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Local Film Tweets


Exploding Pixels

31 Carter Drive
Framingham, MA
Phone: (508) 788-7783 Services

Online and offline editing using Final Cut Pro and Avid
Motion Graphics using After Effects, Photoshop,Illustrator, Cinema 4D.

Visit the website for Exploding Pixels at

VossCo MultiMedia

22 Ninth St. #501
Medford, MA
Phone: 617-419-0689

Flow Production and Post

Philadelphia, PA
Phone: 877-851-9313
Alt. Phone: 646-480-7668

Jesse Christensen: Film editor and videographer

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35 school street
Rockport, MA
Phone: 9787582577
Alt. Phone: 9787582577

Josh Kastorf / The Eighth Muse

Boston, MA


Brighton, MA

Matthew Quinlan

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122 Beechland Rd
Ellsworth, ME
Phone: 207-812-1716

Roberto Mighty

339 Waltham Street
Newton, MA
Phone: 617-965-7022
Alt. Phone: 617-244-7483

Dennis Carroll AV

32 S. Park St
Bradford, MA
Phone: 978-374-6966

Clarity of Vision

Acton, MA

Visiontracks, Inc.

1735 Westpark Center Dr.
St. Louis, MO
Phone: 6363051070

Stefanie Rahaim

Amherst, NH
Phone: 6032496593

Patrick Bertovich


Kelly Steben

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Providence, RI
Phone: 401-935-2729

Logan O'Brien

Braintree, MA

Settting Out Productions

Somerville, MA
Phone: 617-684-5528

Jon Frost/ Meow Mix

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116 Pleasant St Suite 011
Easthampton, MA
Phone: 413-529-2479

Charles River Media Group

15 Cypress Street, Suite 208
Newton Centre, MA
Phone: 617-467-5540

Brian Procopio

Attleboro, MA
Phone: 774-219-9175

Alex Tzavalas

Phone: 6035710460

Padrick Ritch

Boston, MA

Emma Thomas

Boston, MA
Phone: 434-989-9357

Lamp Post Media

10 Munroe Street
Beverly, MA
Phone: 978 969 2821

Angelina Pictures

Concord, MA
Phone: 978-610-6141

Chris Graham

Great Barrington, MA

Actors Express NYC

Phone: 617-519-9395

GLADWOOD STUDIOS / David Gladstone

Media Arts Center of Orange

109 Boston Post Rd
Orange, CT
Phone: 203 795-6400

Jonathan Diaz - Meccamotion

700 bulfinchdr. apt 114
andover, MA

Jake B

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