Chance - ***Actors Needed for Student Production***

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Written and Directed by Chris Mattioli, Produced by Kristy Evron

Stuck in a distraught mental state following the death of his fiancé, to what lengths is a man willing to go to obtain necessary closure.

Aiming to shoot April 8th & 9th.

To schedule and audition contact Kristy @ with a headshot, resumè, and specific times that you will be available. Auditions will take place at the University of Rhode Island’s Kingston Campus but if need be, auditions can also be held online via Skype or other services.


Hagan - Male, early 20’s - The lead of the film. He is an ex-army member with very strict values. He will stop at nothing in an attempt to save his fiancé. Well dressed.

Kate - Female, early 20’s - Hagan’s fiancé. She is a wealthy woman dressed in ornate clothing. She is kidnapped forcing Hagan to aid her rescue.

Echo - Male, early 20s, The kidnapper of Kate. Only concerned with making money. Dresses in all black.

Sylus - Male, computer genius charged with locating and finding Echo.
$25-100 / day : time dependent
Student Film
University of Rhode Island Film Media
Rhode Island
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