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Crew / Production Openings

Unyfi - Stage Crew needed

(Non-Union Only)

"Unyfi," a comedic live rock show that "brings you, the audience, into chaos." Producer states: "Will you become a superhero? Will you join the radical hippy in protesting against D.C. corruption? Will you be fired by CEO Joe in his evil boardroom? Priscilla Prissy will look at your diamond ring to see if you are in her league. And Milo likes those pretty girls. Beware of his flirtatious and seductive pick up lines. There is some cash to be earned, and easy to be had. Will you party with us in the world of fluff? Unyfi is a one-time event at Club Oberon in Harvard Square February 6th, 2015.

Contact Details: Dave Lefkowitz Lefko Productions Website
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PSA/Commercial Professional Gaffer Needed

(Non-Union Only)

We are looking for a professional gaffer for a one-day shoot.
Pay: $25/hr (negotiable based on qualifications)
Expertise in Green screen and outdoor lighting is required.

Contact Details: Seera Akra 6172089104

Home living room and entrance needed for filming - $250

(Union & Non-Union)

House needed for a short afternoon shoot for a short film in early January.
Please include interior pictures that offer a feel of the house and living area.
We will need to film on Saturday, January 3rd for a few hours after dark. You may be present during the shoot if you wish, we just ask that no pets or children are around to interrupt our work.
**Please contact with any questions, there will not be 100s of people on set. There will not be more than 6 crewmembers and 6 actors**

Contact Details:

LIGHTING and SOUND needed for Short Film "JACKPOT"

(Non-Union Only)

Seeking Sound and Light technicians for the upcoming short film "Jackpot." This is a great opportunity to gain experience working on a set and a great way to add to your resume. Having your own equipment is a plus but not necessary.
Filming in the greater Boston and New Hampshire areas:
February 7-8
February 14-15
February 21-22
Crew will be fed.
If interested please send your resume/experience to the provided email.

Contact Details: Adam Newman Adam & Steve

Indie feature seeks A.D.

(Union & Non-Union)

Seeking experienced A.D. for indie feature shooting summer 2015. Once we get going, this will be a paid gig. At the moment, we're seeking someone to do contract work on a breakdown. Women strongly encouraged to apply.

Contact Details:

Feature Film Seeking Publicist and Producer

(Union & Non-Union)

Going to begin a Kickstarter in the new year for my film "The fastest, most romantic love yet." I am looking for a publicist and producer(s) to help realize my vision. My ideal budget would be somewhere near $4000, but as always, more helps. I completed my debut feature film "Down the Cape" earlier this year. A link to the trailers is below.
And here is the plot outline of the feature film:

Contact Details: Shane Butler
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Production Assistants needed 12/20

(Non-Union Only)

So I am in search of a Production Assistant that is available Saturday, December 20, for a reshoot scene for my short film "Analy". It is a major scene that needs to be reshot in order for the film to be completed.
You will be assisting the DP with Lights, Sounds and general things on a small film set.
We will only be shooting at one location (indoor)
Non paid gig but food and IMDB credit will be given.
The shoot will be in Cromwell, CT.
Please reply if you are available and do not need assistance getting to Cromwell.

Contact Details: Ali Robins Website
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Feature Film seeking Publicist and Producer

(Union & Non-Union)

Going to begin a Kickstarter in the new year for my film "The fastest, most romantic love yet." I am looking for a publicist and producer(s) to help realize my vision. My ideal budget would be somewhere near $4000, but as always, more helps. I completed my debut feature film "Down the Cape" earlier this year. A link to the trailers is below.
And here is the plot outline of the feature film:

Contact Details: Shane Butler Dueling Hamilton Productions
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Seeking Film Crew for Queen/Freddie Mercury Tribute Video

(Union & Non-Union)

I am seeking to put together a tribute video to Queen and Freddie Mercury to be released by 2016. I need a film crew as well as eventually fans to be in the video.
If you are interested in collaborating with me on this, please email me to discuss further.

Contact Details: Jennifer Minor Jenminorproductions

Feature film looking for composer!

(Non-Union Only)

We are currently seeking a qualified music composer to assemble a score for our comedy feature that is currently in post-production. It is a comedy film with dramatic elements and as such, will need music that has a diverse range to compliment it. All contributing artists shall receive credit on the film, IMDB credit, and a copy of the finished product. For any further questions, contact directly.

