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Multimedia Companies

Aurora Coast Productions

802 West Park Avenue
New York, NY
Phone: (888) 593-0062 Services

Complete 35MM Film & HD Video Production Services Company. Manhattan New York City, Philadelphia, New Jersey and Connecticut

Call: (888) 593-0062

The Aurora Coast companies are comprised of the best in-house, award winning motion picture and television commercial directing, writing and producing talent. Our top rated, cinematic marketing approach to television ad campaigns, corporate public relations and TV commercial programming along with our many years in the filmmaking industry, uniquely allows us to create stunning and memorable visuals for our pioneering, innovative and remarkable clients.

Our Agency is here to serve your multimedia needs. Please call us to discuss your next project.

Visit the website for Aurora Coast Productions at

Fuller Web

Mystic, CT
Phone: 8604156115

New Slate Films

700 N. Carpenter St. Chicago, IL 60642
Chicago, IL
Phone: 312-612-0516

Rampion Visual Productions LLC

225 Riverview Avenue
Suite 101
Newton, MA
Phone: 617-795-1900
Alt. Phone: Out-Of State 1-888-49-Media


117 Chapman Street
Providence, RI
Phone: 401.453.4748

Dan Small Productions, Inc.

3 Bantry Road
Southborough, MA
Phone: 617 947 1998

Atomic Lizard Services

83 Church St.
Winchester, MA
Phone: 781.799.3368

Evolve Media

39 Mesa St. #100
San Francisco, CA
Phone: 415-324-5002
Alt. Phone: 866-686-1117

True Life Media

Portland, ME
Phone: 207-370-7680
Alt. Phone: 215-650-7059

Grain Digital

31A Pleasant Street
Newburyport, MA
Phone: 978-204-3524

McElroy Films LLC

99 South Bedford Street
Suite 116
Burlington, MA
Phone: 781-229-5900

Fein Productions

Phone: 607-339-6188

Six One Seven Studios

25 Kenwood Circle
Franklin, MA
Phone: 888-234-0405

MediaBoss Television

92 Blandin ave
Framingham, MA
Phone: 508 405-0323

Unrendered Films: Visual Storytelling

Boston, MA
Phone: 617-539-6013

Media Electric Inc.

1165 R Massachusetts Ave.
Suite 104
Arlington, MA
Phone: (781) 643-1700

Drift Design Studios

28 Stone Ave
Somerville, MA
Phone: 508-641-8846

ChameleonDG - The Creative Agency

Phone: 508.439.4800

Fein Productions

Cambridge, MA

Outlaw East Entertainment

Phone: (617) 313-6232


482 Southbridge St, Suite 184
Auburn, MA
Phone: 860-821-0139


Cambridge, MA

Javier José Rodriguez

185 West Street
Plantsville, CT

Dreamland Film & Video Production and Post-Production

One Lincoln Plaza
New York, NY

Devilfish / Films & Creative

43 Commonwealth Road
Watertown, MA
Alt. Phone: 617.413.4246

Andrew Penziner Productions LLC

71 Woodland Road
Phone: (617) 803-1996

StarSite Designs

Norcross Media, LLC

One Lincoln Plaza
New York, NY
Phone: 646-320-5019