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Local Film Tweets

Film Reviews

Massachusetts Covers Some Ground

By Hillary E. Cutter
Teresa Goding ponders a question as Emily Dickinson.
Profiles of two new films underway in Boston -- "Loaded Gun: A Search for Emily Dickinson" and "Have You Seen Andy?&quot

Life Before the Road

By Chris Cooke
An image from the film "Lowell Blues: The Words of Jack Kerouac."
A review of the film "Lowell Blues: The Words of Jack Kerouac.

Down and Out in Beacon Hill

By Chris Cooke
A still from "The Same Side of Rejection Street."
A Review of "The Same Side of Rejection Street"

Little Shots of Happiness

By Chris Cooke
A still from "Little Shots of Happiness."
A review of the Todd Verow film.

One More Day

By Chris Cooke
A still from "One More Day."
A review of the film to be featured at the MFA, Boston this month.

Festival of Films from Iran

By Paula Noyes
A still from "The Blackboard" to be featured in the festival.
The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston presents recent films by new and seasoned directors.

"In Jest"

By Chris Cooke
A photo of the teens who made "In Jest."
A review of the film by Vermont teens in the 1998 Fledgling Film Screenwriting Workshop

One Punch for the Indies

By Francine Latil
The director of "Girlfight" Karyn Kusama was present for a local screening in September.
A review of "Girlfight"

Boston Gentleman

By Jason Sciarrone
A still from the film.
The Boston Film/Video Foundation gets the update on "The Gentleman from Boston," the film co-written and directed by Michael Connolly and John Stimpson.

Ennis' Gift: A Film About Learning Differences

By Chris Cooke
Ennis William Cosby with his parents.
A review of the new film by Joshua Seftel

All Previewed Out

By Chris Cooke
A still from "What Lies Beneath."
A review of "What Lies Beneath"

Ellie Lee’s Dark Vision

By Chris Cooke
A still from "Dog Days."
A review of "Dog Days"

"The Perfect Storm"

By Chris Cooke
Still from "The Perfect Storm"
A review of film shot in Gloucester, Massachusetts

Death: A Love Story

By Chris Cooke
A still from "Death: A Love Story."
A review of "Death: A Love Story"

The Documentary for Bangladesh

By Chris Cooke
A still from "16 Decisions."
A review of Gayle Ferraro's "16 Decisions"

Art at 30 Frames Per Second

By Tiffany Patrick The Short & Edgy Festival

Target Audience

By Stephen Brophy
A still from "Southpaw" part of the Shooting Gallery Film Series.
A review of The Shooting Gallery Film Series

What's on the Menu: Sampling of Films from the Fest

By Chris Cooke
Still from "Dog Days."
Reviews of "Dog Days," "Minotaur," "Moonshine" and other 25th Annual New England Film & Video Festival treats.

Ma Belle

By Julie Wolf
A still from "94 Years and 1 Nursing Home Later."
A Review of "94 Years and 1 Nursing Home Later"

Little Treasures

By Chris Cooke
Photo of "Bingo" one of the shorts featured in the program.
A Review of "Outstandingly Entertaining Short Films"

Water Fight

By Julie Wolf
A still from "A Hero for Daisy.
A review of "A Hero for Daisy"

Weird Science

By Julie Wolf
A screen shot from "Mr. Death"
A Review of "Mr. Death: The Rise and Fall of Fred A. Leuchter Jr."

My Life as an Orphan

By Kiersten Conner-Sax
A screen shot from "The Cider House Rules."
A Review of "The Cider House Rules."

Industry News for New England

By Lindsey Walker
A shot from local film "Road to Park City" which opens Slamdance this month.
The dish on local films & industry-related news.

Out & About in Northampton

By Lorre Fritchy
A still from "My Femme Divine" by Karen Everett.
A few gems from the gay and lesbian film series at the Northampton Film Festival.

Forget-Me-Nots: "Time Capsure Message in a Bottle"

By Chris Cooke
Westinghouse Time Capsule inspection.
A review of Cathleen O'Connell's "Time Capsule: Message in a Bottle"

American Girl: "Once Removed"

By Julie Wolf
Still from "Once Removed."
A review of Julie Mallozzi's "Once Removed."

Road Warriors: "Pitstop"

By Chris Cooke
A still from "Pitstop"
A review of "Pitstop: or How Max Got to Hollywood."

A Miracle Happened There:

By Gentry Menzel
"The Children of Chabannes"
A Review of "The Children of Chabannes"


By Chris CookeA review of "Temps."