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Local Film Tweets

Production Assistant

Alison Guillot

248 Captain Circle
Tiverton, RI
Alt. Phone: (401) 261-5069

Chris Burns

Keene, NH

marble recording

361 rhodes ave
toronto, AL
Phone: (416) 462-9349

Angela Land

Phone: (248) 974-5410
Alt. Phone: (248) 974-5410

Jillian Curran

11 Wyndemere Ct
Plymouth, MA

Jillian Curran

11 Wyndemere Ct
Plymouth, MA

Rob Goodrich

25 Channel Center Street, Unit 210
Unit 210
Boston, MA
Phone: (617) 838-2448

Annette Sousa

York Harbor, ME

Jessica Black

Portland, ME

Ryan Sullivan

Barrington, RI

Anthony Waldmyer


Chris Bryant

Danbury, CT

Amy Rudisill

19 Clayton Rd
Danbury, CT
Phone: (203) 798-9985
Alt. Phone: (203) 798-9985

John Passarini

303 Lowell Street
Lexington, MA
Alt. Phone: (781) 862-1398

Nathan Ehrlich

1203 Boylston St Apt. #25
Boston, MA

Michael Cameron

24 Sherwood Drive
Milford, MA
Phone: (774) 573-0274

Matthew Bohannan

23 Windy Hill Dr.
Westbrook, CT

Alexis Rosa

Northampton, MA
Alt. Phone: (413) 341-3474

Mercy Bell

151 Maple St.
New Bedford, MA

BearNorth Laboratories

PO Box 171
Deerfield, NH

New Empire Productions

381 E 10st
Apt 2
New york, NY
Phone: (718) 387-3772
Alt. Phone: (718) 387-3772

Taylor Hagan

1610 N IH35
apt 631
San Marcos, TX
Phone: (210) 865-9869

Antony Zokou-Silvere

26 Waban St
Natick, MA
Phone: (508) 816-3328
Alt. Phone: (508) 545-0161

Robert Martinelli

69 Tanglewood Drive
West Greenwich, RI

Gardner Halsey

Center Harbor, NH
Phone: (207) 210-2991
Alt. Phone: (603) 253-6218

Anthony Waldmyer

60 Bridle Path circle
# 724
Randolph, MA

Nicholas Agri

33 Cutler St
Winthrop, MA
Phone: (603) 247-0879

Corey Welch

Cranston, RI

David Willis

23 Mirror Lake Ave.
Norfolk, MA
Alt. Phone: (508) 954-7916

Travis Vautour

1800 Commonwealth Ave.
Apt. 1
Brighton, MA