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Cast, Crew and other Jobs & Volunteer Positions

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Here you'll find added film jobs and work in the television industry. For the most part, the jobs listed here include work in the New England area including Boston, Providence, etc.

NOTE: The listings on are posted directly by users without inspection or review by our staff. does not endorse the ads and is not responsible for the accuracy of these listings. For more information, view our Terms of Service.

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Actor for staged reading of comedic web/tv series: 100 Ways to Write Your Own Eulogy Dot Com

(Union & Non-Union)

Looking for a male actor to read for multiple male parts in staged reading including Conrad, 15, genius hacker who only mumbles, Josh, 20something, creating his own eulogy of sighs and mostly sighs, Cameraman, one line, men on web site, etc. Reading is March 25 at 6:30, rehearsal on March 20 at 6:30.

Contact Details: Lyralen Kaye Another Country Productions 617-939-4846 Website

Male Actor, age 24-33 (Audition Wednesday March 4th)

(Non-Union Only)

Looking for 1 male actor
Race: White
Age range 24-33
Body type: Athletic/Not-Skinny
Beard/Facial hair prefered
Audition will be held Wednesday March 4 from 2-330 pm on 150 Boylston st. 02116, suite 113. ID is required for entry.
Contact Adam Riancho with headshot, and resume for more details

Contact Details: Adam Riancho

Actor for short film lead role

(Non-Union Only)

Seeking actor to play male co-lead in a short-short (two minute) film shooting in late March in southern CT. Looking for someone in the 30-40 age range, or that can convincingly look that age; role is a charming, witty, yet introspective type with a very checkered past, clean-cut and classic-looking (think young Paul Newman or Harrison Ford).
No pay, but you will receive copies of the finished film and full credit for your work. This is a fairly quick and easy project, but some scheduling flexibility is helpful (local to New Haven, CT area is preferred).

Contact Details:
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Need Actors & Actresses for Music Video

(Union & Non-Union)

The concept of the music video is to watch a couple age through the song. The children have already been cast so we need Caucasian brunettes to play the same couple in their late teens and late twenties/early thirties (25-35). Because of child labor laws we're looking for actors 18 + to play the teenage versions, please. The shoot is Wednesday March 11th in New Bedford MA from 9am to about 3:30pm. If you are available and meet these descriptions please contact me.

Contact Details: Amber


(Non-Union Only)

Seeking NON-UNION actors and actresses for filming on Sunday March 15th in Portland, ME for an action/sci-fi film
Age: 18+
Available March 15
Your Own Form of Transportation
Email your:
Headshot, Resume, Acting Reel
Thank you! IMDB credit will be given

Contact Details:

Production Designer

(Union & Non-Union)

Looking for an experienced Production Designer for a low budget music video shooting March 7-8. Please reach out to Sam Hamad with a resume and experience history.

Contact Details: Sam Hamad Passenger Media

Looking for a 1st AC

(Union & Non-Union)

Seeking an experienced 1st Assistant/Focus Puller for a low budget music video shooting this weekend March 7-8. Experience with the Alexa is preferred. Please reach out to the DP Sean English via with a resume of work experience.

Contact Details: Sean English Passenger Media


(Non-Union Only)

Independent films seeks Actors and Actresses in 20's and 30's for upcoming Production in Framingham, MA. area. Production to start as early as next week. Transportation a must, and a flexible schedule is helpful. Also, looking to add crew, students welcome. Email Casting Agent for details. Please respond ASAP for consideration.

Contact Details:

Script Supervisor

(Union & Non-Union)

We are looking for an awesome SCRIPT SUPERVISOR for a feature film. Check out the details
It is a very very low budge indie feature so we are paying a flat rate of $500 for a 15 day shoot and pre-production meetings. This would be a great opportunity for a recent film graduate or someone without a ton of experience. We do require at least 2 credits of script supervising on past projects. We also want folks on the project that are interested in the content and excited to work with a Russian translator for part of it.

Contact Details: Rebecca Karpovsky PInsky Film
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Extra wanted as Waitress for short student film TOMORROW AT 4PM!

(Union & Non-Union)

A minor role, but a very important one!
Eyes will be framed out of screen, but she is very present throughout the short film.
Female from 20-50!
Will be shooting TOMORROW (Wednesday) At 4-Dusk in the Greater Boston area.
No experience necessary.
Perfect opportunity to jump into the film world without it demanding much from you!
Please send me an email asap -

Contact Details: courtney nowobilski Massart student

Be an action figure / character

(Union & Non-Union)

Small entertainment company is seeking an actor to wear full fiberglass action figure suit and make appearances at bar mitzvahs, corporate events and event promotions. This will be on an "on-call" and "as needed" basis. Requirements: male, 5'7 max, short cropped hair, slim build/ low body fat, is not claustrophobic, can improvise on the spot and be animated, speaks well and clearly (onboard voice synth will have you speaking robotically). $30/HR

Contact Details: craig sutton 5087354848
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Feature Horror Film Seeks Cast and Crew

(Union & Non-Union)

American Horror Films Productions, seeking multiple cast and crew members to join for filming this spring on their feature film "Hollow Children".
Seeking to fill the following roles-
Grandmother character (60-75) (Female)
1940's Housewife (35-45) (Female)
Priest (25-50) (Male or Female)
Police Officer (40-50) (Male or Female)
Phillip (25-30) (Male)
Email your resumes/head shots to Stephen Marchessault at Subject line put what role you are seeking. Rates will be discussed after casting.

