Casting for "Lillian" Short Film

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Lillian is a short film based on a true story, set in the 1960's. It follows the days of a woman who's childhood tragedy greatly affects her adulthood and the entirety of her family. The mentally disturbed mother of the household, Lillian puts her all too understanding husband Bertrand and her innocent children through many hardships as they try and deal with her continuously deteriorating state and growing alcoholism.

Will be shooting in late mid to late April. Unpaid, but will provide a copy of the film for reel and reimbursement for travel.

Casting Information: Submit & contact with headshots, reel or video monologue and headshots for casting call dates.

Character Breakdowns:

Bertrand (Lillian's Husband): To portray 30-40. Bertrand is an incredible father who will do anything to try and shelter his children from his wife's faults. At the same time he has an unconditional love for his wife and tries to conceal his disappointment at what his wife has become.

Patty (Lillian's Oldest Daughter): To portray 13. Patty, socially awkward and constantly emotional, clearly effected by her mothers condition is the family victim. A lot of her mothers wrongdoings land on her.

Mary (Lillian's Younger Daughter): To portray 8. Mary keeps to herself and tries to stay out of Lillian's path. She is still somewhat pure due to her innocence and lack of full understanding of her mothers condition.

: 401-440-0707
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  • 31-35
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