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A River Runs Through It: A Report from the DC Environmental Festival

Ask the Screenplay Doctor: Submitting Your Screenplay Etiquette and Looking for Screenwriters

By Susan Kouguell
Pointers for good etiquette for submitting your script.

This month, Screenplay Doctor Susan Kouguell covers pointers for the best way to submit your screenplay and answers a question. Email to have your screenwriting question answered in an upcoming issue.

Why Web Series are Becoming the New Wild West

By Amy Quick Parrish
A still from Into Dust, a web series from Amy Quick Parrish.

Web series producer, Amy Quick Parish writes about how web series have quickly become a new outlet for indie-filmmakers. She also describes her experiences producing her series Into Dust and how filmmakers are making up the rules as they go.

Boston Hustle: Talking to the Talent and Crew of American Hustle

By Maud Dillingham
Boston actor, Rob DiNini hustles in his role in American Hustle, shot in and around Boston in April 2013.

Local cast and crew members of American Hustle discuss making it in the film industry.

Holiday Wish List: The Top 5 Things Filmmakers are Hoping for this Season

By K. Correia
Red One camera

For filmmakers and non-filmmakers alike, the excitement of a new ‘toy’ brings a sparkle to our eyes and puts a smile on our face. To add or comment on our list, post your comments at the bottom of the page.

The Digital Switch: Independent Theatres' Next Big Hurdle

By K. Correia
The Brattle Theater, which made the switch to digital with help from crowd funding

Independent theatres are finding ways to adapt to the digital conversion and keep their doors open to the community.

Hollywood Production Heats Up New England This Summer

By Dave Walker
The Way Way Back, shot in MA & RI, opens July 5

Even as several states debate the future of tax incentive programs for feature film and television productions, several star-studded productions have flocked to the region this summer hoping to capture the historic looks and distinct character of New England.

The DotCommentary: Massachusetts Reels in Reality TV Productions and Feature Films

By Chuck Slavin
The cast of "Southie Rules"

Get the inside scoop with this installment of The DotCommentary from Chuck Slavin on the latest reality shows and feature films gearing up to air and shoot in Massachusetts--from Wahlburgers to Wicked Flippah to Turk, and more...

Recap: Most Popular Stories of 2012

By Michele Meek
Who's Calling? was featured in one of the most popular stories of 2012: iFilmmakers: Are Smartphones the Next Step in Filmmaking

Here's a recap of's 15 most popular stories from 2012 and five stories from the archives with the most views.

The DotCommentary: Election Season

By Chuck Slavin
Chuck Slavin on camera

Massachusetts is getting her close-up, people... and making it count. How can we keep business coming our way, New England?

The DotCommentary: A New Column on the Local Film Industry and Film Tax Credits

By Chuck Slavin
The Dot Commentary: A Column on by Chuck Slavin

SAG-AFTRA actor and tenacious film activist Chuck Slavin introduces his new column The DotCommentary.

Short Stuff: A Selection of Potential Oscar Winners from this Year's Rhode Island International Film Festival

By Michele Meek
A still from "God and Vodka" screening at RIIFF this year.

As the only qualifying festival in New England for the Academy Awards, the Rhode Island International Film Festival serves up a selection of some of the best short films from around the world. Here's a sampling from this years fest coming August 9-14 -- you never know, you could be watching an Oscar winner...

Industry News - August 2011

By Casey Stirling
A still from Bob and the Monster, screening at this year's KahBang Festival in Maine

From Maine to Massachusetts, New England has plenty of film festivals to visit this August. Read on for opportunities, industry buzz and happenings in the local industry. To submit news, e-mail

Industry News - July 2011

By Casey Stirling
The 2011 Maine International Film Festival Poster

You don't need to choose between enjoying the summer weather and seeing a movie with outdoor screenings like Providence's Movies on the Block and Magic 106.7's Family Free Movies in Boston, all starting this month. Read on for opportunities, industry buzz and happenings in the local industry. To submit news, email

Industry News - June 2011

By Casey Stirling
A still from Margin Call, screening at the Nantucket Film Festival this June.

