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AUDITION DATE AND LOCATION: Thursday, March 16 from 2:30-5:15pm (Contact producer to set up alternate date). Location TBD; somewhere on Commonwealth Ave on Boston University campus

SHOOTING DATES AND LOCATION: One day on the weekend of April 7-9; April 15-16. Location TBD but in the Boston area (Allston and Kenmore/Fenway area)

SYNOPSIS: Based on the short story Hungry Daughters of Starving Mothers, this film is about Jenny, a woman who needs to kill and eat people’s thoughts to survive – a modern take on a vampire story. After becoming ill by eating toxic supply, Jenny has to decide whether or not she should kill her roommate, Aiko, who she’s been in love with for years. Drama and light horror, combination live action and animation.

Jenny, Female, Age 20-25, East or S.E. Asian
Jenny has the ability to see other people’s thoughts and has been surviving her whole life by killing strangers to eat their thoughts. She is roommates with Aiko, whom she’s been in love with for years. Jenny is cold and clinical in her dealings with her victims, whom she sources from Tinder.

Aiko, Female, Age 20-25, East Asian
Aiko is Jenny’s longtime roommate and love interest who has no idea about Jenny’s ability to see thoughts. She works as a caterer, which leads to her run in with Sacha. Aiko is sweetly oblivious to Jenny’s sexuality and her abilities, and her relationship with Jenny is ambiguous: she is her best friend, but borderline romantically interested.

ADDITIONAL DETAILS: This film deals with sexual themes and has multiple kissing scenes (no sex scenes, however), so being comfortable with intimacy is a must for the main actors.

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Student Film
Hungry Daughters (to be changed)
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