CASTING: Anna May Wong - The Actress Who Died a Thousand Deaths

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Production Name: Anna May Wong - The Actress Who Died a Thousand Deaths
Location: Balch Arena Theater, Tufts University
Performance/Shooting Dates: April 26th-28th., 2017

An interpretation of the life and works of Anna May Wong, the first Asian American actress to make it in Hollywood and internationally during the 1920s/30s. The story begins with her return from her trip to China, realizing that she is neither “Chinese nor American enough,” and sick of playing the stereotypical roles Hollywood has to offer her. As she drinks herself into a stupor, her mind/dream brings her back to re-imagine her time filming Daughter of the Dragon, as she grapples with her identity and her life’s trajectory. The format of the show will be a “live cinema performance”, in which content is filmed live and is projected onstage as part of the performance. This is a stage and film production fusion; there will be a live performance that will be recorded.

Casting for:
Anna May Wong (older) - East Asian. Female, 30-40 yrs old. In deep reflection about her career trajectory and her own identity. Has a drinking problem, but is determined to keep working and is dedicated to her craft.

Wong Sam Sing - East Asian. Male, 45yrs old and up. Anna May Wong's father; a traditional Chinese patriarch who does not like Anna's choice of profession, but ultimately is still proud of her.

Warner Oland ("Fu Manchu) - White. Male, 40yrs old and up. An actor known for playing Asian characters despite being white. Stars in many movies with Anna May Wong, has played her husband/brother/romantic interest.

Eric Maschwitz - White. Male, in his 30s. A renowned British writer and broadcaster, Anna May Wong's former lover. Wrote “These Foolish Things (Remind me of you)”, with Wong in mind.

Audition Information:
Auditions will be held between Thursday March 9th and Tuesday March 14th. Please email to schedule an audition slot. Feel free to email with any questi

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