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Local Film Tweets


Alex Olinger

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Adam Khouri

East Walpole, MA
Phone: 508-660-9904

Peak Productions

50 Hunt St.
Watertown, MA
Phone: 6179240550

Andrew Frechette

Boston, MA

Santiago Semino

Boston, MA
Phone: 857-998-1795

The Rizzolution

309 Sumner St
Boston, MA
Phone: 518-986-7877

Federico Muchnik / MV Productions

82 Richdale Ave.
Cambridge, MA
Phone: 6178693463
Alt. Phone: 6178693463

Andrew Eldridge

55 Glenwood Road
Somerville, MA

Douglas Gordon

299 Tappan St
Apt 6
Brookline, MA
Phone: +1 617-686-9031

Michael Brown (TGMK Productions)

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Revere, MA
Phone: (401) 545 - 8761

Christian de Rezendes

Posted in
409 Central Street
P.O. Box 733
Slatersville, RI
Phone: 401.769.3356

Christian de Rezendes

Posted in
409 Central Street
P.O. Box 733
Slatersville, RI
Phone: 401.769.3356

Crystal Place, Place Narration and Sync Productions

Boston/New Orleans/San Diego

Dan Hannon

c/o WME Entertainment (Attn: Simon Faber)
9601 Wilshire Blvd., 3rd Fl.
Beverly Hills, CA
Phone: 310-248-2000

Jared Voss


Jesse Richards

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Jaspreet Singh

Winter Street
Natick, IL
Phone: 4083682335
Alt. Phone: 4083682335

Barry Kneller

Phone: 6174621212

Josh Kastorf / The Eighth Muse

Boston, MA

Jesse Cook - Director/DP

188 Cummings Road
Swansea, MA

Ramsey Regulus Eassa

10 Highland road
windham, NH


100 Hano Street
Brighton, MA
Phone: 6174079962
Alt. Phone: 6174079962

Nicolas Thilo-McGovern

Cambridge, MA

Adam W. Griswold, Smoking Bottle Entertainment

Posted in
North Reading, MA

Video Journalist Africa

Derek Dubois

122 Minerva St.
Woonsocket, RI
Phone: 401-309-2231

Tostie Productions

58 Reservoir Rd.
Waltham, MA
Phone: 6199943222

Eddie Baldasaro

55 Myrtle St. Apt. 3
Portland, ME
Phone: (603) 858-4148

Padrick Ritch

Boston, MA