Nomads: Seeking 2 Roles for URI Short Film

Posted in Volunteer Casting Calls by Justin Evers on 03/20/2017 |

Nomads follows six twenty-something friends as they try to survive day to day living a homeless, nomadic lifestyle. After a member of their group steals their hard earned money to buy drugs, they exile him, soon after he commits suicide. Fearing prosecution, they bury the body and set off to find his childhood home in order to notify his family of his death.

Coyote is a struggling drug addict, he is going through withdrawal symptoms at the beginning of the film and eventually overdoses, before committing suicide in the film. Actor should be willing to come to set looking dirty, and have clothing they are willing to have ripped and dirty is preferred.

River is full of energy, hyperactive, and an overall upbeat character. Actor should also be willing to come to set looking dirty and having clothing they are willing to be ripped and dirty.

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Student Film
Rhode Island
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