Casting for short film, "The Resident"

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Location: Somerville, MA
Tufts University Student Production
Casting for short film, "The Resident", thriller

Film Description: When a new tenant learns the ill-fortuned fate of those who lived in the room before him, he discovers that escaping the room's strange influence proves anything but an easy task.

Actors with be provided with food and drink on set as well as a copy of footage for reels.

If interested in an audition, please send a headshot, resumé (not required), and reel if you have it to . Please indicate which role(s) you are interested in auditioning for. Auditions will be held the weekend of March 10-12. Sides and details about audition times and locations will be sent by email after expressed interest. Tentatively looking to shoot on weekends in March or early April but will be decided based on actors' availability.

Character Bios:

Lead, Male Age: 20-30
The protagonist of the film, Sam is a young professional, in his early to mid twenties. He has just moved into a new room in an apartment building. As strange occurrences keep happening in the room, Sam's mental state slowly begins to deteriorate. Ability to grow facial hair is recommended but not required.

Supporting, Male Age 40+
Sam's friendly but somewhat mysterious landlord. He helps Sam move in and eventually investigate the room, but may be withholding important information from him.

Supporting, Female Age 20-30
Sam's next door neighbor. She is a little older than Sam, and has lived in the building for much longer than he has. She is unfriendly, curt, and inhospitable towards Sam at first, but eventually helps him to figure out the mystery of the room.

Supporting, Male Age 25-35
A young man, around age 30 who was a prior resident of Sam's room. He is a minor character with a minimal speaking role.
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