The Firearms Consulting Company

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Prop work
2009-C02, supplied a ladder.
2009-Maize, supplied killing tools.
2010-Legless, supplied five Kegs
2010-Black&white, supplied Dolly&track ,Underwater light
2010-(FSC) Welcome to the shit,supplied Military gear
2010-48hr Film,supplied business cards
2011-LockDown supplied Air valve for bullet wall hits
2013- Killing Khan, supplied military gear, hand held radio
2013-Brohters, stuffed bear FX bullite hit’s
2013-Like Lambs, 6 Uniforms
2013-Pretend, FX work burned out SUV / Glass work
2014-A Killer Serve, tool box,
2016-Killing Rudy Smoke FX

Credits & Awards


Gary L Whelpley = IMDB

Years in Business: less than 1 year

Contact Information

Primary Contact: Gary Whelpley
Boston MA 02188