Contact Details: Stephen Marchessault (Casting) Mark Patrylak (Crew) American Horror Films Productions LLC. Website
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Music Video Looking For Male Lead and Extras

(Union & Non-Union)

Music video for prominent CT band looking to cast Male lead and extras for music video. Shooting in and around New Haven on 3/13, 3/14, 3/22.
A Young woman struggles with temptation after a chance meeting with a handsome stranger.
Male Lead: Mid 20’s, Handsome
Club Scene Extras: Males and Females 21-40 age range.
Please send headshot to:

Contact Details: David

URGENT: Makeup Artist Needed

(Union & Non-Union)

My makeup artist just got a paying gig so she unfortunately had to drop out. I realize this is incredibly short notice, but we need someone. This is a micro-budget indie "The fastest, most romantic love yet." It's about love and technology today. Email me at if you have any interest. Here's our schedule:
3/6: 6 AM to 3 PM at Blackthorne Publick House in Easton, MA
3/7: 6 AM to 3:30 PM at Blackthorne
3/9: 8 AM to 11 PM at Blackthorne
3/12: 11 AM to 9 PM at Zachary's Restaurant in Stoughton, MA
3/13: 9 AM to 10 PM at Zachary's

Contact Details: Shane Butler
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CASTING CALL for a short film, ILLUSION

(Union & Non-Union)

Casting call for Student film ILLUSION
We are looking for actress to be Mom (FEMALE , 40s) for our short film.
She does not have a dialogue but will appear at the end of film with lead characters.
Audition is not necessary.
Please sent us your headshot to
The shooting date will be either March 21st or 22nd.
For more information, please contact

Contact Details: Emerson College 6177218903

"Two of Us" Short Film Seeking Child Actors

(Non-Union Only)

Emerson College high-budget student film seeks 2 child actors to work on a volunteer basis:
Michael (12) -- A shy, young boy who must deal with his bully.
Steven (15) -- A bully with an alcoholic mother who learns to treat Michael differently.
Shooting takes place in the Boston area on the weekend of March 27th, food and transportation will be provided. Email with a headshot and resume for further information.

Contact Details: David Foley II Emerson College 6263991660

Boston University Student Film "Bryce"

(Union & Non-Union)

DIRECTOR: Joy Justine
Fri. March 6th: 5 pm - 9 pm
BU College of Communication, 640 Commonwealth Ave. Boston, MA 02215
Rm 323
*Bring head shot/resume
COMPENSATION: Food on set/Copy of film.
SHOOT DATES: 6 days in March & April
Bryce still carries the birthmark on his chest - a scarring from losing his twin brother in utero. Lonely and alienated, he suffers from recurring dreams and chest pains. However, Bryce soon meets Emma, a ray of hope that can finally add some meaning to his life.

Contact Details: Emalie El-Fakih Boston University Production 9786778138
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Passionate Crew Needed for Micro-Budget Feature

(Non-Union Only)

I am looking for passionate crew members for my micro-budget film "The fastest, most romantic love yet." I have a DP, sound mixer, and a makeup artist, but I need one or two more hands to help out on set. I looking for a like-minded person who shares my intense passion for film and embraces the indie film community mindset. This will not be an anonymous set. I love small crews where everyone becomes friends and then we all can hang out and help out on each other's movies. This will be a home-brewed film made with tender love and passion.

Contact Details: Shane Butler
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Casting Call - "Racing The Sunrise" - Emerson College BFA Thesis Film

(Union & Non-Union)

Shrader, a young woman living in a man’s world, is forced to choose between taking care of her family and escaping the life she’s always known.
Written and Directed by Amy Russo
Produced by Max Friedlaender, Caitlin Langan, and Emma Doherty
Director of Photography: Evan Yee
Production Designer: Liv Honer
SHRADER: 16-20, Caucasian, female - Spirited tomboy. Pseudo-mother to her sisters. Role includes partial nudity and sexual content.
VINCE: 18-22, Caucasian, male - Shrader’s love interest. Incredibly charming.

