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Casting and Talent Openings

Casting: Live Kind, Inc.- Anti-Bullying Project

(Union & Non-Union)

Seeking volunteer kids 8-17 to participate in making professional films about bullying.
If you have been bullied, witnessed bullying or have been called a bully, we want to hear your story. Participants will be asked to share their experiences with mean behavior, kindness, empathy, cooperation, aggression, and exclusion on cameral with the guidance of professional filmmakers. Your child's truth spoken from their hearts will help many others in classrooms and youth groups throughout the US. The films will be used as teaching tools for the LiveKind Program.

Contact Details: Jill Jenkins Live Kind, Inc. Website
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Athletic Model and Basketball Athlete Casting Call for CoachUp Photoshoot

(Union & Non-Union)

CoachUp is holding a photoshoot and is looking to cast a number of real basketball athletes. CoachUp is the nation’s number one private coaching company.
The shoot will take place at BU on Wednesday 4/23. All participants must be be available the entire day in order to be cast, however participants will likely only have to report for a ½ day. All participants must be able to transport themselves to the location.
Age: 16-21 years old

Contact Details: CoachUp Website
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Superhero film seeking mobster extras for April 21st in West Medford, MA!

(Union & Non-Union)

Shooting in West Medford, MA!
"Stay With Me" is looking for extras! Extras must be at least 25 and be well-dressed. Looking for men and women.
Scene takes place in a restaurant. The scene features a mob boss and a vigilante having dinner with each other. They are surrounded by mobsters and gangsters also having dinner around them.
Email if interested.

Contact Details: Nicholas Jagelski Emerson College 508 857 7055

Seeking Lead Actress for Horror Movie

(Union & Non-Union)

Moongoyle Entertainment, LLC is an independent motion-picture production and distribution company that creates horror movies for a worldwide audience. We are seeking a leading actress between the ages of 18-25 to star in our next feature-length horror movie that begins filming this summer in Connecticut. The actress must be able to attend an audition on Sunday, May 25 at our studio in Rocky Hill, CT. Interested applicants may submit a headshot and resume to us at To learn more about Moongoyle Entertainment, please visit our website at

Contact Details: Aaron Howell Moongoyle Entertainment LLC Website


(Union & Non-Union)

CASTING NOTICE. . .. for my short film "Unknown". Now accepting head-shots/resumes/demo reels for the following roles:
Christopher Madden-­ Lead-Male
Age:25-­35 Caucasian
Slim­‐Medium Build, Medium-­Long Hair, Scruffy, Powerful Strong Voice
Angela Mortenson-Female
Age: 40/50s
Slim-Medium Build, Long Brown/Blonde hair, Hippie.
Medium-­Bulky Build, Short Buzzed Hair, Harsh Looking Man.
Elderly Woman
Slim-­Thin Build, Short, Gray Wispy Hair.
Old Man
Age: 50-­70s

Contact Details: Eric Trumpold
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(Union & Non-Union)

Project Length: 13-18 minutes
Production Location: Providence, RI and Westport, MA
Director: Tennyson Turner
Audition Location: Providence Public Library Auditorium (150 Empire St. Providence, RI)
Compensation: Copy and Credit
Union & Non-union are welcome to submit
Auditions: April 17-19 & 25-27
Shooting Starts: Early/Mid-May (Exact Dated Based on Talent Availability)
Shooting Ends: Late May/ Early June

Contact Details: Tennyson or Siri Turner Family Productions
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40-65yo M for 16mm BW short

(Union & Non-Union)

Shooting this Saturday 4/19 and Monday 4/21 in Jamaica Plain, MA
"All Hail King Francis" is about a crazy man haunted by only friend, his Teddy Bear.
Simple shoot on 16mm with a small crew and you, you'll be compensated with a full stomach, it should be fun.

Contact Details: Jonathan Tarajano 2253330204

Reality Wanted Casting Calls

(Union & Non-Union)

Looking for soon to be housewives without a soon to be husband, fathers of sperm donor children and Latino families who are the right fit for TV shows in development to air on major cable networks. Also casting crazy talent and families who own a crazy business or are always told they should be on TV.

Contact Details: Reality TV Casting Website

Stay With Me - A Superhero Film

(Union & Non-Union)

Shooting a scene on April 19th (Saturday) from 6pm-12am in the Boston area. Looking for two guys to play punks and one girl to play a victim.
In the scene, three punks are threatening to rob a girl when a masked vigilante comes in to stop them. It's a really scene and it'll be a blast to shoot.
The movie is about a teenage vigilante who finds a part of herself in a child that she rescues from a kidnapping.
Email us at if interested!

