Working With Dummies?

Posted in Seeking Partners by Kevin and friends on 02/20/2017 |

Seeking creative people to work with my dummies. I am a musical ventriloquist and children's entertainer. Your suggestions for partnerships and projects would be sincerely appreciated. Valentine's Day has passed but we thought you might enjoy our Valentine's Day fifty-second iPhone/iMovie YouTube video parody of "Happy" by Pharrell Williams. See:

If you have time, please enjoy a few or our other YouTube videos:

2 minute excerpt from the International ConVENTion of Ventriloquists:

5 minute excerpt from our 2016 VENThaven performance:

22 Seconds with the Catholic Charities Day Care

26 Seconds with 200+ children at the South Shore Stars Day Camp:

90 seconds Live TV with Jerry and Doug the Talking Dog

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: 617-901-6232
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