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Screenplays Wanted

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Screenwriting contests, festivals and other calls for scripts.

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low-budget horror and or noir script wanted

(Union & Non-Union)

I'm a writer director who about to close my second distribution deal this year. I'm scripting my next project but I take my time writing and wont be ready to shoot until summer at earliest, but the director/DP in me is itchy.

Contact Details: Mike
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Call for Action, Thriller, Heist Screenplays

(Union & Non-Union)

We are currently exploring screenplays in the Genre Action,Thriller,Crime,Heist,etc. We are looking for intelligent and creative "Cop Themed" scripts along the lines of "End of Watch, Training Day, The Town,Brooklyn's Finest" Please submit Log-lines & synopsis to
Thanks in advance.

Contact Details: Cindy William


(Union & Non-Union)

We are currently exploring screenplays in the Genre of Family Comedy. We are looking for intelligent, well-written, concept driven scripts along the lines of "Mr. Woodcock, Meet the Parents, Guess Who" Writers with credits, awards, well-placed in contests is a definite plus but not mandatory. Please send us a synopsis/log-line at
Thanks in advance

Contact Details: PAUL CLARK

Screenwriters wanted for Project Screenplay (a live, interactive game show at the 2014 Williamstown Film Festival)

(Union & Non-Union)

Whether you’re an aspiring screenwriter or a fan of movies in general, come participate in PROJECT SCREENPLAY, a live interactive game show about the art of the pitch and the importance of hooking readers with the first 10 pages of a spec script. Audience members at the 2014 Williamstown Film Festival decide the fate of 16 screenwriters, voting for their favorite story ideas (and even helping to act out the scenes) while professional mentors offer advice and tips for bringing cinematic visions to life in a highly competitive industry. Visit for more details!

Contact Details: Andrew Osborne Website
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Character Driven Feature Script wanted

(Union & Non-Union)

Independent Production company seeks character driven feature script to be produced for under $200k. Prefer stories with 1 or 2 locations to allow a tight filming schedule. Think Steven King's "Misery" This will be a union and non-union production to be shot in and around Boston. Submissions will be ongoing. Looking for truly great stories. Please send log line and synopsis.

Contact Details: Alec Ward

Reality Script Writer

(Non-Union Only)

Looking for a screenwriter who can turn a treatment into a script. Please email me a sample of your work.

Contact Details: Evelyn Brito Keep It Simple Productions