Contact Details: Nicholas Jagelski Emerson College 508 857 7055

Casting Female Lead for a Sci-Fi movie @Emerson College

(Union & Non-Union)

Hi there,
We are a group of Emerson grad students who are looking for passionate talents to make a 30 min sci-fi dark comedy movie, named "iDeal Wife." It is a compelling story based on a futuristic product, which is programmed to love and fulfill all kinds of consumers. The story criticizes how the consumer-driven society impacts individuals.
Casting list:
 Virginia: 18-25, blonde, beautiful, elegant, innocent, well-shaped, flawless skin, Sensitive and lovable.
PAY is negotiable

Contact Details: Sylvia Qi Emerson College 617-816-8326 Website
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Seeking Older Male (40s, early 50s) to Act in Student Film

(Union & Non-Union)

Seeking a male in their 40s, early 50s to act in a student film at Fitchburg state. Acting experience is preferred. The crew will pay for gas and other amenities.
The character is referred to as the "Stranger," a mysterious man who carries around a briefcase with him. He is dressed in a professional manner (dress pants, trench coat).
Will most likely be shooting the 24th and 26th.
Please bring a headshot and resume to the audition.
If interested, please contact the email below.

Contact Details:

Need 60+ Actress

(Non-Union Only)

Are you an actress over the age of 60? Would you like to be in a series? Can you do adult comedy? Are you available 4/26 10am in Sandown, NH? If so, email headshot & resume. No pay, but a chance to become pay. Non-union.

Contact Details: shawn allen PARAGODS 978-551-1231 Website

Short Film Casting Call: Nice to meet you, stranger.

(Non-Union Only)

Nice to meet you, stranger is a film about a young pianist who fears performing in front of strangers.
When she meets someone who gives her the encouragement and a way to overcome those fears.

Contact Details: Jenna LaBrecque-
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Casting Call Fitchburg State

(Non-Union Only)

Looking to cast the role of Claire, a Caucasian female about 24 years of age who comes to a crossroads in her life when she discovers she is pregnant and must choose between lovers and continues to fight with her emotions along the way.
If you are interested, please email your resume and headshot to

Contact Details: Director Kyle DeVillafane

VOICE ACTRESS NEEDED (late 30's to 40's

(Non-Union Only)

VOICE ACTRESS needed for a short film from an Emerson Graduate production.
JACKIE: the voice on the other end of the phone is Laila's sister, calling to wish her a Happy 30th Birthday and deliver the news that she is pregnant yet again.
Although, this role is never seen this is a pivotal moment in the story. STRONG acting skills necessary. This is a good opportunity for someone who is building a reel or wants experience with ADR. Must have availability to travel to Emerson College in Downtown Boston. Filmmaker will reimburse for travel or parking.

Contact Details: LCTV
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Casting Call-Auditions begin this weekend

(Union & Non-Union)

Production Title: EGO
Production Type: Short Film
Production Location: Providence, RI & Westport, MA
Director: Tennyson Turner
Producers: Tennyson Turner & Siri Borgen
Audition Location: Providence Public Library
Shoot Location: Providence, RI & Westport, MA
Compensation: Copy and Credit
Auditions: April 17-19 & 25-27
Shooting starts: Early – Mid-May – Exact Dates TBD
Shooting Ends: Late May/Early June
Seeking non-union and/or union actors (those without experience may still apply)

Contact Details: Turner Family Productions
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**CASTING** Fun and experienced group needs Actors for 48 Hr Film Festival

(Union & Non-Union)

Rock Your Head Productions and Fat foots films are working on the 48 HR film project together! It's our first film working together since our made for TV movie "Joy and the Apocalypse".
We are looking for new actors, mixing the new with the old. All ages, shapes, sizes and experiences are encouraged to send their head-shots and demos if available. No head shot or demo? Sorry, you will not be considered. This is a great way to stretch your wings, have fun with the art that you love to create.
Actors must be available the weekend of May 3-4.

Contact Details: Aaron Rock Your Head Productions Website
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Male actor needed 20-30 years old. Schizophrenic role.

(Non-Union Only)

This is a short film about a young schizophrenic man who cannot tell the difference between reality and what's going on inside his mind. He experiences events in his life and is mixed in the two worlds; the real one and the one inside his head. Walker, is a man in his 20's/30's who hears voices inside his head, and sees people and things that are not really there. The film will take the audience through Walker's point of view, as he encounters people and their reactions to him.
Non-union job.

Contact Details: Director: Merina Seidel Emerson College 203-561-3071
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Girls that look good in Yoga pants needed!

(Union & Non-Union)

Amateur and Experienced girls needed!
Looking to expand your portfolio? A local production company is working on pitching a Girls in Yoga pants website to a major industry company.
We are seeking approximately 10 girls to have pictures taken in yoga pants. Pictures are non-nude but suggestive in sexual content.
All girls that are picked for work will have final say on whether faces can be shown and will be paid in professional headshot pictures for their portfolios.

