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Cast, Crew and other Jobs & Volunteer Positions

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Here you'll find added film jobs and work in the television industry. For the most part, the jobs listed here include work in the New England area including Boston, Providence, etc.

NOTE: The listings on are posted directly by users without inspection or review by our staff. does not endorse the ads and is not responsible for the accuracy of these listings. For more information, view our Terms of Service.

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Casting for "The Typical Haunts"

(Union & Non-Union)

Working Title: “The Typical Haunts”
Shooting: 6 days in late August
Compensation: Meals, Travel Reimbursement, Copy, Credit, Etc.
Have completed SAG student film agreement. Union and Non-Union actors are both welcome to audition.

Contact Details: Sarah Bordelon Website
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Distance Education Video Technician

(Non-Union Only)

Seeking experienced part time freelance technicians for MIT’s Distance Education department. Main duties include operating a control room video shoot of distance education classes as a TD, monitoring video and rich media captures. Experience with rich media capture (specifically Echo360), Webex and video conferencing along with experience using Vaddio camera controllers are helpful but not required. Applicants should have some experience in video production (field or studio), AV, broadcasting, and audio board operation.

Contact Details:
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Zombie extras- New Bedford area. Serious inquiries only

(Non-Union Only)

Sai-Con Productions is accepting applications for extras to play in our full length feature film. Project is being filmed in the New Bedford MA area. Serious inquiries only.

Contact Details: Cheryl LaPan Sai-Con Productions

Fight scene coordinator

(Non-Union Only)

Sai-Con Productions is accepting applications for fight scene coordinators. We are also accepting applications for 5 people with martial arts or fight experience to play a role in our full length feature. Serious inquiries only. New Bedford MA area.

Contact Details: Cheryl LaPan Sai-Con Productions

Sai-Con Productions accepting applications summer internship

(Non-Union Only)

Sai-Con Productions is accepting applications for summer interns looking to build resume and experience. New Bedford MA area. The following positions are still avail
Production Asst
Makeup artist-FX makeup only
Script supervisor
Story board artist
Set design
Serious inquiries only.

Contact Details: Cheryl LaPan Sai-Con Productions

Casting Call for Student Short Film - Keene NH Area

(Union & Non-Union)

18-22 year olds needed for a short film taking place at Keene State College. Production is set to begin at the beginning of the school year, but we are casting for the roles now.
We need dancers as well!!
Please follow the link for more information:
Thank you and have a great day!

Contact Details: Kelly Davis 603-785-3976 Website

Dystopia Sci-Fi series

(Union & Non-Union)

Sanford Community Adult Ed, in Springvale, Maine, on June 28th & 29th from 11AM - 5PM.
Jairus: Male – 30’s. Caucasian, thin, chin length brown hair with a beard. He is the medic for the key resistance group.
The Hope Street Witch: Female – Mid to late 30’s to 60s. She is an advanced plague carrier who has gone insane and performs rituals to a demon she worships to stay alive so she may cross over and become a demi god.

Contact Details: Neo Phoenix Studios Website
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