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Casting and Talent Openings

Casting Call for Student Capstone Film

(Non-Union Only)

Casting 3 central characters in 10-13 minute student film for Emerson College's BA Film Program Capstone class. Working title as of now. Shooting date options are March 28th + 29th and the weekend of April 4th + 5th (subject to certain changes off cast/crew/locations). Primarily shot in Hopkinton, MA so transportation costs reimbursed. The film centers around JAMES, a handicapped man in a wheelchair who relies on the bus system to get around. He meets SCARLET at the bus stop, but during the same time also gets bullied by GLEN.

Contact Details: Producer: Jessica Fenn Emerson College 508-733-1748
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(Non-Union Only)

Seeking BACKGROUND actors and actresses (ages 18+) for a production on March 15, 2015 in Portland, ME.
This is an exciting shoot to be a part of with a lot of energy and plenty of action sequences.
Submit your HEADSHOT, RESUME, and LINKS to previous works.
****NOTE: Only serious applicants please. This is not an adult film****

Contact Details:

Casting for Lead Roles in Short Film

(Non-Union Only)

Seeking actors for two lead roles in short film (see to learn more about the film).
MEREDITH - 20s to early 30s. She is intense, trying hard to save a broken relationship. Actress must be able to convey inner turmoil. Actress must be okay with smoking (either cigarettes or an herbal, legal equivalent).
JASON - 20s to early 30s. He is repeatedly unfaithful, but still has to come across as sympathetic at times. Actor must be okay appearing in boxers in one scene.
To apply, please send your headshot and resume to

Contact Details: Rebecca RebMadPictures Website
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Casting Call for Futuristic Short Film

(Union & Non-Union)

Searching for actors for a futuristic short film "Cure."
Some centuries in the future, humanity has completely cured death. Brain uploading is common, and there hasn't been a death in over 50 years. A family's beloved patriarch is dying. But, he's a naturalist and refuses to have his memories uploaded. How will his family deal with this uncommon decision? "Cure" seeks to highlight the moral and emotional conflicts that come with technology. How far are we willing to go? How far is too far?

Contact Details: Luiza Justus Boston College (917) 428-9032
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Casting call for male actors

(Union & Non-Union)

A team of Massart film/video students are producing a short psychological thriller, that relies heavily on strong performance. We are in need of professional, well-rounded performers who can bring the vibrant characters of our script to life! Our team is very focused on collaboration and want the actors to have just as much input as the filmmakers.
We are currently searching for our two main male actors. If you are between the ages of 20-30 and have particular skill in dialogue, we would love for you to be apart of this production!

Contact Details:
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Very tall actor/actress needed to double as Jo Strong in "The Lake of Simon" 6 foot 4 and up

(Union & Non-Union)

the Lake of Simon is a feature length movie and has a character who is 6 foot 8; a young and troubled girl named Jo. I need a double to act out some of the physical parts of the film; mostly walking around and looking menacing.
I'll need you to exclusively play her in the film's sequel, years from now, but for now I just need simple stuff. It really depends on if I can find someone or not; this is my fifth time posting this call.
Please check out The Lake of Simon on Facebook for pictures and video. the movie is 90% done already but I really want to try again to find a tall actor.

Contact Details: Neal Desrochers, 22 year old filmmaker at MassArt Website
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CASTING CALL for a short film, ILLUSION

(Union & Non-Union)

Casting call for a student film at Emerson College.
We are looking for two female actors for a short film Illusion.
Illusion is a story about Alex who is having a hard time coming to terms with her sister, Jen's death. On the funeral day, Alex imagines Jen walking into her room and preparing for a long journey. While helping Jen, Alex realizes the true meaning of journey. 
Looking for
Alex- FEMALE (19-22) - Alex is a thoughtful and caring person who would not wear pretty shoes because of her sister who cannot walk.

