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Local Film Tweets


Online New England Film Festival Spotlights

By Alli Rock
2010 Online New England Film Festival film line-up.

During the 2nd Online New England Film Festival from September 1-October 15, 2010, presents a new interview each week with a local filmmaker featured in the festival.

An Interview with Filmmaker Geena Matuson

By Catherine Stewart
Geena Matuson, Photo by Desolate Metropolis

Fellow female filmmakers discuss work, life, and more in this new series. For this installment, writer Catherine Stewart talks to Geena Matuson, an emerging filmmaker and artist, about her work, her awards, and her future.

Music in Film: Providence's What Cheer Brigade to be Featured in Rhode Island International Film Festival

By Chelsea Boulrisse
A still from What Cheer?

Director Michael Slavens addresses this idea of being overcome by grief in his new short film, What Cheer?, which features music from The What Cheer Brigade, an award-winning and beloved 19-piece brass band originating from Providence, Rhode Island.

Advice for Actors: An Interview with Erica Derrickson

By Josh Coleman
Erica Derrickson

Photographer and Actress Erica Derrickson talks with about her advice for actors and her organization Hollywood East Actors.

A Chat with Jeff Toste, Director of Haven Brothers: Legacy of the American Diner

By Sam Cooper
Haven Bros. diner chats with Filmmaker Jeff Toste about his directorial debut Haven Brothers: Legacy of the American Diner, a film about the oldest operating diner on wheels in America. The film screens in East Greenwich, RI on July 26 and at the Rhode Island International Film Festival on August 10.

Country Music Pioneers: Beth Harrington on her latest documentary

By Sam Hays
Janette and Joe Carter

Boston native Beth Harrington explores the impact of country music pioneers The Carters and the Cashes in her new documentary, The Winding Stream, playing at the Woods Hole Film Festival on July 26th.

Talking with Kat Candler, Writer/Director of Hellion, Recently Picked Up By Sundance Selects

By Amy Quick Parrish
Kat Candler on the set of Hellion

Writer/director Kat Candler of Hellion, a feature staring Aaron Paul and Juliette Lewis, offers advice on making short and feature films, planning for distribution and how to "always be a student.” Hellion, which screened at Sundance and has been picked up for distribution by Sundance Selects, screened at this recent 2014 IFFBoston.

Chasing the Past: Writer/Director Jonathan Salemi on Inspiration, Production and Distribution

By Sarah Blood
On the set of Chasing the Past

Director and producer of several films, writer/director Jonathan Salemi takes us through his process making i>Chasing the Past, which debuted at the Boston International Film Festival and won the Best Cinematography award at the festival.

The Folklorist: From Public Access to Emmy Award-winning Show

By Michael Cormier
The Folklorist

In almost every respect, NewTV’s original program, The Folklorist, is little--small budget, limited studio space, even the stories are little (a few minutes each). Yet what started as a modest web and public access television series has grown into an Emmy Award-winning production that will be available in 22-30 million households this year. How did they do it?

One Day in Boston: A 24-Hour Filming Event

By Ted Ryan
One Day in Boston’s Ted Ryan interviews Cecily Tyler, co-founder and producer of One Day in Boston, an online event taking place on Saturday, April 26th, where they invite Bostonians to shoot video about the future of Boston.

Shooting Sci-Fi: MassArt Student Filmmaker Nick Sabia's "Valrosa Beach"

By Casey Stirling
Screen shot from Nick Sabia's film Valrosa Beach. writer, Casey Stirling, talks with Nick Sabia, a student at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, about shooting his senior sci-fi thesis film in New England.

Casting Local Talent: CP Casting and Local Actors on Infinitely Polar Bear

By Sarah Blood
The family in Maya Forbes' Infinitely Polar Bear.

Infinitely Polar Bear, which played at Sundance Film Festival in 2014, was cast in Boston and shot in New England.'s Sarah Blood talks with Boston casting director, Carolyn Pickman, and some actors from the film about their work.

Filming Matty Christian: A Documentary Filmmaker Finds Inspiration with Found Footage

By Michele Meek
Raising Matty Christian

It all started when Rhode Island filmmaker Christian de Rezendes got a call from his colleague Paul Plotkin. Paul had been hired by a client to transfer old VHS home movies to DVD—an ordinary task—but as it turned out, this was no ordinary client...

Creating a Trailer Before You Even Have a Film

By Michael Cormier
Erik Bloomquist, director of the trailer for Founders Day.

Don't have the money to make your film? Consider making just the trailer to attract interest -- that's what independent filmmaker Erik Bloomquist has done.

Ask the Screenplay Doctor: Writing for Documentaries

By Susan Kouguell
Writer, producer, director Allie Light

This month, Screenplay Doctor Susan Kouguell interviews four award-winning documentary filmmakers for their insight into how they write for their documentaries. Email to have your screenwriting question answered in an upcoming issue.

Paying Homage to Korean War Veterans in Documentary

By Sarah Blood

Filmmaker Conor Timmis pays homage to his late grandfather and others who fought in the Korean War, from 1950 to 1953, in his documentary Finnigan's War.

The Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston presents Psychedelic Cinema: Take a trip back to the 1960s

By Dave Walker
A still from Psychedelic Cinema, by filmmaker ken Brown, which will play at the ICA on February 9th.

Dave Walker breaks down the film behind the ICA’s event Pychedelic Cinema. He interviews filmmaker, Ken Brown, and percussionist, Ken Winokur, about their work, the era, and their journey.

Documenting the Creative Process: An Interview with Tim Cawley

By Ted Ryan
"From Nothing, Something" director Tim Cawley at the Cleveland Intentional Film Festival.  Photo credit: CIFF/Janet Macoska.

Filmmaker and Creative Director at Mullen Advertising, Tim Cawley, talks with's questions about his 2012 film, From Nothing, Something a documentary about the creative process.

Ask the Screenplay Doctor: Interview with Sydney Levine, President of Sydney's Buzz

By Susan Kouguell
Sydney Levine, President of Sydney's Buzz.

Screenplay Doctor, Susan Kouguell, interviews Sydney Levine, President of Sydney's Buzz, about film distribution. Email to have your screenwriting question answered in an upcoming issue.

Stowe Story Labs Retreat Empowers Filmmakers

By Maud Dillingham
2013 Stowe Story Lab Participants and Presenters gather after screening of Chris Millis’ feature film “Small Apartments"

A September workshop in Vermont trains New England filmmakers in the nuts and bolts of making films.

Glovebox Short Film and Animation Festival: Unabashedly Artsy

By K. Correia
Glovebox Short Film and Animation Festival, 2013

Now in its third year, the Glovebox Short Film and Animation Festival celebrates artists, filmmakers, and their audiences.

40 Filmmakers and Historians: The Vermont Movie

By K. Correia
Freedom & Unity: The Vermont Movie

While neither the largest nor the smallest of the New England states, Vermont has forged a name for itself as a leader in firsts. The first to outlaw slavery; the first to allow same-sex civil unions; etc. It is a state steeped in grassroots thinking and democracy. It is no wonder that a project such as Freedom & Unity: The Vermont Movie, which has brought together over 40 local filmmakers and historians, would develop out of this state.

Have Skills and Will Use Them: Patti Cassidy's Boston Play Cafe

By Donna Sorbello
A still from Patti Cassidy's Boston Play Cafe

Filmmaker Patti Cassidy has taken an unconventional path to becoming a filmmaker, but she learned all she knows from public access television. Now, she's using those skills for a new show: Boston Play Cafe.

Manakamana: An Interview from the Locarno Film Festival

By Susan Kouguell
Stephanie Spray and Pacho Velez, the filmmakers behind Manakamana

Screenplay Doctor Susan Kouguell went overseas to interview Stephanie Spray and Pacho Velez, the two filmmakers behind Manakamana, a film which just won the Golden Leopard at the Locarno International Film Festival.

Silver Circle: Econ Gets Animated, An Interview with Director/Animator Pascha Roberts

By K. Correia
A snapshot from Silver Circle

Director Pascha Roberts took the economic crisis of devalued currency and turned it into an animated action film. He discusses how a degree from MIT helped his drive as a filmmaker and how “the vibrant Boston Community” helped make his film, Silver Circle, a reality.

Jeff Greenstein: Stories from TV's Front Line

By Susan Kouguell
Showrunner, producer, and writer Jeff Greenstein

Breaking into writing for scripted television is competitive and challenging. I know what you’re thinking: Is this news? You’ve all heard and read this sentence countless times. But -- this month’s column sheds direct light and insight on writing and working in television, with advice from someone with ties to New England.

Reliance: Man’s Best Friend, Man’s Last Chance

By Anna Salatto
Reliance, directed by Mary Healey-Jamiel

Mary Healey-Jamiel documents the critical bond between Search & Rescue first responders and their canine counterparts. This interview explores the production, the heart, and the future of the upcoming documentary feature RELIANCE.

Web Series Wisdom: An Interview with Anne Flournoy

By Susan Kouguell
Anne Flournoy, creator of web series The Louise Log

How to succeed in the film business without really trying (but actually trying really hard)? More and more, people are recommending that aspiring filmmakers tackle a web series. Screenplay Doctor Susan Kouguell talks to Anne Flournoy, an independent filmmaker who's done so and lived to tell the tale -- her series The Louise Log was just successfully funded for its third season. Email to have your screenwriting question answered in an upcoming issue.

Alex Thompson: Young and Restless

By Donna Sorbello
Filmmaker Alex Thompson on set

Anyone who suggests kids who are still in college don't know what they're doing should meet filmmaker and college junior Alex Thompson, who has produced, written, and directed more films before graduating than some people ever will. And he's just getting started.

New Low-Residency MFA Film Program Launches at Vermont College of Fine Arts

By Dave Walker
The Vermont College of Fine Arts' MFA in Film Production begins this October

A low-residency film program is reimagining film production for independent filmmakers and screenwriters who are looking to bring their visions to life.