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Local Film Tweets


Voice by Bob Patterson

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3 Shawnee Circle
Billerica, MA
Phone: (978) 663-2724

Josh McBride

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Alt. Phone: (781) 910-4593

Roger Lander

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1510 200th st ct e
Spanaway, WA
Phone: (253) 241-9364


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18 Columbus Ave
Beverly, MA
Phone: (978) 927-8563
Alt. Phone: (978) 927-6021

john tobin

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3676 s barinton ave
los angeles, CA
Phone: (310) 390-1262

Executive Computers

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111 glen meadow rd
franklin, MA
Phone: (508) 520-4533
Alt. Phone: (508) 520-4533



Michael Maxwell

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501 Auburn St
Unit 302
Whitman, MA
Phone: (617) 954-4812

J. R. Russ Programming & Research

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Box 2276
Philadelphia, PA
Phone: (610) 357-9640
Alt. Phone: (610) 494-0910

Michael Hidinger

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110 Union Street, Apt. 13
Schenectady, NY
Alt. Phone: (518) 374-7541

Jackamoe Buzzell

Posted in
8414 W Farm Rd #180-206
Las Vegas, NV
Phone: (310) 729-5244
Alt. Phone: (702) 364-5637

Alan Christy

Posted in
Parkersburg, WV
Alt. Phone: (740) 654-4440

dik(e) productions

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Sean Thomas Hannan

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South Attleboro, MA

Jim McGowan

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26 Cooper St
Apt 2
Boston, MA
Phone: (617) 850-6365

Mike Goodreau

Posted in
PO Box 7925
Cumberland, RI

Brian Donovan

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Alt. Phone: (978) 884-6573

Don Carrara

Posted in
21 Alicia Cir.
Warwick, RI
Alt. Phone: (401) 884-7094

Brien LaForge

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Ray O'Hare

Posted in

Rob O'Dwyer

Posted in
Boston, MA

Fountain Linn, Inc.

Posted in
15 North Street
Milford, NH
Phone: (603) 673-8143
Alt. Phone: (603) 673-8143

World Wide Mafia Music & Movies

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Phone: (323) 402-2021

Thomas Lupien

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1608 River St.
Apt. 208
Hyde Park, MA
Alt. Phone: (617) 364-8469

ReelACT Casting

242 West 30th Street
Suite 504
New York, NY
Phone: (212) 290-0700

Tony Moreira

Posted in
56 Mabel Drive
Seekonk, MA

David Cadran

Posted in
17 dArien street
Brattleboro, VT
Alt. Phone: (802) 258-9128

Michael Pevzner

Posted in
10 Juniper Drive
Kingston, MA
Phone: (781) 910-2938

Joseph Sapien

14 cross st
Portland, CT
Alt. Phone: (209) 534-1892

Chester Dale

Posted in
Nawthorne Rd Old Greenwich, CT, or
Freeborn St
Newport, RI
Phone: (203) 637-2442
Alt. Phone: (203) 637-3251