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Screenplays Wanted

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Screenwriting contests, festivals and other calls for scripts.

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Screenplays Wanted - Feature Length - Low Budget - $300K and under

(Union & Non-Union)

Chelsea Squared Productions is looking for genre specific projects (horror, ghost, thriller, scifi, indie drama) - with a small cast, limited locations and a focus on story and character. Primarily interested in stories based in New England, with diverse characters and very interested in finding projects written by female writers and/or featuring women in prominent roles. We will be optioning three select scripts and will include a step deal should the project be produced. Please email a log line and one paragraph synopsis to

Contact Details: Chelsea Squared Productions

Short Film Script Wanted

(Non-Union Only)

Hey everyone,

Contact Details: Nicolas Thilo-McGovern
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Seeking Microbudget Feature Scripts.

(Union & Non-Union)

Boston based filmmaker seeking Microbudget Feature Length Script.
Looking for material that is 2-3 characters, 1 or 2 locations, no expensive set pieces, etc.
Plays and short stories welcome.
Please e-mail with line "Microbudget" in title.

Contact Details: Ted Feature Film. Website

Short Screenplays Wanted - 2015 BlueCat Screenplay Competition

(Union & Non-Union)

SHORT SCRIPTS WANTED - 2015 BlueCat Screenplay Competition
The BlueCat Screenplay Competition awards the world’s largest cash prize for best short screenplay: $10,000, with three finalists each receiving a cash prize of $1,500.
In keeping with our longstanding tradition, every screenplay will receive one written analysis. All submissions entered by September 1st will receive their written analysis by October 1st.

Contact Details: Claudia Summerfield BlueCat Screenplay Competition Website
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2015 BlueCat Movie Title Contest

(Union & Non-Union)

Every year, the BlueCat Screenplay Competition holds a Movie Title Contest for all of our early submissions. All entries submitted to BlueCat by AUGUST 1st will be automatically eligible. Our TOP 3 favorite titles will each receive a cash prize of $250!
All scripts submitted by the Movie Title Deadline of August 1st will receive their written analysis by October 1st.
$60 for features and $40 for short screenplays.

Contact Details:
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2015 BlueCat Screenplay Competition - EARLY DEADLINE ANNOUNCEMENT

(Union & Non-Union)

The Special Early Entry Fee for all scripts received by June 15th is $55 for features and $35 for short screenplays.
All submissions received by June 15th will receive their written analysis by July 1st. The next analysis deadline isn’t until September!
$15,000 Grand Prize
Four Finalists
$2,500 Prize
$10,000 Grand Prize
Three Finalists
$1,500 Prize
Best Feature Screenplay from the UK
$1,500 Prize

Contact Details:
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Script Needed for Short Film

(Union & Non-Union)

Writer needed for Short Film.
Small Fee Paid for 15 pages.
Film Title: The Seven Lives (Working Title)
Synopsis: Seven versions of the same person, desperately travel back in time to warn their younger self of a life altering catastrophic event.
Rehearsals and shooting to begin in late summer. Contingent on the completion of the script.

Contact Details: David Ricci Rebel Cause Films

2015 BlueCat Screenplay Competition Call for Entries

(Union & Non-Union)

2015 BlueCat Screenplay Competition
Since 1998, the BlueCat Screenplay Competition has provided a community for the unknown screenwriter to develop their work, giving undiscovered talent a path to professional success.
BlueCat accepts both feature length and short screenplays, and in keeping with our longstanding tradition, every screenplay will receive one written analysis, with our best screenplays receiving over $40,000 in cash prizes.
The final deadline for the competition is November 15th, 2014.
$15,000 Best Feature Screenplay

Contact Details: BlueCat Screenplay Competition
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Call for scripts

(Non-Union Only)

Scene Around Film Company is looking for scripts ready to be produced for a web series or short film. Please note that we are a low budget indie film company – we have limited resources so your scripts should follow these guidelines:
1) no exotic locations;
2) no CGI/complicated special effects;
3) no huge casts or large crowd scenes.
As well as your understanding that due to our limited resources, we cannot option scripts at the moment nor can we provide transportation/lodging for writers outside of Massachusetts.

Contact Details: Stasia O'Brien Scene Around Film Company 617-750-4078 Website
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Seeking screenwriter

(Union & Non-Union)

I am seeking a responsible, dedicated and open minded screenplay writer for an upcoming film I want to make. Please inquire through email.

Contact Details: Tate