Contact Details: Jim Heffernan Crazy Jim Films, LTD. Website

Unyfi - Stagehands Needed Feb 6, 2015 Club Oberon

(Non-Union Only)

Unyfi is a comedic live rock show that brings YOU, the audience into chaos!
Will you become a superhero? Will you join the radical hippy in protesting against DC corruption? Will you be fired by CEO Joe in his evil boardroom? Priscilla Prissy will look at your diamond ring to see if you are in her league! And Milo likes those pretty girls - beware of his flirtatious and seductive pick up lines! There is some cash to be earned - and easy to be had. Will you party with us in the world of fluff?

Contact Details: David Lefkowitz Lefko Productions 6174482284 Website
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Videographers Wanted

(Union & Non-Union)

Extremely busy and award winning wedding film production studio is seeking full time videographers to join our team. Experience of 5-10 weddings as a lead videographer and many others as a second shooter is preferred but we are willing to train the right individual(s). We are looking for someone who wants to be busy shooting weddings, but doesn't want/care to deal with hassles of trying to run their own business. The right person(s) will be extremely proficient, have a great artistic eye and unobtrusive.

Contact Details: Jaime Wood NH Images Photography + Video 603.831.5073 Website
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house mates

(Union & Non-Union)

I am looking for a director/cinematographer asap for my web sitcom series, preferably one with a camera. I have written the first two episodes, and casted for it, but my technical people have started to have other commitments come up, and such, so I am looking for someone who can step in and take some of the load. no pay, but credit, and food provided, as well as a chance to be on the ground floor of something that could be really good. if interested please send resume, and sample reel to

Contact Details: olin meyers house mates

Seeking 1st AD and On-Set Sound Mixer

(Union & Non-Union)

Seeking dynamite 1st AD and on-set sound mixer/recordist for THE COBBLESTONE CORRIDOR - a modern day tongue-in-cheek film noir piece set at a prep school - shooting in CT for four days in early January. Incredible film students welcome to apply. Please send resume and samples of work to the e-mail address below.
For more from the writer/director, visit and

Contact Details: MainFrame Pictures

Video Producers for

(Union & Non-Union)

Boston Globe Media is looking for a full time video producer with shooting, editing and production skills. This person will be responsible for managing the production of short video stories on-location or in-house. The job requires a self-starter who can manage multiple projects at once in fast-paced newsroom with tight deadlines.
- Pitch, produce, shoot, write and edit a wide range of video reports for
- Pitch to editors and producers potential video story ideas

Contact Details: Website
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(Non-Union Only)

An associate producer is needed to coordinate the resources
for a new film about Cuba. Concentrating on the island's music,
culture and history, the film, exploring an exciting
island of eleven million people, will be geared towards High
school and college audiences.
Th project should provide an adventurous person(s) with a nice dose
of adrenaline to counteract the post Thanksgiving/ pre-Christmas doldrums.
Phone (617 354-2207) evenings is welcomed.

Contact Details: Elmer Hawkes Worlds Together 617 354-2207 Website

Production Designer for Tisch Student Film

(Union & Non-Union)

Hi all,
I'm producing a short film for Tisch, and we're looking for a production designer. Our budget for art is roughly $5,000 with plans to crowdfund more, and we're aiming to shoot mid-March (March 14 to 22nd). We're trying to keep location costs down so that there will be a larger budget for you.

Contact Details: Stephanie Chan Tragikon Productions
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Looking for a cinematographer to collaborate with

(Union & Non-Union)

Hi I’m looking to collaborate with a cinematographer on a short film shoot (One day project). Filming will take place on December 6th in Worcester, MA. It will be an outdoor shoot and filming should take approximately 6-8 hours. I will not be able to pay you for this project but credits will be given and the film will be sent out to film festivals. Also there will be warm drinks and meals provided during the shoot. If you’re interested please contact me with samples of your work.
Thank you

Contact Details: Sam

Crew for Occult Sci-Fi feature "God?"

(Non-Union Only)

Looking for Crew & Production Team members for Occult Sci-Fi feature shooting Fall 2015.
In a futuristic Jewish society pigs are made illegal, but because of a huge black-market trade of pigs, teenagers start drinking pigs blood to get high. They discover that when they drink the blood it breaks down in to psychedelic-delirient drugs in the gut & when they inhale farts from each other, they have out-of-body-experiences.
Please provide an introduction, resume, & portfolio of work. Because of a small staff, I can only reply to prospective crew members.

