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The film is a non-linear narrative short film with multiple storylines. Eight characters within four independent stories take us on a journey that explores the ambiguity of life, the value of single moment, and the tragedy of the truth that every meeting leads to a parting.
Basically, the story follows the experiences of eight characters over the time of a day.
Alex is a man who fears to say goodbye, so he is the only one knows that the visit he is currently taking is a farewell.
On his way to the visit, he encounters a boy, Fifer, who is saying goodbye to the present.
Ben resents his girlfriend, Cate, for her childish behavior that delays their time-sensitive trip. Diane is a chronophobic girl who can’t cope with time.
An elder couple, Eileen and George, wait for the beautiful sunset scenery. But it turns out to be a downpour.
Ostensibly, each of the storyline is unrelated and randomly structured by multiple-focus narrative. A cue exposes the vague relationships among these quirky characters from the beginning to the end. They all express or imply “It’s nice being in the present”, which means they all value the moment and wish to retain the moment. The shared characteristic weaves narratively unrelated characters into a tapestry that establishes the sensation of the film scene by scene.
My expectation is that this work will evoke viewers to be aware of the moment, more specifically, to sense the fact that the separation is unstoppable, happening on every clock tick. This project is a memento for myself, but is not exclusive for me. I think it has a universal value to people as long as you’ve ever felt sorrow over the passing moments of life.
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