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About the film:
Buttons is a short film about Yuliana who, upon being fired from yet another job, attempts to overcome her phobia of clothing buttons by creating a fashion line in time for the world-renowned Medford Fashion Week. The film is about the internal experience of and social reaction to abnormal behavior. In genre, the film is a coming-of-age comedy-drama.
The film will play around with continuity and improvisation as it has a more point-of-view narrative perspective. Since this film is focused on trying new things, there will be more focus on fluidity and experimentation of acting, framing, sequencing, etc. The script will be a loose guide-- If there is a better way to do that than what is written in the script, we want to hear it!

About the role:
Yuliana has struggled with a phobia of clothing buttons since her childhood, which has led her a relatively isolated and unstable life. After being fired from her last job, she decides that she needs overcome her phobia head-on and decides to develop a fashion line to do so. She is peculiar both in personality and in style. Think Iris Apfel (best seen in the documentary IRIS).
Age: 30s-60s
Gender: Female
Mental health status: Preference given for those who have had a lived experience with phobia or other mental illness .
Identity status: Preference given to those of marginalized identity.
Schedule: Filming will take place on weekends during the first half of April. Exact schedule TBA. Yuliana is present during most scenes of the film and so will have the most screen-time but also the most time needed on set.

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