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Local Film Tweets

Casting and Talent Openings

Caucasian and Asian Actors (ages 35-40) for Web Commercials, Pay $150.

(Non-Union Only)

Hi Everyone!
We have a client producing four web commercials. They are looking for non-union actors, male and female (look ages 35-40), who will portray the following roles:
Portray Married Couples
Husbands: Caucasian
Wives: Caucasian or Asian
This production is to promote a lingerie brand. The videos will be tastefully done.
Pay $150 per talent.
Appx 1/2 day.
Shoot Location & Day: TBD.
Detailed info will be provided accordingly.
Please send info, head-shot and full body shot.

Contact Details: Leo abmg Website

Male actor needed for short horror film

(Non-Union Only)

Student film is casting a male actor for short horror film "Maldictus", a script written for Scripting class. The story deals with a 13 year old boy who grows up with strict and religious parents that don't let him enjoy the fun things in life, even video games. One day he decides to deify them and buys a video game from a yard sale but ends up buying his way into a deep, dark family secret.
Looking to cast Henry, mid to late 30s, caucasian. Very strict and religous father of the main character.
Recent photo or headshot.

Contact Details: Dan ParaAct Entertianment Website

Short film "PhotograKILL" Casting Call

(Non-Union Only)

PhotograKILL, is short drama/thriller film about an amateur photographer TURNER who was experimenting photography and practicing the art of truly capturing a photo. When he is then approached by a stunning model actress AUBREY. First impression of AUBREY, she's nice, beautiful, has this innocent angelic glow to her. Haunted by past events and experiences, AUBREY feels cheated and use and blames people she has encountered along her journey for her failure to not be this big star. AUBREY is out for revenge for people who share the same traits as the ones who has cheated her.

Contact Details: Please submit a 1-2 minute video audition to the email provided below. On subject line write PhotograKILL Casting. AJV FILMS
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Call For Extras! Student Produced Short Film in Providence, RI

(Union & Non-Union)

Title: What It Is, What It Is
Synopsis: 1978: a young woman is encouraged by her best friend to seduce her office crush at their company's Christmas party.
Casting: All Ages and Types
Fill out the form below to sign up for a time slot (or several):
Please fill it out by FRIDAY OCTOBER 31ST at 6PM!!
Some songs, to get you in the mood:

Contact Details: Angela Guo

Looking for actress to play newscaster (late 20s-early 40s)

(Non-Union Only)

Casting for small role in a short film. Looking for a woman to play a newscaster. Any ethnicity and between the ages of 25-45. Planning on shooting in the next two weeks in Somerville, MA. Small stipend. If interested please send head shots and resume. Thanks!

Contact Details: Anastasia Website

Experienced Actor Needed for Dedham Health Back Pain Commercial

(Non-Union Only)

Looking for a male actor for a commercial on back pain for Dedham Health & Athletic Complex.
Age Range: 40-50
Average Build
Will shoot for ONE day (Monday thru Friday) next week in the Dedham, MA area for roughly 6 hours.
This is a paid job.
Please send a headshot and resume to

Contact Details:

Need male actor (age: 35-45) for short thriller film, "Cold"

(Non-Union Only)

Looking for 35-45 year old actor to play the part of Ross in an upcoming short thriller film, "Cold" to be filmed in Boston over a few weekend days at the end of 2014 and early 2015.
The character of Ross is described as "gentle, sensitive, and self-assured." The director is also interested in actors who are about the same height as our lead actress, so 5'5 -5'8 is ideal.
If interested, please send a resume, headshot, demo reel (or Youtube/Vimeo links of films you've been in) and write "COLD Audition" in the subject heading of your email.

Contact Details: Jenn

Casting Wrestlers For Web Series

(Union & Non-Union)

Digital Enterprise is looking for young, fit wrestlers for a multi episode web series featuring strong wrestling action. Please respond with a recent photo. Films will be distributed through

Contact Details: Alex Pucci Digital Enterprise 617-905-5085

Actress with Babysitting Experience

(Non-Union Only)

Seeking an actress (age range: 15-18) to play a babysitter in an upcoming educational video. Past babysitting experience a plus!
Please submit headshot/resume and we'll contact you if you fit the role.
Thank you!

Contact Details:

Actor, male, mid-30s Union/Non-Union

(Union & Non-Union)

"Ignis Fatuus" is a short film about a woman who is raped by her boyfriend as she's trying to break up with him, her confusion over how to deal with it and two men who can't conceive of unrequited feelings.
We're looking for someone for the role of Abe. Auditions will be Thursday, Nov 6, 7:30pm -10pm, in 15 minute slots.
Abe: Male, mid 30s. Abe is soft-spoken and insecure. He feels unfulfilled by his circumstances he's ended in, but still enjoys the company of his close friends.

Contact Details: Gloria Clark Dream A Little Dream Productions Website
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(Union & Non-Union)

This is a casting call for the final films of a Digital Production class at Boston University. We will be holding auditions on Thursday, November 6, 2014 from 6-9PM in room 317 of 640 Commonwealth Avenue. We are casting for three separate films: a coming of age film about girl gangs, a horror film about who one can and cannot trust, and a 1950s film about ambition in the music industry. All films are under 10 minutes. We are looking for actors female aged 15-35, male aged 18-35) If you have any questions feel free to contact Annie Jaffe.

