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Local Film Tweets


Sam Vanivray

Posted in
Cambridge, MA
Phone: 617-470-4678

Dean Douglas

Posted in
116 Treble Cove
Billerica, MA

Jack Russell Shipley

Posted in
635 Rock ST Unit 2
Fall River, MA
Phone: 508-982-7794

Buck Biestek

Posted in

Jared Voss


Jesse Richards

Posted in

Jesse Lowther

Posted in
Lee, NH
Phone: 603-767-3630

Rob Tromp

Posted in

John Tesoriero

Boston, MA

Anthony Hoang

Posted in

Michael D. Murphy Sr.

Posted in
317 Heather St.
2nd floor
Cranston, RI
Phone: 401-943-0809

Rob Naia

289 Lafayette St.
Newark, NJ
Phone: 6092429939

David Erik Finn

Posted in
610 2nd St
unit 3
Manchester, NH
Phone: 978 500 6737

Larry F Murphy Voice Productions

Posted in
P.O. Box 28
North Hampton, NH
Phone: 603-964-6698

Jo Jo Kindeur

Boston, MA

Nathan Lang Voice Over Talent

POB 1128
Long Island City, NY
Phone: 347-559-7602

A.J. Rios

Posted in

Phone: 347-413-3349

Mike "The Mic" Jablon Actor/Voiceover


Ludo Colle Photography

Westerly, RI
Phone: (401) 206-5836

Jeffery Gabbard

Posted in
Phone: 603-998-3138

Matthew David Hume

Posted in
In And Around The City Of Champions ..., MA
Phone: 508-280-3521

JC Haze (Actor/Voice Actor)

Phone: 603-657-5003

Kevin Burke

Posted in

Matt Rouillard

Posted in

JZK Family Shows

Posted in

PO Box 1863
Haverhill, MA
Phone: (978) 245-0351

Benjamin Lewis

Glenn Lawrence Bartis

Posted in
Post Office Box 353
Hill, NH

Philip M. Gardiner- Actor

Phone: 917-969-3737

Bill McLean "Freight Train Films, Inc."

56 Chipmunk Lane, Monmouth

Jack Tracksler

Posted in
97 Goodwin Raod
Kittery Point, ME
Phone: 207-439-2924