The Application

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Casting for “The Application,” a short film about a young boy who has never known the joys of having a grandparent. Liam works hard to find someone suitable for the position of his adopted grandparent by creating an application. His creativity helps him develop an unexpected bond with a man in a nearby nursing home.

Tufts University Film & Media Studies Student Production
- Casting Call- March 3rd beginning at 3pm by appointment

- Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations - March 25 & 26 and April 1 & 2 (subject to change based on actors schedules)

- Compensation & Union Contract Details - Accepting union and non-union. The cast will be provided with snacks and will receive credit for their contributions and a copy of the work.

Lead, Male, 8-14
Liam is a young boy in search of a grandparent. He is creative and witty. He loves to talk and is very energetic. After grandparent’s day at school, Liam decides he needs a grandparent too. He goes on a quest to make it happen.

Lead, Male, 60+
Henry is an older man and a resident of a nursing home. His wife has recently passed away. He’s happy enough with the life he’s lived, so he is more reserved to his thoughts. He meets Liam, a young boy seeking a grandparent, and decides to apply to the position. He and Liam connect based on their mutual desire for a new friend.

Supporting, Male & Female, 25 - 50
This nurse, working at the nursing home, interacts with Liam, the young boy searching for a grandfather.

Teresa (Mother)
Supporting, Female, 30 - 45
This is Liam’s mother who returns home from work and engages in a conversation with her son.
Nursing Home Residents

Supporting, 60 +
These characters will be in the background of scenes in the nursing home. Some may include lines.

Voice Actor, Male & Female, 20 - 70
The voice of a elementary school teacher.

Students, 8-15
Voices of elementary school students.
Under 18
Student Film
Tufts University Film & Media
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