Contact Details: Annie Jaffe

Extras Needed for Corporate Video Shooting Nov 6, 7, 10, 12

(Non-Union Only)

EXTRAS NEEDED for corporate video shoot on November 6, 7, 10 and 12. RATE: $100./day. Shooting approx. 8:00am-6:00pm, possibly less. Extras will be playing customers at a Citizen's Bank. Approx 10 people will be cast.
SHOOT LOCATION: Citizen's Bank Branch, Legacy Place, Dedham MA
Ages: 25 to 45
Gender: Male and Female
Ethnicity: Any race/ethnicity
Body Type: Average build, height and weight
WARDROBE NEEDED: Street cloths appropriate for the weather.

Contact Details: Maria Della Croce, Producer Blue Wave Marketing Website
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Casting for older males, 50's, 60's. Senior Thesis Film

(Union & Non-Union)

Looking for older males (50's, 60's) to be casted for roles in a student film. It is a MassArt, senior thesis film about an invisible man. Please send head shots and resume with response to ad. Casting will be held at MassArt, 621 Huntington Ave on Monday, November 3rd. (11/3)

Contact Details: Michael Williams MassArt 774-249-5094

Casting call for the SMFA Directing and Acting class.

(Union & Non-Union)

We are seeking talent for a series of short films directed by the students of the Directing and Acting course at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. We are casting for ten different one-scene films. Roles vary wildly, so all are welcome to try out for this fantastic acting opportunity! Auditions will be held 7:30-9pm on Monday, November, 3rd, 2014 at the SMFA (230 Fenway, Boston, MA) in room B113. Check in at the guard’s desk and we will escort you to the room. Please come prepared with a monologue, song, or prepared scene of your choice and a copy of your headshot/resume.

Contact Details: Greg Mahoney
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Looking for MALE or FEMALE ACTOR 30-50 for Student Film

(Union & Non-Union)

We are looking for male or female actors to portray a news anchor and a guest who will debate in a short sketch that is part of a larger narrative. The film is a dark comedy about television programming in a post apocalyptic world. The news anchor is characterized as a traditionalist and old-fashioned. The special guest is more of a radical or progressive.
Auditions will be held Tuesday, October 28.
Improvisational and ad lib skill is strongly encouraged.
Please provide an acting reel and resume.

Contact Details: Chris Cruz

Casting Call for Series in Boston

(Union & Non-Union)

Indian Male (20s-40yrs)- A gun man who has ties to a family of criminals back in India comes to America to seek revenge.
Dale (30s-40s)- A information specialist for covert opt. He is hardly ever seen, but he is heard. He proves to be a major asset to the team, by dropping off critical information personally, but manages not to be seen.
Merrick (30s-40s)- A rouge agent who has an animosity towards Hawk (lead character) and stocks him in order to eliminate him as a threat. Must look rugged and tough, must be physically fit or fit enough to pass off for a rouge agent.

Contact Details:
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Corporate Video, Male & Female (age 40s and above) All Nationalities, Pay $150

(Non-Union Only)

We have a client producing a corporate video and they are looking for a male and female (all nationalities) who look like corporate executives, age 40s and above.
The video will be in English, but talent must have a natural foreign accent, of any origin.
Pay: $150. Appx. four lines of dialogue.
Shoot Day: TBD either
Thursday, November 6th or
Friday, November 7th.
This will be during the day.
Please send info and photo soon...

Contact Details: Leo Anthony abmg Website


(Union & Non-Union)

SEEKING TALENT AND CREW FOR SHOOT ON SATURDAY NOVEMBER 1ST FROM 2-6 in Everett. Need Back up -Actor to play drug dealer-20's thin, will be cast as extra regardless. Need Back up for Party Girl with a couple lines. Need 5 or 10 extra's women and men 20's and 30's for Party Scene. Also need Camera Operator/Production Assistant. Contact Scott

Contact Details:

Fitchburg State Casting Call- Actor and Actress Needed

(Non-Union Only)

Attention Actors:
Fitchburg State student film looking for:
MALE 18-25. Strong. Can drive a car.
FEMALE 18-25. Short to medium height. Good penmanship is a plus.

Contact Details: Jose Negron Fitchburg State University
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White Male Actor Needed, Age 35-55; Student Film Production; Boston, MA

(Union & Non-Union)

I am in need of an actor for an upcoming student film project on the coming weekend of November 1st and 2nd. Looking for a white male actor between the ages of 35-55 (must look at least decently middle-aged.)
The project is an MOS short film that will be shot on 16mm film stock. Because of this, there is no dialogue and the piece relies heavily on the actor's physical acting ability. The role is of a struggling alcoholic, so dramatic acting is needed. Being able to cry is a huge plus.

