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Local Film Tweets


Mass Production Coalition Advocacy Update

By Massachusetts Production Coalition

Massachusetts Production Coalition provides an advocacy update - your support is requested for the March 31st hearing about the Mass. film tax credit.

Governor threatens to axe the Mass film tax incentives, but is an all-or-nothing approach smart for the state?

By Nick Goroff
Shelbourne Falls, Massachusetts, the site of filming for The Judge. Photo credit:

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker has recently put forward a proposal to end the film tax incentive program, garnering a contentious response from supporters and critics of the incentives. While the debate may currently be playing out like political football, it would appear that an all-or-nothing fiscal absolutism may not be a winning strategy for either side... Plus, take action to express your views on the issue to the decision-making politicians.

Industry News: March 2015

By Casey Stirling
Jewish Girls Are Easy (Photo Credit Rayna Savrosa:

Massachusetts Governor Baker attacks the film tax credit, plus tons of happenings, opportunities and local film industry buzz in this month's industry news.

Kickstart New England: Guys Next Door; Confused by Love; Lily

By Casey Stirling
Guys Next Door

Help kickstart three worthy local films this month -- The Guys Next Door, a documentary by Allie Humenuk and Amy Geller that explores the lives of two families and examines issues of gay rights, marriage, and surrogacy in the United States today; Confused By Love, a film produced, written, and directed by Crosby Tatum and partially inspired by his teenage years, when he and his mother had nowhere to live; and Emerson College student film Lily, an ambitious 1950s period-piece for which the students plan to build an entire set for the film.

Industry News: February 2015

By Casey Stirling

Oscar parties abound across New England this month. In addition, find some great films at the Providence Children's Film Festival, see Director Robert Greene's film Actress followed by a Q&A, and check out a new Screenwriting Lab retreat launching in Vermont.

Kickstart New England: Who Is Lydia Loveless?

By Casey Stirling

Who is Lydia Loveless? That’s the question director Gorman Bechard hopes to answer in his upcoming documentary. Twenty-three year old singer-songwriter Lydia Loveless, raised in Ohio, received much acclaim for her 2014 album Somewhere Else. Who Is Lydia Loveless? will follow her as she tours and performs, records in the studio with her band, and shares details of her life and work in interviews.

Kickstart New England: Finding the Gold Within and Uprising

By Casey Stirling
Finding the Gold Within

This month's Kickstart New England series features Karina Epperlein's film that tells the story of six young black men from Akron, Ohio and their experiences attending college and Emerson College student Jennifer Zemke's thesis film Uprising, which will be made in conjunction with her written thesis on racial representation in science fiction and fantasy. To have your film featured in this series, email

Industry News: January 2015

By Casey Stirling

This month brings a Disney feature to Marshfield, Massachusetts and an independent film to Bristol, Rhode Island, as well as upcoming screenings, opportunities and other industry buzz.

10 Books Every Independent Filmmaker Should Own... and 4 for Screenwriters Too


Whether you're looking for a gift idea for someone else or a filmmaker yourself, has compiled 10 essential books that every independent filmmaker should own, plus 4 for screenwriters.

Industry News: December 2014

By Casey Stirling
Llyn Foulkes One Man Band

More filming in Rhode Island, local film holiday galas, and a Wonder Woman event - what more could you ask for? Check out industry buzz, upcoming events and opportunities in our monthly industry news. Email news to

Kickstart New England: Harrison

By Casey Stirling
Director Holly Horne

Emerson College student Holly Horne seeks Indiegogo funding for her BFA Thesis Film Harrison. To be featured in the Kickstart New England series, email

Technology Trends: Talamas staff members talk about what’s trending in digital production equipment

By Casey Stirling
The Arri Amira digital cinema camera

Every year, digital production technology improves, and 2014 has been no exception. spoke with some of the staff at Talamas to find out what’s new in production technology and what’s coming next.

Kickstart New England: The Orson Welles Complex

By Casey Stirling
1974 exterior of the Orson Welles Complex

A devastating fire in 1986 left the film landmark, the Orson Welles Complex in Cambridge, Mass shuttered, but its mark on film history had already been made. Now filmmaker Garen Daly is working on a film to chronicle the history of the theatre. Read more about it in this month's Kickstart New England series. To be considered for the series, email

Industry News: November 2014

By Casey Stirling
Recent award winners, upcoming festivals, and recent shoots. Find out about more happenings, opportunities and industry buzz in our monthly industry news. Report news to

Kickstart New England: Wander, Wonder, Wilderness

By Casey Stirling
Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 9.17.55 AM.png

Boston-based Paul Turano and the filmmakers behind Wander, Wonder, Wilderness seek Kickstarter support for this ambitious interactive documentary project. Set on multiple platforms, the project will explore Boston’s green spaces, also known as 'urban wilds,' and offer audiences the chance to digitally chronicle their experiences in these natural environments.

