KIDS/TEENS/ADULTS CASTING CALL- For Emerson BFA film Where the Fault Lies

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Casting Call Dates:
- Wed March 1st: 3pm - 6pm
- Fri March 3rd: 12pm - 4pm

Shooting Dates:
- April 14 - 16
- April 21 - 23
- April 28 - 30

A 2nd-degree murder trial tells story of a troubled young man named Ryder, and all of the influences that affect his path to prison. The defense pushes the argument that circumstances, rather than bad intentions, played a significant role in influencing Ryder's decisions.

Kid Roles:
-Child Ryder: White, 8 year old version of the above. No lines. 1 scene.

Teen Roles:
-Ryder: White, Protagonist, 18y/o. A reserved, curious teen who faces confrontation from the unapproving father of his girlfriend. His occasional temper is rooted in his childhood, but he must move past it to improve his relationships. Dating Quinn.
-Quinn: White, 18y/o. Quinn is a strong, self-aware teen who is unsure of how to feel when her boyfriend (Ryder) and father begin to fight.
-Caleb: Any race, 18y/o, Ryder's edgy friend who is looking to get promoted.

Adult Roles:
-Ryder's Mother: white, 40's, hard working single mother.
-Ryder's Father: white, 40's, jerk. Kicked out of house long ago by Ryder's Mother. Still pokes his nose in places it doesn't belong.
-Debra: white, 40's, Quinn's Mother. Soft spoken, lady-like but has her bold moments.
-Richard: 40's, white, Quinn's Father. No-nonsense, yet often drunk man who is behind on the times and constantly finding himself in confrontation with Ryder.
-Defense Attorney: Any race, Defending Ryder. Thematic drive for story, compelling, charming.
-State's Attorney: Any race, Opposition to Ryder's case. Older, less charming.
-Judge: Any race, at least 40's, female, powerful voice.
-Officer: Any race, male, 20's.

+ Extras (Jury)!
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Student Film
Where the Fault Lies
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