Contact Details: Austin Giroux; 860-805-8748;
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Speakeasy Looking for Actors to play (Alice) and (Extras with small speaking roles)

(Non-Union Only)

A Keene State College student film "Speakeasy",
ALICE- A White 16 year old female, brown hair. A protective older sister.
We will also need extras for bar scenes.
If you're interested in this role or being an extra, please contact us to confirm date and location. Please include a headshot or recent picture.
Auditions will be held in Manchester, NH 11/7 from 2-5, and Keene State College, NH 11/8.
from 4-8
For more information about our film check out our Facebook Page!

Contact Details: Joe Fusco Montgomery White Productions

actors for redline blues

(Union & Non-Union)

25 year old Boston raised Julius Crown has been struggling and surviving for while now barely making rent, loss his girl,never has money and just the worst of luck. but has a great crew to keep him from falling in the blues. Julius pursues through many laughs and pains through the show but somehow always ends up on the redline heading home.
Hello my name is Bryan Stewart, im.a film student at the new England art institute. Me and a few of my friends are looking for a few actors for are youtube show

Contact Details: Bryan Stewart stewpendus films 2533533177 Website
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Still Need Actors & Actresses for Live Show

(Union & Non-Union)

We are still looking for actors and actresses for a one time live show. It's a mixture of comedic and musical acts. Holding auditions on Sunday November 9th in Brookline. We're looking for actors that are in their 30s-50s (business types) and actresses in their 20s-50s. It's an interactive show so we need people that are good at improv and working with the audience. Please email me for more information.

Contact Details: Amber

Looking for FEMALE ACTOR, early 30's, dark hair, Professional Looking. KICKSTARTER STUDENT FILM (PONTENTIAL PAY AFTER FUNDING)

(Union & Non-Union)

Audition Details: 11/2/14 12pm - 6pm
621 Huntington Ave (Massachusetts College of Art and Design)
Room 703
Shoot Date: 11/8/14 Haverhill, MA
Contact: Nick Valaskatgis
My Reel:
age: Early 30’s
sex: Female
physical description: Slender, Brunette, Professional looking

Contact Details:
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(Union & Non-Union)

Audition Details: 11/2/14 12pm - 6pm
621 Huntington Ave (Massachusetts College of Art and Design)
Room 703
Shoot Date: 11/8/14 Haverhill, MA
Contact: Nick Valaskatgis
My Reel:
name: ARTHUR
age: 55-60
sex: Male
eyes: Blue (exceptions can be made!)
physical description: Average build, White, Dark hair, Scruffy 5 o'clock shadow.

Contact Details: Nick Valaskatgis Website
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Male & Female lead, 18 - 29, Needed for Promo Video this coming week

(Union & Non-Union)

A couple is forced to live in different cities and connects via new technology.
Shooting one day this coming week - Tuesday 28th, Wednesday 29th, or Thursday 30th dependent on weather.
Shoot will take place from 2:30p - 10:30p. Limited compensation (gas reimbursement, meals, credit & $50 stipend)

Contact Details: Mike Headtalk Inc

*SEEKING MALE ACTOR* For a short Drama/Thriller "Dismember|Remember"

(Non-Union Only)

I am seeking a WHITE MALE actor who looks the age of 40-45 years old. Auditions for this part are actually tomorrow Saturday October 25th. If you are able to make it see information below. I also will accept video auditions. If you have any questions please contact me.
Where: 255 Grapevine Road Wenham Ma, 01984 (Gordon College)
When: 10/25/14 from 9am-3pm in the Jenks Library Building in room 226 located in the rear of the campus (signs will be posted)

Contact Details: Josh Leathe Gordon College

Seeking actors for Doritos commerical

(Non-Union Only)

Seeking 1 male and 1 female actor for an 1 evening shoot Tuesday, October 28 at 6:30pm in Thomaston, CT for the Crash the Superbowl Doritos commercial competition.
Male actor: Caucasian, 20 - 29 years of age, slim to muscular build, any height, speaking role
Female actor: Caucasian, 20 - 29 years of age, any body type, any height, non speaking role
No pay but credit and possible worldwide exposure
The shoot is estimated to be no longer than 2 hours. It may be extended a little.
Send headshot, resume, reel to be considered
Put "Doritos" in the subject line.

Contact Details: Rashad Frett

Casting Call for Short Thesis Film -- Seeking A Father & A Son (ages 65-75 and 40-50) Lead Roles -- Auditions on: 11/8 & 11/9

(Union & Non-Union)

Fade is a short film about an elderly man with Alzheimer's who must come to terms with the loss of his most precious memories. This film is being completed as a MFA thesis project at Emerson College.
Matthew, 70, is in the early stages of Alzheimers disease and is fully aware of the fact that he is losing more and more of his memories everyday. He is scared and confused and feels helpless. He has a son and a daughter but he lives alone.

Contact Details: Frank Horton D.B. Caulfield Productions
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(Non-Union Only)

There are positions for 3 teen girls main roles, 3 teen girls supporting roles, 2 teen boys main roles and 2 teen boys supporting roles.
For details email
Send head shots and resumes if interested

Contact Details: Marielle Bosco NewTv Website