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Local Film Tweets

2010 Films (Text List)

The following films have been chosen to be part of the 2nd Annual Online New England Film Festival. The following films screened on from September 1-October 15, 2010. Some remain available for online viewing after the festival's official end.


Insurgency of Ambition (Anya Belkina)
Jelly Fishers (Steven Subotnick)


Catching On: The Day the World Turned Gay (Nick Pistorino)
Red Flag (Sheila Curran Dennin)
Respect for Acting (Richard Waterhouse)


God Hates... (Graham Raubvogel)
Inside the Outside: A Profile of the Top Drawer Art Center (Leigh Medeiros)
A Lifelong Love (Shawn Harmon)
Making the Crooked Straight (Susan Cohn Rockefeller)
Meet Your Farmer: Reed Farm (Cecily Pingree & Jason Mann)
Meet Your Farmer: Tide Mill Farm (Cecily Pingree & Jason Mann)
Mito-Kids: Documenting Life (Marc A. Dole)
Sketches of an Icon (Morgan Kirkham)


Backwater (Michael Fisher)
Crooked Lane (Chase Bailey)
Killing Dinner (Mitchell P. Ganem)
Unmoored (Marie Brown & Yari Wolinsky)


Cat Window (Craig Saddlemire)
Upstream to Downstream (Krisanne Baker)