Contact Details: Emerson College 6177218903
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Casting Call for Short Film-In Her Shadow

(Non-Union Only)

Casting call for a short film about a young woman reconnecting with her estranged brother.
Looking for actress to play Casey, (25).
Casey is a type a, hardworking woman. She is passionate about both her work and family, but this manifests itself into an unhealthy amount of stress on her shoulders.
Auditions will be held March 4th and 5th from 4pm-7pm both days. They will take place in Piano Row at 150 Boylston Street. The room number is 117 on Tuesday and 113 on Wednesday.

Contact Details: Jake Vollmer 203-233-3354 Website
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Seeing actors for voiceover

(Non-Union Only)

I'm getting started in animation. I would like to produce an animated movie; as a proof-of-concept I have some rough art I had an artist create for me. I've set these stills to music and sound effects.
I'd like to get a few actors to do some voiceovers for with the scene. This is a very short scene - 6/7 lines at most.
If I can get the emotion I want with the stills, the next step will be actually animating the scene, and then going forward with the rest of the movie.

Contact Details: Tim Morgan Geek with a Dream Productions Website
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LRCC Student film "The Game" - Actors wanted

(Union & Non-Union)

Previous experience is not required to be considered. Great chance to gain experience and add to your resume. Actors chosen will receive a demo reel. Lunch provided during shooting.
Description: A psychological horror story with a dysfunctional family tradition of rewarding good and bad.
Alan: 17-19, slim to average height and weight. Quiet, unassuming. He undergoes a hard shift in personality.
Alan’s Father: Mid/late 30s, Average height and average/average + weight. Clean-shaven, Tidy, specific kind of character who suffers from deep psychosis.

Contact Details:
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RISD Senior Film, Casting a Baby

(Union & Non-Union)

Filming my senior thesis at the Rhode Island School of Design this Sunday (March 1st) through Thursday (March 5th). Looking to cast a beautiful baby for two scenes! Very small time commitment and great exposure for a budding young model or actor. If interested, please email me with your child's headshot or a recent photo.

Contact Details: Annabeth Faucher

Online Models Wanted-No Experience Necessary

(Union & Non-Union)

I am looking for individuals, couples, male, female, straight or gay who are looking to make money from the privacy of their own home. We need webcam models that are looking to make from $500 to $2,500+ a week.
Benefits/Reasons to be a webcam model -
Top Pay Weekly $$
Ability to block viewers from your area/state (privacy)
Flexible - Work any time (day/night)
Body type/size, age, race, etc is not important.
No in person awkward meeting.
Requirements -
Must be 18+ (will be verified)
HD web cam
High Speed internet
The desire to make money!

Contact Details: Cam Website
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Stray - Emerson College Thesis Film

(Union & Non-Union)

CHARACTERS: (Aged 30-50)
DAVID- Slender, middle aged, and over-tired, David is a man on the brink. Historically kind and reasonable, his failing relationship with his wife has caused his emotions to become volatile and his actions self-destructive. David no longer feels he can trust his spouse, despite still loving her desperately.
JERRY- Jerry is cool and confident. A bit of a womanizer by nature Jerry has remained unmarried, instead preferring the life of the playboy bachelor. As a result, Jerry tends to put his own needs and desires first.

Contact Details: Emerson College 610-310-4142
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Humor Is A Must

(Non-Union Only)

Student film at URI. "Humor Is A Must" is a comedy about what happens when a daughter brings home her boyfriend to meet her parents for the first time and things take an awkward twist.
We're looking for:
Male; early twenties, happy, comical demeanor, must be okay with minimal PDA and a brief kiss scene
Female; early twenties, outgoing, sarcastic, comical demeanor, must be okay with minimal PDA and a brief kiss scene
Female; mid 30's to early 40's, mother character, young at heart, ignorantly happy

Contact Details: Liz Loo and Laura Giarrusso University of Rhode Island Film Department
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Capion studios seeking Asian actress for nationwide commercial

(Non-Union Only)

Capion Studios is seeking an Asian actress between the ages of 33-38 to play a scripted interview role for an upcoming nationwide commercial. Please include headshots and resume for review. Serious inquiries only. New Bedford MA area. Shoot takes place in spring.

