Casting for MFA Short "Speed Queen"

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The year is in 1998. In a high school dance, Katherine, a girl in a wheelchair, tries to face her fears and ask her crush Owen for a dance despite her feelings of insecurity and low self-esteem. Owen tries to dance with her at first, but after tripping on her wheelchair, he is teased by his friend and abandons Kathryn. Frustrated and embarrassed, Katherine wheels out of the dance floor into a skate park, where she sees a group of skaters practicing. Jack, one of the skaters who saw Kathryn inside the dance, follows her into the skate park. Admiring her braveness on the dance floor, Jack invites her to try a small skate ramp. Kathryn then tries to challenge herself again by going off a ramp with the help of Jack. She fails at first, but finally succeeds. She begins to see her wheelchair as an extension of herself. She becomes confident and decides to just be herself. Kathryn wheels round and round in circles to celebrate and Jack joins in. The two roll around in a beautiful harmony, just like they are dancing.
$50 per shoot day, plus food, travel, and copy of film provided.
Student Film
Speed Queen
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