking two female leads for short science fiction film shooting in central Vermont on June 13-15. Pay rate is $100/day + accommodations. Actresses of mixed-race or non-white ethnicities are encouraged to send headshots and resumes.
A Bird’s Cry
In the near future, Kala (10) and her mother Angelica (38) have protected themselves from a deadly bird flu pandemic by residing in a modern castle. When the castle’s protective systems begin to fail, they are faced with a critical choice that will determine their survival.

Contact Details: Patrick Johnson
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Sound and Light Tech needed

(Non-Union Only)

Sound and light Technician needed for Playwrights Platform annual festival. Must be available May 27,28,29,30,31 from 6 to 10 pm and June 2,3,4,5,6,7 from 6 to 10 pm. $25 per hour. Festival will take place at Boston Playwrights Theater.

Contact Details: George Smart Playwright's Platform 617-302-2870 Website

Call for Makeup Artist for Low Budget Indie Short

(Non-Union Only)

Pay $250 for Makeup Artist for Lost Lullaby Short Indie Film.
Looking for:
- small radius facial disfigurement
- aging actors (to play roles as two ages 20s and 40s)

Contact Details: Marcia Goetsch Rosebud Studios Website

"The Letter Carrier" PAID Roles For Boys and Teens

(Union & Non-Union)

"The Letter Carrier" is a SAG Short Film that will be shooting in Late June. All roles will be paid. Actors will only be needed for one day of shooting.
We are seeking:
Caucasian boys: Light brown/blonde hair, must look 8years old.
Teens boy: 13-16 any ethnicity
Please send headshot and resume to

Contact Details: Courtland Jones Trailside Studios

Need Help on Film this summer

(Union & Non-Union)

Looking for help for my first feature film. This movie will be about an hour long. It is my first production so I need help with various aspects of production. Most importantly, I need a producer.
Producer jobs: Assist me on various things (casting, preproduction, getting other help).
I also need help with finding people to do sound. I have sound equipment and a DSLR.

Contact Details: Patrick
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Reality Talent Wanted

(Union & Non-Union)

CASTING TEENS OF PARENTS WHO USED A CRYOBANK TO CONCEIVE THEM to star in a new reality series to air on a major cable network. We’re looking for outspoken and confident teens who are willing to share their story of being a young adult who is the product of a sperm donor. Are you a teen who wants to meet their biological father? Are you a teen looking for half-siblings? Are you living with a father who’s not your biological dad? If this is you or anyone you know we want to hear from you. Please submit your photo, age, name, and contact info at

Contact Details: Casting Director Reality TV Casting Website

Casting Call Actors/Models - no dialogue promo video.

(Non-Union Only)

We are looking for three actors/models for an upcoming shoot in the next 2 weeks. The roles will not require any dialogue. One day of shooting.
Here are the descriptions:
-Character # 1: Administrator.
Gender: Male.
Age: 25-35
Appearance: Business Young Professional/Clean Cut.
-Character # 2: CEO
Gender: Female
Age: 40-55
Appearance: Business Professional.
-Character # 3: Collaborator.
Gender: Male
Age: 35-45
Appearance: Business Professional.

Contact Details: Tyler Bouchard 781-264-1878


(Union & Non-Union)

Young World Inventors (YWI) seeks intern for assistant producing, fundraising and social media management - mid May through August 2014. Somerville office, flexible 20 hrs./week, with a stipend for 6-8 weeks. Continuing work and recommendations possible. YWI shot six new stories in East Africa in January-March 2014; we will return to Africa in mid-August. Fundraising for interactive story site and trailers. See YWI Teaser [] and article at []. Attach RESUME with a COVER LETTER re your match for the job.

Contact Details: Diane Hendrix Young World Inventors no calls- follow instructions for applying. Website
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East/South Asian Male Extras Needed // Age 18-35

(Non-Union Only)

We are looking to hire 4 extras for a teaser being shot in the Greater Boston Area on May 18th. We do not require rehearsal, just that you show up on the day of the shoot. (Specific times will be discussed through email). The teaser is for a film that will be shooting principal photography in Barcelona during the 2014 summer.

Contact Details: Santiago
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Graphic Designer for Low-Budget Feature Film

(Non-Union Only)

"The fastest, most romantic love yet." is the story of two star-crossed Tinder matches in the hour and a half before their date. Friends Phoebe and Ashlee talk of the Text Delay Theory, the Like Theory, and past relationships. Cousins Clay and Keith discuss porn and the discovery of America and its relation to dating. Interspersed are "When Harry Met Sally..." type interviews with couples through the generations. This is a very low-budget feature film, but I know how graphic designers hate doing work for free so we can negotiate pay.

Contact Details: Shane Butler duelinghamiltonproductions@gmail.coms
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Casting Call for male in 40s or 50s playing the role of a mysterious stranger in 20-minute short film

(Non-Union Only)

Male role needed in his 40s or 50s to play a mysterious stranger in a suit. character is calm, composed, mysterious, charming and sly.
If you are interested, please email me, and we can set up an audition time that best suits you. If you have clips of previous work that you can show, that would very much help me in the selection process as well. So please send clips and links over if you have any of your previous work.
Filming will take place in Boston, Massachusetts.

Contact Details: Stephany Abou-Jaoude (617) 750-2444

Casting Call: Roll for female in 30s, who is mourning over death of family member

(Non-Union Only)

Female Actress in 30s needed for role in a film. The character is mourning over the death of a direct family member, in a cemetery. The character is soft spoken, calm, and obviously devastated.
Actress must be able to cry on demand.

