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2014 Online New England Film Festival

Until October 15, you can watch 42 local films that have screened in festivals across New England as part of's 6th Annual Online New England Film Festival.

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Teleprompter Equipment

Talamas Broadcast Equipment

145 California Street
Newton, MA
Phone: (617) 928-0788 Services

Talamas Broadcast Equipment has been providing reliable service and expertise to the Audio and Video Professional for over 26 years. Comercials, Documentary,Feature Film or Broadcasting to the world,Talamas has the equipment thats right for your job.

Visit the website for Talamas Broadcast Equipment at

3:51 Camera Light Productions

Monroe , CT


Prompter Queen

1368 New ScotlandRd
Slingerlands, NY
Phone: (518) 475-1099

Focus Video Productions

PO Box 998
Winchester, MA
Phone: (617) 909-9898
Alt. Phone: (781) 396-9496

ECS Video Systems, Inc.

Watertown, MA
Phone: (617) 924-7300