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Casting main characters for the short film, "Settle For A Cubicle" A story of three people with fleeting dreams of success go through the four stages of grief, accepting their lives will never amount to more than being simple office workers.

We are casting three main characters and several supporting characters. Auditions are March 24th starting at 4pm-7pm and the shoot will take place April 28th-April 30th. Please send a resume and picture to be considered. No Pay but will receive credit. SEND RESUME AND HEADSHOT TO AREARDON@THEFILMSTANDARDS.COM TO BE CONSIDERED. IF YOU ARE CHOSEN TO AUDITION, THE LOCATION WILL BE EMAILED TO YOU.


Everly: Female, Early 20's, She is a young, carefree women with dreams of stardom. She came to work there in order to pay the bills, just until she made it big in show business.

August: Can be played by Male or Female, Early 30s. Good looking but time has dulled the shine in their eye and left crows feet in its place. Has become comfortable in a boring routine.

Harry, Male, Early 60's: Elderly Accountant with polite and a tired demeanor.

Male/Female: 20s-50s, background talent that will be office workers. There are speaking roles.

: 9783803412
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  • Under 18
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