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Local Film Tweets


Douglas Bowker Motion-Graphics

Posted in
Salem, MA

Cinimage Studios Pvt Ltd

408/A, 1st floor Banashankari Stage II
Phone: 919849203402
Alt. Phone: 919849203402

IdeaRocket Animation

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19 West 34th Street
Suite 908
New York, NY
Phone: 212-695-7240

Dreamlike Pictures

Dreamlike Pictures
130 Church St.
Burlington, VT
Phone: 917-769-5096

Real Cool TV Productions

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800 S. Main Street
Suite 203
Mansfield, MA
Phone: 5083378520
Alt. Phone: 5083378520

Geoff Kornfeld

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Grain Digital

31A Pleasant Street
Newburyport, MA
Phone: 978-204-3524

McElroy Films LLC

99 South Bedford Street
Suite 116
Burlington, MA
Phone: 781-229-5900

AweSpark Productions

164 Glen st
Somerville, MA
Phone: 617 899 7061

MediaBoss Television

92 Blandin ave
Framingham, MA
Phone: 508 405-0323

DeAnimation: Animation/Illustration

Boston, MA
Phone: 617-533-8259

ChameleonDG - The Creative Agency

Phone: 508.439.4800

Bill Hinkson Design

1700 Main St
1700 Main St
Stratford, CT
Phone: 2039848038

Post 2K Inc.

Posted in
5 Algonquian Drive
Natick, MA
Phone: 508-647-0442
Alt. Phone: 508-944-7404

Jonathan Diaz - Meccamotion

700 bulfinchdr. apt 114
andover, MA

Michael Mullen design

9 Central Street
9 Central Street
Westborough, MA
Phone: 508 616 9262

Michael Mullen design

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9 Central Street
Westboough, MA
Phone: 508 616 9262


482 Southbridge St, Suite 184
Auburn, MA
Phone: 860-821-0139

Dreamland Film & Video Production and Post-Production

One Lincoln Plaza
New York, NY

Run Dont Walk productions

Jonathan Diaz (MECCADIAZ)

Posted in
700 Bulfinch Dr. apt 114
Andover, MA

Pridgeon Design

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The Egg Republic

Posted in
265 Broadway
265 Broadway
New York, NY
Phone: 212.844.2233

Altex Group

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Dennis Duty Jr

Allston, MA


Phone: 508-401-7799

Dave Langley Design

234 Longmarsh Road
Durham, NH

LONDON AUDIO LABS - Audio Post Production & Sound Design

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Studio 59 Canalot Studios 222 Kensal Rd Ladbroke Grove, Kensington,
London, Outside U.S.
Phone: +44 (0)20 8567 0961

Clambake Animation

108 Water Street
Studio 4B
Watertown, MA
Phone: 617-924-0990

National Ministry of Design

Posted in
115 Dummer St.
Brookline, MA
Phone: 617-734-4800
Alt. Phone: 617-487-6140