Contact Details: Luke Jumes The Ebb of the Eternal Eye


(Union & Non-Union)

"U R my daddy" is a dark comedy about a radiologist working at home that finds some fun on a adult chat. He enjoys talking to a "slutty girl" until he has an unpleasant surprise discovering her identity. The concept is to make fun of the fragile line that man create to separate woman that deserve their respect and the "slutty girls" that doesn't.
More information about the director and videoreel on the link below (Leticia De Bortoli):

Contact Details: Marina Pitombeira Website
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(Union & Non-Union)

PINSKY, a film about a female first-generation Russian stand-up comedian in Boston, is looking for an experienced and passionate line producer. The position would start in December. Production starts April 1 and goes for 20 days.
We are looking for someone with the following:
-Boston area native/strong knowledge of the area
-At least one project of experience as line producer
-Experience with LLC/SAG and other paperwork.
-VERY organized and detail oriented.
-Leader-type (type A welcome)
-Passionate about material
-Strong communication skills
-Strong writing skills

Contact Details: Rebecca Karpovsky West End Productions Website
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Sound and Music for 50 minute documentary

(Union & Non-Union)

Need for experienced sound mixer and music supervisor for independent documentary. Film locks Dec 23, would like sound and music completed within a week-10 days after that which means working between Christmas & New Years. If you have experience and are up for the challenge of a time crunch, contact with a cover letter, resume, and link to a reel or demo.

Contact Details: Catherine The Lipedema Project 617-721-9463 Website

The End

(Non-Union Only)

Award winning film team Zone 7 Films currently seeking CREW. Currently non-paid. But will recieve IMDB credit and copy of the final project. Food will be provided. Slated for late january in the NH/Mass area.

Contact Details: Bradley Grenon Zone 7 Films

Seeking a DP for a music documentary to be shot in '15

(Non-Union Only)

Producer with credits on network, cable, and digital outlets is looking for a talented, up-and-coming DP for an independent documentary focusing on the music industry. DP must have some video or film credits.
Ideally this would be a Boston-based DP looking to build their resume and work on a project geared for broadcast or digital distribution. DP must have an artistic eye, take changes with their shots, look for the artful shot not the run-and-gun. Creativity is key, and someone who loves indie projects as much as we do.

Contact Details: Human Resources Studio 16 Productions
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Executive Producer Wanted for Short Film

(Union & Non-Union)

Offering - Investment returns, IMDb credit as Executive Producer, Producing privileges including creative input on the film.
An opportunity to be a part of a short film with award-winning directors and cinematographers and some of the crew from The Incredibles, Pursuit of Happiness, Monsters Inc. and Fast & Furious 6.
Get to work on set with this incredible crew and a talented cast to put together a powerful short film that will be going to festivals and short-distribution sites (which is how we will generate returns & prize money).

Contact Details:
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(Non-Union Only)

PLEASE NOTE - THIS IS CONTRACTED PAID WORK ON COMMISSIONING.- but only for Pilot and Advert- 5 others Episodes are paid on time !
NEW Production Company to be formed 15 minutes South Of Boston.
We are looking create a Brand New Crew from Asstistants to AD/ Camera Ops- Editors For A Brand New Reality TV Concept.
This concept has been put to trial in London UK, and blew up making National headlines But is being launched first In The USA
This concepts throws every other Talent Reality TV show to the back burner as you are taken on a journey through the entertainments world!

Contact Details: Website
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Filming On Cape Cod

(Non-Union Only)

Additional Film Crew Needed Cape Cod/South Shore - Ongoing "Family Friendly" Drama Series
Seeking Film Student, Theater Students, and Individuals Interested In Filming To Volunteer On Set
Crew Needed
• Camera Operator
• Key Grip
• Audio
• PA
• Extras Coordinator
• Wardrobe Assistant
• Makeup and Hair
And More!
Volunteer Project/No Pay/Film Credit

Contact Details:


(Non-Union Only)

Looking for someone in Massachusetts that is interested in working on a short film as an assistant casting director on Tuesday night. You'll help select candidates and you'll receive credit on the film as well as on IMDb. This is a good gig for your resume.
No experience necessary, but please tell us about your experience if applicable.
contact us directly at

Contact Details:

"The Marshall Tapes" - Short Film/Pilot - CREW CALL - AMHERST, MA

(Union & Non-Union)

Counterfeit Cow Productions, LLC is filming a short/pilot, "THE MARSHALL TAPES" in Amherst, MA 11/18 - 11/23.
Looking for PA's, Lighting & Camera assistants, and any other crew local to Amherst/Western Mass.
Please Contact, Hunter @ email link below, with NAME & POSITION TITLE in the Subject line. In the body, please tell us where you are located, and please attach a Resume.
Thank you.

Contact Details: Hunter Counterfeit Cow Productions, LLC Website