Contact Details: David
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(Union & Non-Union)

We're looking for two talented young female actresses (age 6-9) for our 48 Hour Film.
Shooting will take place on Saturday, May 3rd in Sherborn, MA.
These are key roles so we are really searching for special and unique talents that can carry them. The shoot will be both fun and professional.
If you're unfamiliar with the Boston 48 Hour Film Project, check it out before responding. It's not your average shoot!

Contact Details:

CASTING for 48 Hour Film

(Union & Non-Union)

Casting talented, experienced actors for our 48 Hour Film, which we will be shooting the weekend of May 3-4 in Sherborn, MA. I'm particularly interested in actors with interesting and unique characteristics. SAG preferred.
*Send resumes and links to reels to:
If you're unfamiliar with the Boston 48 Hour Film Project, check it out before responding. It's not your average shoot!

Contact Details:

Actress Needed To Portray Physician for Patient Education Videos

(Union & Non-Union)

We are in need of an actress late 30's or early 40's english speaking with no accent that has experience acting as a medical professional and is able to have a dialogue with medical terminology. There will be three physician / patient dialogues, two to three minutes each. The dialogues are scripted.
Location: Boston, MA
The date of the shoot will be 5/5 OR 5/6 from 5pm to 8pm.
Serious inquiries only.
Send a max 30 second video or link to a video of prior work as a acting as a medical professional to the provided email. If sending a 30 second video include the following:

Contact Details: George
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David Brown - lost your email and we would really like you back for more Hero voice acting

(Union & Non-Union)

Hi. For this particular post we are really only looking to hear from one man, our Hero, David Brown. So if you are he, here's an update, OTW is coming along smoothly, we have an animator and we've already finished the first episode with a light score and even an intro. We're currently casting for new voices for the other characters, but we want to keep you as Hero. If you're around, email me and lets restart.
Austyn S.

Contact Details: Austyn S. Shut Up Systems Website

Punk band or horrorcore Rap artist for Rock Opera - Or anyone with an awesome singing voice

(Union & Non-Union)

Where ever you are and however you sing, we want to hear you. is in the process of making several projects for the hell of it, and today we're looking to get our songs started. We have several lyrics for you to pick through, but we have no issues collaborating.
The raps will be used in an episode of an anime (in the future once we have funding) while the punk songs will be used in another animated series, possibly anime, probably more cartoony (and also in the future)

Contact Details: Austyn S. Shutupsystems Website
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Talent for a TV show

(Non-Union Only)

Are you interested in being on the show?
If you're a singer/actress/model/writer/filmmaker/poet/dancer/etc and would like to be apart of a show where you can showcase your talent on a CT TV show, then New England Artists is the show for you.
This unconventional artists TV show is based out of CT.
FInd the show on Facebook: NEA

Contact Details: Ali Robins New England Artists

Horror Feature Filming later in 2014

(Union & Non-Union)

Looking for male and female leads for a feature length horror movie filming later in 2014 or early 2015. Please send headshot/resume for early consideration. A Casting call will also be held this summer with the directors and producers. Please send your information to...

Contact Details:

Seeking Actress, 18-30, for Short Film Noir

(Union & Non-Union)

Seeking an actress, 18-30, to portray the object of a crush that may be malevolent or may be benign in a short film called RISK. The tone shifts from film noir to romantic comedy, and the actress will need to portray apprehension, confidence, and a playful seductive charm.

Contact Details: Mark Dellelo Website
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Casting Call for a Sci-fi short @Emerson College

(Union & Non-Union)

Hi there,
We are a group of Emerson grad students who are looking for passionate talents to make a 30 min sci-fi dark comedy movie, named "iDeal Wife." It is a compelling story based on a futuristic product, which is programmed to love and fulfill all kinds of male consumers. The story criticizes how the consumer-driven society impacts individuals.
Virginia: 18-25, blonde, pretty, elegant, well-shaped, desirable.
PAY is negotiable
If you would like to get more information about our project, go explore our website and Facebook page:

Contact Details: Sylvia Qi Emerson College 617-816-8326 Website
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Searching for cast for short film "Goodbye Marissa Whitlesby".

(Non-Union Only)

Searching for cast for short film "Goodbye Marissa Whitlesby". The story follows Marissa as she says goodbye to her family and friends before traveling for treatment for serious medical condition.
Female - 25-35 years old
Female - 25-35 years old
All ages

Contact Details: Omar J. Cruz Rubio 787-960-6833

Actors for boston 48hr film festival

(Non-Union Only)

We are Looking for actors (male and female) for Boston 48hr film fest. If you are interested in participating then please send me an your photo/reel/resume at
Thanks Jas

Contact Details: Jas 4083682335