Rub shoulders with Darren Aronofsky and Vera Farmiga at the Provincetown International Film Festival or check out one of the many other exciting events this June. Read on for opportunities, industry buzz and happenings in the local industry. To submit news, email

Do Tax Incentives for the Film Industry Hurt or Help States?

By B. Walter Irvine
RI decided to keep its capped film tax credit -- for now.

A report rejects the states' ambitious use of tax breaks to develop the film industry, but the fine print (and everything else) is contentious.

Film School in New England -- What's the Draw? (Part 2)

By Maddy Kadish
School of the Museum of Fine Arts

In part two of a series, writer Maddy Kadish investigates the allure of attending film school in New England.

Make What You Are: A Talk with Theodore Collatos

By K. Correia
Cinematographer Thomas Lowe & filmmaker Theodore Collatos on the set of Tom Collins.

Award-winning local filmmaker Theodore Collatos shows that hard work, perseverance, and an easy-going attitude are what it takes to get the job done.

The Pitchfest, Part 2: Hone Your Pitching Skills

By Peter Bohush
Pitch like your livlihood depends on it.  It does.  (Photo by James Thornett)

Selling your script might just be an exercise in selling yourself. In a second look at pitchfests, Peter Bohush discusses tips and techniques to have your script seen, heard, and sold.

Ask the Screenplay Doctor: Working with Independent Directors

By Susan Kouguell

This month, the Screenplay Doctor discusses finding and working with a professional who can help bring your work from page to screen. Email to have your question answered in next month's issue.

Come for the Festival. Stay for the Laughs.

By B. Walter Irvine
The cast and directors of Festival.

Filmmakers Michael West and Brett Leigh poke fun at the hands that feed them in Festival.

Industry News - September 2010

By Casey Stirling
Catch The Secret in Their Eyes at this year's Martha’s Vineyard International Film Festival.

More festivals than you can point a camera at, local vampires, workshops, and funding for your documentary in this month's industry news. To report news, email

One Cinematographer Too Many

By Trace Douglas
Sure, you might let this guy handle your camera.  What about three of these guys? (Photo by Samantha Murphy)

How many is too many? Two, it turns out.

The Pitchfest: You've Written Your Masterpiece - Now What?

By Peter Bohush
Aspiring screenwriters await a pitch meeting.

Pitchfests are becoming popular venues for screenwriters to sell their work to development executives - what should you know before going?

Should You Go to Film School?

By Jared M. Gordon
$1,600 per credit to hang with these guys?  It might be the best thing you've ever done. (Photo by Hugo V. K.)

If you're considering a formal education in production, here's some advice on how to think through the decision.

Film School in New England - What's the Draw?

By Maddy Kadish
Emerson College

In part one of a series, writer Maddy Kadish investigates the allure of attending film school in New England.

Thy Will Be Done: A Woman's Unique Journey

By Kerry O’Donnell
Sara Herwig at church.  (From Thy Will Be Done)

Filmmaker Alice Dungan Bouvrie documents the life of Sara Herwig, a transgendered woman with aspirations to become a Presbyterian minister.

Industry News - August 2010

By Casey Stirling
A still from "The Pond"

Local grant opportunities, Massachusetts in the movies, and where to see films this month... a report with happenings, industry buzz and opportunities from the New England film industry for August 2010. To report news, email

As the Studio Turns: The Saga of Plymouth Rock Studios

By Kerry O’Donnell
A sketch of the proposed studio.

The story involves glitz, intrigue, and indictments. No, it's not a soap opera plot. It's the amazingly true story behind the still-proposed Plymouth Rock Studios in Massachusetts...

Syncing it Up with PluralEyes: Product Review

By Peter Bohush
Bohush tested PluralEyes for a scene in his film "Foolproof Plan."

Syncing separate audio and picture files used to be a tedious and expensive lab or post production process. With today’s computer editing systems and products such as PluralEyes, it’s easier than ever to do it yourself.