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Screenplays Wanted

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Screenwriting contests, festivals and other calls for scripts.

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Looking for female volunteers, 30-40, for research interview about high school!

(Non-Union Only)

I am in the process of writing a screenplay for a 90’s-era coming-of-age high school film and looking for female volunteers who attended high school during the mid-90’s or early 2000’s, to take part in a confidential, interview-style questionnaire regarding their views, opinions, and experiences on their days in high school. You’ll basically be asked to answer a serious of questions through e-mail text. Contact for more information.

Contact Details: Jim Heffernan Crazy Jim Films, LTD. Website

Looking to collaborate with local Boston area screenwriters on various animated/non animated screenplay and teleplay projects

(Union & Non-Union)

Am looking to collaborate with local Bostonian or New England area screenwriters on animated and non animated projects, particularly folks who have a good sense of ahracter and story development, the three act structure, screenwriting format, and animated films. I am also interested in working on non animated films and tv show pilots/show bibles. I don't want to sit around forever waiting for stuff to happen. I am 37 and want stuff to happen quickly. I am willing to split 20-40-40 20% to the agent, and 40% between us on any sales.

Contact Details: Jeff Dearman 781-664-0498
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Screenplay Wanted

(Union & Non-Union)

Screenplays Wanted
Need a video trailer for your script?
Our sponsors and our staff will review screenplays of interest. The sponsors select which screenplays they are willing to fully support. We produce the video trailer at no cost to the screenplay writer.
The Author's rights to their screenplay remain unchanged. Only, and only with Author's consent, the screenplay will be produced into a video trailer and set to broadcast in our Youtube channel. (View our video demo -

Contact Details: Alicia Herrera Blue Box Production Group Website
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Accepting Short scripts written by women!

(Union & Non-Union)

The Women Only Project is accepting short script submissions!
5 short scripts written by WOMEN ONLY!
Your script could be chosen to be the FIRST filmed by the WOP!
Deadline for submissions is: February 14, 2015 - VALENTINE’s DAY!
Scripts WILL NOT be accepted past the deadline.
- We are looking for strong dialogue about women's issues today!
- Applicants must be WOMEN from New England.
(Or Commit to traveling to NE for production meetings.)
- Scripts must be 3-5 pages in length.
- Only ONE location.

Contact Details: The Women Only Project. Counterfeit Cow Productions, LLC Website
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Christian/Faith Based Films

(Union & Non-Union)

Looking for Faith-Based/Christian scripts that can be made for $200-300K.
Nothing preachy or forced.
Gen X/Y main characters; no horror.
Send loglines/summaries to
Will respond if interested in reading full script.

Contact Details:

Micro Budget Sci Fi Feature Script Wanted

(Non-Union Only)

I'm looking for a micro budget SciFi feature screenplay that I can make for <$100k. Ideally it would only require one location and 3-4 actors maximum. Please send through a logline and synopsis and I will be in touch only to successful applicants in order to request the full screenplay.

Contact Details: Matt Cheeky Monkey Productions

Story Ideas and Screenplays Wanted

(Union & Non-Union)

Do you have an idea you think can be turned into a movie or TV series? Hollywood producers are actively looking for your ideas to develop into a feature film, TV pilot, movie of the week, or cable TV show? Producers visit our casting site because they are looking for screenplays, books and story ideas. We know this because their request prompted us to encourage writers to our site because it benefits us and helps them to get their work noticed. Especially when material selected is by the site's Emmy Award Winning Producer.

Contact Details: Reality TV Casting Website
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Writers Wanted for Hollywood Movie

(Union & Non-Union)

Do you have a book or true story you think can be turned into a movie or TV series? Hollywood producers visit our casting site because they are always looking for ideas to develop into a feature film, TV pilot, movie of the week, or cable TV show? What if they’re looking for your story? WE CAN HELP!
We're looking to help promote self-publishers and writers on our site! If you would like us to help promote your book or true story, email us at for more information, or visit our site at

Contact Details: Real TV Casting Website

Call for Action, Thriller, Heist Screenplays

(Union & Non-Union)

We are currently exploring screenplays in the Genre Action,Thriller,Crime,Heist,etc. We are looking for intelligent and creative "Cop Themed" scripts along the lines of "End of Watch, Training Day, The Town,Brooklyn's Finest" Please submit Log-lines & synopsis to
Thanks in advance.

Contact Details: Cindy William


(Union & Non-Union)

We are currently exploring screenplays in the Genre of Family Comedy. We are looking for intelligent, well-written, concept driven scripts along the lines of "Mr. Woodcock, Meet the Parents, Guess Who" Writers with credits, awards, well-placed in contests is a definite plus but not mandatory. Please send us a synopsis/log-line at
Thanks in advance

Contact Details: PAUL CLARK

Screenwriters wanted for Project Screenplay (a live, interactive game show at the 2014 Williamstown Film Festival)

(Union & Non-Union)

Whether you’re an aspiring screenwriter or a fan of movies in general, come participate in PROJECT SCREENPLAY, a live interactive game show about the art of the pitch and the importance of hooking readers with the first 10 pages of a spec script. Audience members at the 2014 Williamstown Film Festival decide the fate of 16 screenwriters, voting for their favorite story ideas (and even helping to act out the scenes) while professional mentors offer advice and tips for bringing cinematic visions to life in a highly competitive industry. Visit for more details!

Contact Details: Andrew Osborne Website
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Character Driven Feature Script wanted

(Union & Non-Union)

Independent Production company seeks character driven feature script to be produced for under $200k. Prefer stories with 1 or 2 locations to allow a tight filming schedule. Think Steven King's "Misery" This will be a union and non-union production to be shot in and around Boston. Submissions will be ongoing. Looking for truly great stories. Please send log line and synopsis.

Contact Details: Alec Ward

Reality Script Writer

(Non-Union Only)

Looking for a screenwriter who can turn a treatment into a script. Please email me a sample of your work.

Contact Details: Evelyn Brito Keep It Simple Productions