Contact Details: Stephany Abou-Jaoude (617) 750-2444

Crew member needed: Technical Assistant Needed to aid in 20-minute short film

(Non-Union Only)

A crew member who can work multiple roles.
I need someone who can be a:
- Gaffer: Must be able to work the lights very well and professionally
- Camera Operator: Must be able to aid in setting up the cameras, and should know how to professionally use it.
- Sound: Must have a good understanding of sound and how mics work and etc.

Contact Details: Stephany Abou-Jaoude (617) 750-2444
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Musical Film Composer needed to produce tracks for short film

(Non-Union Only)

I am hiring for a musician who could create and produce original film scores for my upcoming 20-minute short film. If you are interested, email me, and we can set up a time to meet, in order for me to get to know your musical style, tracks you have already created, and more specifically, to discuss what I am looking for in terms of music for the film (I will show you examples of what I need).

Contact Details: Stephany Abou-Jaoude (617) 750-2444

General Casting Call for Feature Film - Boston

(Union & Non-Union)

Casting feature film to shoot in Boston area. Please send a general DEMO REEL or links to examples of work (with speaking parts) to We will contact you with more info if we think there is a fit.
Female lead: 18-30 range.
Male lead: 25-30 range.
No phone calls please. Links to existing work with speaking roles is necessary.

Contact Details: Chris Thibault CHRIS TEEBO FILMS 413-650-5524 Website

Casting Call for Male main Character in late 50s or above (For 20-minute short)

(Union & Non-Union)

Looking for a male actor for the main role of a short film. Talent must be in his late 50s, prefferably in his 60s and above.
The job is paid, and financing will be discussed upon agreement to act in in the film.
Talent must be ready to audition for the role. Before audition, I will send over the script and a general character description.
Filming will take place in Boston Massachusetts.
Before filming, I will get together with the talent, and run through the script in a span of 4-5 meetings. This way, the characters will get to understand their characters better before shoots.

Contact Details: Stephany Abou-Jaoude (617) 750-2444
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Casting Call for 20-minute short film - female woman over age of 50 needed for main female role

(Non-Union Only)

Looking for a female actress for the main role of a short film. Actress must be in her 50s, prefferably in her 60s and above.
The job is paid, and financing will be discussed upon agreement to act in in the film.
Talent must be ready to audition for the role. Before audition, I will send over the script and a general character description.
Filming will take place in Boston Massachusetts.
Before filming, I will get together with the talent, and run through the script in a span of 4-5 meetings. This way, the characters will get to understand their characters better before shoots.

Contact Details: Stephany Abou-Jaoude (617) 750-2444
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Casting Two Female Actors for Honeywell Air-Purifier Commercial

(Non-Union Only)

McElroy Films LLC is casting for an up-coming internet video featuring a new line up of Honeywell Air Purifiers. We are looking to cast a mother and daughter in the video to help demonstrate the air purifiers in a home setting. Both roles are non-speaking. The client has expressed and interest in casting hispanic actors, but all ethnicities will be considered.
1. Mother- Female, age 35-40, Hispanic, Height 5’4’-5’9, Dark Hair, Athletic Build
2. Daughter- Female, age 15-16, Hispanic, Height under 5’4, Dark Hair, Petite Frame, Athletic

Contact Details: Christine Kent McElroy Films LLC 781 229 5900 Website
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Casting Call for feature horror film Dead Bounty

(Non-Union Only)

Casting Call for feature horror film Dead Bounty. Paid / Non-Union
Lock it Down Productions is holding auditions for the role of Britney in the feature horror film, Dead Bounty. This role requires nudity.
Britney (Supporting): 
Female, Early 20s, Attractive, Tomboy/Gamer type, In a relationship with Alison. 
Filming will take place in Southern MA / RI in the late summer / early fall.
Those who are interested and fit the description, please send your resume and headshot to:

Contact Details: David Langill Lock it Down Productions Website
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Sports Based Feature Film Seeks Production Designer

(Non-Union Only)

Position: Production Designer
Dates: Shoots July 2014
Location: RI (must work as a local to RI)
Requirements: Must have held the position of Production Designer or Art Director on at least one indie feature
Have worked as a member of the art dept on several "major motion pictures".
Applicants should have a thorough understanding of the positions and responsibilities within the Art Dept and consider themselves "resourceful" when it comes to obtaining items for the shoot.
Please DO NOT submit if you DO NOT meet these qualifications.

Contact Details:
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Sports Based Feature Film Seeks DP

(Non-Union Only)

Position: DP
Dates: Shoots July 2014
Location: RI (must work as a local to RI)
Requirements: Served and credited as Director or Photography on at least one, action or sports based, feature film
a strong body of sports based commercial work (as DP) and at least one feature film (as DP).
Please DO NOT submit if you DO NOT meet these qualifications.
Please submit a resume and examples of your work to
Please put "DP" in the subject heading.
Thank you!

Contact Details:

CASTING Historical Reenactors for new Docu-Series

(Non-Union Only)

NewTV's Original Programming Department is currently seeking talent to appear in the pilot of a new docu-series about historical reenactors. Whether candidates are members of a reenactment group, or solo performers, we'd like to hear from you!
To be considered, you must be have experience as an historical reenactor, and have an outgoing personality with an interesting personal story to tell. You should also be comfortable and willing to have a camera crew film follow you through your daily life, as well as your reenactment performances.

Contact Details: Angela Harrer and Andrew Eldridge NewTV 617-965-7200
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