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Local Film Tweets

Assistant Camera

Samuel Lüsted

Manchester, NH

Andrew Frechette

Boston, MA

Jeremy Hartman

466 Commonwealth Ave Apt 702
Boston, MA
Phone: 7815919521

Steve Levin

Posted in
22 Winter St
Wakefield, RI
Alt. Phone: 4014748061

Ema Jane Hutchins

Posted in
New York, NY
Phone: 207-608-2170

Nick Norrman

32 Rugg Rd.
Ste. #3
Boston, MA
Phone: 508-631-1454
Alt. Phone: 5086311454

David Benedetti

PO Box 191789
Boston, MA
Phone: 6174190043
Alt. Phone: 6174190043

Thom Willey

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P.O. Box 4
Southwest Harbor , ME

Cal Hopwood

Burlington, VT

Greg Farnum


Ian Buchanan

Morgan LaForge

Cambridge, MA
Phone: 6204235809
Alt. Phone: 6204235809

DIFi Video Productions- John Galvin

PO Box 473
Whitman, MA

Unrendered Films • Ben Pender-Cudlip

Boston, MA
Phone: 617-539-6013

Peter Stanley Krol

Middletown, CT

Tim Haber

Zac Crosby


Franni Paley

Burlington MA and Middletown, CT

Julie Brown

Boston, MA

Matt Garland - Freelance, AC, Grip, PA, Cam Op

28 Applegate Drive
Bennington, VT

Daniel Madsen


Nicholas Earley

Buffalo, NY
Phone: (716) 348-7100


2375 Camelback Rd.
Phoenix, AZ
Phone: (866) 273-8650

Fuchs Media

361 E Country Club Dr
Henderson, NV
Alt. Phone: (702) 461-5591

Corey Steib Steib

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5689 Tulip Ave.
Orlando, FL
Phone: (321) 354-8058

Corey Steib Steib

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5689 Tulip Ave.
Orlando, FL
Phone: (321) 354-8058

Alexander Paul

53 Joy St. Apt. #4
Boston, MA
Phone: (860) 908-6810

Jess Dunlap

Posted in

Ian Barbella

Boston, MA