Contact Details: Cheryl LaPan Capion Studios

The Diner

(Non-Union Only)

Roles Needed:
2 Males: Aged 50-75, any ethnicity, Diner patrons
1 Female, Aged 18-50, any ethnicity, friendly Diner waitress
Dates: March 7th and 8th - You must be available on all of March 7th and through to Noon of March 8th
- We are looking for personality types, this is the story of friendship and how after the loss of a loved one how important and critical they are in our lives
- Must be available for one long day shoot that's possible overnight
Send those to

Contact Details: Scott Louthan Disconnect Pictures/ Emerson College 503-756-9154 Website
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Actress Needed

(Non-Union Only)

Scene Around Film Company is looking for an actress (late 20s) for a small speaking role in the short "School Reunion" shooting on Friday, March 13th in Hingham, MA - must be available during the day and have your own transportation. Please email headshot and resume and/or links to a clips or reel to

Contact Details: Stasia OBrien Scene Around Film Company Website

CASTING – Writing for Purgatory – Emerson College Student Short

(Union & Non-Union)

If interested, please email:
A struggling young writer is killed suddenly and awakes in purgatory with characters he’s created throughout his life. He is unable to rest until he finishes their stories.
Raymond: A retired sailor who has big heart and is very full of energy. (50+)
Desmond: An angsty fight-the-system teenager who reflects the protagonists early life. (13-16)
Suzy: a young girl growing up in a tough foster house who still has hope that her father will return (6-10)

Contact Details: Lucie McCormick
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Gay/Religious themed Satire Musical-Film

(Non-Union Only)

Be part of this darkly funny gay film! - A Satirical comedy set in the 70's/80's about Billy Bobbyson's dive into
the sinful gay lifestyle- transforming him into Drag Queen; April Raign.
Gregory Fawn- Cute, mid 20's type guy- little chubby and shy persona but filled with hope.
Georgia Peech- Drag queen friend- 60's style high drag.
Izzy Hung- Dominatrix Style Drag Queen.
Flame Gay- Part of the Gay Agenda Society- spooky and evil!
Leather Gay- Also part of the G.A.S That converts those to the gayness.

Contact Details: Jim Baclagon Hysteria Pictures 603-937-7549 Website
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CASTING CALL - "Daughters" - Emerson College Student Short Film

(Union & Non-Union)

Casting for Daughters, a short film that follows the story of a young woman who struggles to write the eulogy for her mother the day of her funeral.
SAG: Paid/Non-union: reimbursed
Auditions will be on March 3 (1-4pm) and March 4th (5-8pm) @ Emerson College
Shoots on March 27th to the 29th
SANDRA (Female, Mid 20s) - Fights personal demons that hinder her from writing her mother's eulogy on the morning of her funeral. Struggles with intimacy and showing affection to her young daughter.

Contact Details: Leonard Alcid 206-910-7094
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Open Call Audition for Women

(Non-Union Only)

The Women Only Project​ is Auditioning Women ages 1 to 101!
Bring your Headshot and Resume! And prepare a 2-3 minute monologue!
MARCH 7, 2015
12Noon - 4pm
at Amherst Media​
246 College Street
Amherst, MA 01002
These are Non-Union and Unpaid - Volunteer Only positions.
The "Women Only Project" was created by Counterfeit Cow Productions, to create equal opportunities for women in the film industry. The WOP, is just that: A film project written by, produced by, filmed by, and performed by ONLY WOMEN.
Filming will take place Mid April.

Contact Details: Women Only Project - Counterfeit Cow Productions, LLC Website
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Extras Needed for Emerson College Independent Student Short Film

(Non-Union Only)

"Free Will," an Emerson College independent student short film, is in need of extras to play bar patrons in a crucial scene.
Shooting will take place Sunday, March 1st from 9am-3:30pm in Boston. Email for further information!