Industry News: October 2014

By Casey Stirling
Rabbit and Deer

This month brings several horror film festivals around New England, plus check out numerous festival awards, local screenings, a screenplay reading, and more. To report news, email

Kickstart New England: Young World Inventors and Brewland

By Casey Stirling

This month, the Kickstart New England focuses on two worthy film projects -- Young World Inventor's mini-doc series focusing on inventive solutions to problems in Africa and beyond and Brewland, a documentary on craft beer in the U.S. To have your crowdfunding campaign featured here, email

Industry News: September 2014

By Casey Stirling
A still from Guitar #1711 from the 2014 Online New England Film Festival

This month's industry news reports on local film awards, upcoming screenings (including the online screening of 42 films on, the Mass Media Expo, and more. To report news, email

Kickstart New England: and Spin the Plate

By Casey Stirling

This month's Kickstart New England series we feature our own Indiegogo campaign for a relaunch where you can pick up some great perks for your contributions, as well as a Kickstarter campaign for local film Spin the Plate.

Industry News: August 2014

By Casey Stirling
Moonlight Bait and Ammo

Woody Allen, Gus Van Sant, Johnny Depp--it turns out summer in New England this year is star-studded. Plus, find out about events, industry buzz and upcoming opportunities. For news ideas, send an email to

Crowdfund Your Film: A Guide to Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Seed & Spark, and GoFundMe

By Josh Coleman
Seed & Spark

There seem to be no shortage of films seeking to raise money through crowdfunding--just take a look at's Kickstart New England series. If you're thinking about crowdfunding your film, you'll need to plan carefully. And one of the first steps is to decide what platform to use, so here's a breakdown of four of the most popular crowdfunding sites--Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Seed & Spark, and GoFundMe.

Industry News: July 2014

By Casey Stirling

The summer of film festivals continues with Maine International Film Festival, Woods Hole Film Festival, and more. Check out opportunities, industry buzz and happenings in this month's industry news. To submit news, e-mail

Kickstart New England: Lorraine Hansberry Documentary Project and In Crystal Skin

By Casey Stirling
Lorraine Hansberry Documentary Project

In this ongoing series, highlights new local film projects looking for funding. This month, check out Massachusetts filmmaker Tracy Heather Strain's Lorraine Hansberry Documentary Project and Massachusetts filmmaker Michaela O’Brien's documentary In Crystal Skin. To feature your film in this series, e-mail

Industry News - June 2014

By Casey Stirling
Provincetown Film Festival

Summer in New England means a busy season of film festivals. Plus, read about the industry buzz on local shoots, new releases and more. To submit news, e-mail

A Report from IFFBoston: Proof that Boston Movie Lovers are Absolute Winners

By Amy Quick Parrish
Dear White People sold out its screening at IFFBoston 2014

Writer Amy Quick Parrish provides a first-hand report from the 2014 Independent Film Festival of Boston, which was replete with premieres, sold-out screenings, and filmmaker panels. Read the full report to get filled in on the details of another great year at IFFBoston.

Tech Talk, Networking and a Host of Parties: A Report from the 2014 NAB Show

By Maud Dillingham
Blackmagic Design on the NAB Show Floor

With acres of exhibit space showcasing the latest in broadcast technology, around 90,000 attendees and a dizzying array of informational sessions, saying NAB is “overwhelming” is an understatement. Here, writer Maud Dillingham provides her first-hand report of tech developments, distribution insight and the networking (aka partying) that made up this year's annual show of the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB).

Industry News - May 2014

By Casey Stirling
Q&A with director Richard Kane and Jill Cohen of JON IMBER'S LEFT HAND

A new slate of films planned in Rhode Island, IFFBoston wraps, and more. Check out the Industry News section each month for industry buzz, upcoming festivals and screenings, and filmmaker opportunities. To submit news, e-mail

A River Runs Through It: A Report from the DC Environmental Festival

By Gina Harris

The theme of this year’s DC Environmental Film festival could have very easily been taken from the classic film A River Runs Through It, directed by Robert Redford starring a young Brad Pitt. Light-filled rivers and waterways wended thematically through a plethora of multiplexes, art houses and luxuriously situated museum auditoriums throughout the metropolis.

Ask the Screenplay Doctor: Submitting Your Screenplay Etiquette and Looking for Screenwriters

By Susan Kouguell
Pointers for good etiquette for submitting your script.

This month, Screenplay Doctor Susan Kouguell covers pointers for the best way to submit your screenplay and answers a question. Email to have your screenwriting question answered in an upcoming issue.

Why Web Series are Becoming the New Wild West

By Amy Quick Parrish
A still from Into Dust, a web series from Amy Quick Parrish.

Web series producer, Amy Quick Parish writes about how web series have quickly become a new outlet for indie-filmmakers. She also describes her experiences producing her series Into Dust and how filmmakers are making up the rules as they go.