Contact Details: Amy Russo Emerson College 9089380970 Website
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(Non-Union Only)

Looking for an illustrator and designer to help with the set design and construction of sets for a stop-motion animation short film.
You will be needed for 4 days of production in March. We are looking for someone as interested in animation as we are. A long resume is not required.
College students/interns and production assistants are also needed.
Please email Cory at

Contact Details: Cory JawDoc/ En Passant

CASTING CALL - "Daughters" - Emerson College Student Short Film

(Union & Non-Union)

Casting for Daughters, a short film that follows the story of a young woman who struggles to write the eulogy for her mother the day of her funeral.
SAG: Paid/Non-union: reimbursed
Auditions will be on March 3 (1-4pm) and March 4th (5-8pm) @ Emerson College
Shoots on March 27th to the 29th
SANDRA (Female, Mid 20s) - Fights personal demons that hinder her from writing her mother's eulogy on the morning of her funeral. Struggles with intimacy and showing affection to her young daughter.

Contact Details: Lenny Alcid
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Writing for Purgatory - CASTING CALL - Emerson College Student Film II

(Union & Non-Union)
Casting 2 Extra Characters (Shoot Date: March 28th in Central Mass)
DESMOND'S MOM: Late 30's to late 40's. Minimal lines.
Cookie cutter family dynamic.
DESMOND'S DAD: Late 30's to late 40's. Minimal lines. Cookie cutter family dynamic.

Contact Details: Lucie McCormick Emerson College Student Film

MassArt Student Film- Child Actor Needed

(Union & Non-Union)

My name is Andrea Angell, I am a film/video student at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. I'm shooting a short film titled "An Inevitable End" [title subject to change]. The theme of this film is "the past colors the present". As Allison breaks up with Garrett, he spaces out and travels through memories of their relationship and his childhood.
Character Description:
Young Garrett: 6-10 years old
Garrett, a boy who loves the cartoon The Adventures of Blinky Bill, is living in a house with his parents who are constantly fighting which leads to divorce.

Contact Details: Andrea Angell
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MassArt Student Film- Actor Needed

(Union & Non-Union)

My name is Andrea Angell, I am a film/video student at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. I'm shooting a short film titled "An Inevitable End" [title subject to change]. The theme of this film is "the past colors the present". As Allison breaks up with Garrett, he spaces out and travels through memories of their relationship and his childhood.
Character Description:
Garrett: In his twenties

Contact Details: Andrea Angell
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MassArt Student Film- Actress Needed

(Union & Non-Union)

My name is Andrea Angell, I am a film/video student at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. I'm shooting a short film titled "An Inevitable End" [title subject to change]. The theme of this film is "the past colors the present". As Allison breaks up with Garrett, he spaces out and travels through memories of their relationship and his childhood.
Character Description:
ALLISON: In her twenties

Contact Details: Andrea Angell
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Child actress needed for an independent film shooting in May!

(Non-Union Only)

Synopsis: A young, hard-edged country-mother stands at the forefront of a resourceful "last line of defense," against a mysterious group that defiled her home.
We're looking for a child actress (2-5 years old) to play the lead's daughter. The character is in one scene and would be needed for only a few hours. Please send me an email with a photo and acting reel (if available) of any work the child may have been apart of.

Contact Details: Michael Higgs - Director Eye To Scope Productions Website

RISD Student Film Audition March 4, 5-7:30pm

(Union & Non-Union)

RISD Student Film Audition March 4, 5-7:30pm (Providence, RI)
The Intermediate Film students at Rhode Island School of Design are seeking actors and actresses of all ages to perform in their 16mm films this semester. We are having an open audition on:
Wednesday, March 4, 5-7:30pm
RISD Auditorium, Room 325 (Black studio) - enter side door off large courtyard
17 Canal Walk
Providence, RI 02903

Contact Details: Julie Mallozzi Rhode Island School of Design 617-852-9090
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Production Manager & Coordinator

(Non-Union Only)

Seeking an experienced PM / PC for a horror mini-series shooting in MA to start immediately.
Contact: for details.

Contact Details: Christine Academy Website

Project Riley

(Union & Non-Union)

14 Upper Campus Road
Medford, MA 02155
Living in a world where genetics can tell you there is life after death, a woman realizing that the only way to live forever is to die today, leaving her family behind.

Contact Details: Adam Verhoeff Tufts University Class (Making Movies) 860-984-1686
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CASTING ACTOR for THE VILLAGERS, student short film

(Non-Union Only)

LOGLINE: Ted is lost and confused after a spiritually unfulfilling near death experience. In an attempt to find some closure, he sets out on an absurd journey to make peace with his first childhood memory of death.
TED- Lead/College-age – Slim, quiet and introspective. Ted finds himself lost and confused after a spiritually unfulfilling near death experience.
LOCATION: Devlin 013 on Boston College Main Campus
TIME: Monday March 9 7-10pm.

Contact Details: Robin Jensen, AD SynonShop Website