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Upcoming Live Video Chat: How to Navigate the Changing World of Indie Film Distribution

Join The Independent's Guide to Film Distribution's editors Michele Meek (and Founder of, Erin Trahan, and Minhae Shim, along with book contributor and distribution expert Peter Broderick for a free online chat, Thursday May 1, 1:00 – 2:00 pm EST. Guests can join or watch at and ask questions about maximizing profits by selling rights to several different distributors, the proliferation of digital distribution, and the advent of new technologies that have fundamentally changed both filmmaking and viewing. RSVP on Facebook at

Archived chats

Live Chat with Filmmakers about Making Short Films For our 5th Annual Online New England Film Festival, we hosted two filmmaker live video chats with filmmakers from the 2013 Online New England Film Festival who spoke about fundraising, finding locations and actors, directing their films, and finding and audience for their films. Founder Michele Meek Founder Michele Meek fields questions about breaking into the local film community, finding acting work and making the most of

Documentary Film Funders: LEF Foundation and MassHumanities Two prominent documentary funders -- LEF Foundation Program Manager Sara Archambault and MassHumanities Program Officer Hayley Wood -- discuss how to apply for grants at their organizations, the funding environment for documentaries in the current climate, and more.