Contact Details: Matthew Ciampa Emerson College 6177178764

Meditative Gangster Film Casting

(Union & Non-Union)

David (early 30s): a methodical accountant who works for a drug organization, but takes pride in what he does. David cares deeply about his wife and daughter, and wants to provide for them at any cost. However, it is also extremely important to him that his family never finds out what he does for a living.
Lindsey (early 30s): David’s wife. Recently, Lindsey has been somewhat suspicious that something is amiss with David.
Hannah (8): David and Lindsey’s daughter.

Contact Details: Jim Lazor
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Emerson MFA short movie project

(Union & Non-Union)

I am currently producing an MFA short movie/dream sequence, that strongly relies on performance! Therefore, we are in need of skillful and dedicated professional,
If you are Caucasian and you can pass for 20-30 year-old man, this is just an opportunity for you!
We are having a casting call this coming Friday:
02/27 from 6:00pm to 9:30pm at 555 Washington street 02114 Boston, MA - Paramount theater building
3rd floor, studio no 5.
The script doesn't have much dialogue lines, so at casting call we will be doing improves.

Contact Details: Ivana Dedic Emerson College 6176972266
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CASTING CALL -- Strawberries -- A Short Film

(Non-Union Only)

A casting call for an short film by Jack Siberine and Steven Arcieri. The casting call will be February 27th and March 2nd. The planned shoot dates are March 21st and 22nd.
For more info, contact Jack Siberine:
We're looking for experienced/dedicated actors: one male and one female, twenties to early thirties. The ethnicity/build of the character is not crucial to the story.

Contact Details: Jack Siberine Disconnect Pictures 973-525-3167
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Vampire Short

(Non-Union Only)

Casting two roles for an untitled Vampire short, which is an allegory on child abandonment and teenage isolation/depression.
Mason was made into a vampire a few years ago but his Maker, Robert, has been absent. Mason has had to make is way alone in the world and is barely getting by. Other than his nightshift job and occasional shabby victim he is isolated from everything. Robert returns only to tell Mason the two will most likely never see each other again. The two have it out, verbally.

Contact Details: Mike
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BU MFA Thesis Film: "Listeners" A Sci-Fi Thriller

(Union & Non-Union)

Auditions: Sat. Feb. 14th & Tues. Feb. 17th
Unpaid: Great catering and reimbursement for costs associated w/ production
Union & Non-union
Shoots: June 7th - 20th
Synopsis: The not too far future: mind-reading devices (Listeners) are
used by the police. When their friend gets brutally arrested for a minor act of vandalism, Amy and Fe decide to send a message to the cops. However, Their ability to “focus” seems to make them immune to mind-reading

Contact Details: Xavery Robin Website
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Casting for "Uplifted"

(Union & Non-Union)

In apocalyptic 2050 AD, a couple haunted by their turbulent past must make life and death decisions for themselves, each other, and their infant child in the face of an unraveling of civilization; coming to grips with what it means to be human, as well as weighing the purpose, if any, of being alive and existing.
Tufts University student web series episode looking to film the weekend of 2/28.

Contact Details:
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I'm Sorry

(Union & Non-Union)

I'm Sorry
log line: Parker wakes up to an unexpected text from his sister after a night of heavy partying. She desperately needs him to pick up her daughter from school, who he hasn’t seen in years.
Parker- Can play in there late 20's, college drop out, that does not have much to look forward to. He’s a low-key drug dealer and makes enough to get by and to party on the weekend. He is not very smart and a little goofy and sarcastic, like Badger from Breaking Bad. He’s a good person, but he hangs out with the wrong crowd.

Contact Details: Kyle Sidlik Housetrip Productions
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Lead Actor WANTED

(Non-Union Only)

Looking for a lead non-union Actor (Caucasian 25-30, good looking) to act in a 5-7 minute long Dramatic short film, a love story narrated by a poem and music. There's no dialog. Need to be available this Friday the 27th, 1030am to 530pm at the Greenwich Hotel & Lounge in East Greenwich RI. This is unpaid but there will be IMDB credit and the film will be submitted to festivals. Please send headshot.

Contact Details: