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Technology Trends: Talamas staff members talk about what’s trending in digital production equipment

By Casey Stirling
The Arri Amira digital cinema camera

Every year, digital production technology improves, and 2014 has been no exception. spoke with some of the staff at Talamas to find out what’s new in production technology and what’s coming next.

How to Utilize Slow-Motion Footage in Your Next Video Project

Courtesy of

Adding slow-motion video can mean the difference between a rough draft and a polished film. provides this list of tips on how to use stock slow motion video in your film. Republished with permission from

Tech Talk, Networking and a Host of Parties: A Report from the 2014 NAB Show

By Maud Dillingham
Blackmagic Design on the NAB Show Floor

With acres of exhibit space showcasing the latest in broadcast technology, around 90,000 attendees and a dizzying array of informational sessions, saying NAB is “overwhelming” is an understatement. Here, writer Maud Dillingham provides her first-hand report of tech developments, distribution insight and the networking (aka partying) that made up this year's annual show of the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB).

Planet Takeout: Documenting Both Sides of the Takeout Window

By Dave Walker
Planet Takeout, Yum Yum restaurant

An effective coupling of bold field reporting with innovative technology, the documentary project Planet Takeout succeeds admirably in celebrating a unique, if often overlooked, cultural crossroads.

Crowdsourcing Expands to Film Production

By Michael Cormier
Filmmaker Alfred Thomas Catalfo.

Juntobox wants to know what films you want produced.

Lighten Up: Doing More with Less without Compromise

By Guy Holt
Lighting questions....

This month, Talmas Broadcast is hosting two workshops on advanced production craft by noted Focal Press Author and ETCP trainer Richard Cadena on Feb 9 & 16. Get a window into the second workshop, Lighten Up: Doing More with Less without Compromise, by checking out the article below.

Recap: Most Popular Stories of 2012

By Michele Meek
Who's Calling? was featured in one of the most popular stories of 2012: iFilmmakers: Are Smartphones the Next Step in Filmmaking

Here's a recap of's 15 most popular stories from 2012 and five stories from the archives with the most views.

Vue 11: Create Your Own Pandora or Any World You Can Imagine

By Peter Bohush
Vue 11 Interface

With Vue (version 11), from e-on software, the world is at your fingertips. Any world you want. If you can dream it, you can create it. And animate it and move through it.

Shot Designer: Shot Planning and Design On Your Phone, Tablet, or Computer

By Peter Bohush
A still of Shot Designer's interface

Peter Bohush reviews Hollywood Camera Work's Shot Designer, a software application that allows DPs and director to design every shot... right on their phone.

Anime Studio Pro and Manga Studio EX: Bring Your Comic to Life

By Peter Bohush
A screenshot of the Anime Studio Pro 9 interface

Are you yearning to be the next Seth MacFarlane or Stan Lee? Are you held back because you don’t have the drawing skills or an army of animators? With Anime Studio Pro and Manga Studio EX, a pair of drawing and animation programs from Smith Micro Software, your own Spider Man or Family Guy is ready to come to life on your own computer.

Gorilla 5: All-In-One Movie Scheduling and Budgeting Software

By Peter Bohush
A storyboard screenshot from Gorilla 5

Gorilla 5 is one of the few programs out there that integrates both pre-production and production elements -- but does it live up to its promise?

Hey You, Get Onto My Cloud

By Peter Bohush
Adobe Creative Cloud

Don't want to shell out $2,599 for Adobe's software? Now you can rent it with the Creative Cloud, a new subscription model.

Adobe CS6: New & Improved Production Tools

By Peter Bohush
Adobe Creative Suite 6

Check out Peter Bohush's video and review of Creative Suite version 6.

Adobe Premiere Pro: Solid Performance, Professional Workflow

By Peter Bohush
Adobe Premiere Pro 5.5

Final Cut Pro X, look out. Adobe’s Premiere Pro 5.5 is stepping into the spotlight. Check out Peter Bohush's video tutorial as well!

iFilmmakers: Are Smartphones the Next Step in Filmmaking?

By K. Correia
Ben Hillman's "Who's Calling," shot on an iPhone 4

With new technological advances hitting the globe every day, it seems only fitting that filmmakers would benefit from cellphones turned HD cameras. But is it really worth all the hype? Find out from two filmmakers who have taken the plunge.

Going Steady with the Halo Rig HD

By Peter Bohush
The Halo Rig HD from

Steer your way to steadier shots with the Halo Rig HD camera stabilizer.

The PHYX Is In: A review of PHYX color software

By Peter Bohush
A screen shot from PHYX software

Sometimes if it ain’t broke, you still might want to PHYX it. This new color tool selectively controls colors and saturation for your video.

Camera Moves Using Sliders - The Dolly Alternative

By Peter Bohush

Director-cinematographer Peter Bohush shows the basic camera slider from Igus.

On "Hot Moves: The Science of Awesome"

By Peter Bohush
A still from "Hot Moves: The Science of Awesome" trailer

Hollywood Camera Work’s new instructional DVD "Hot Moves: The Science of Awesome" shows you how to recreate Hollywood’s big-time shots in your own filmmaking.

Fundraising for Films through Kickstarter

By Warren J. Avery
A still from Jared Gordon's "Timothy Feathergrass"

Get the inside scoop from three local filmmakers currently using Kickstarter to raise funds for their films.

The Magic Bullet for Giving a Blockbuster Look to Your Film

By Peter Bohush
Magic Bullet Looks offers 100 preset movie looks that can be applied to a video with a single click.

On the “cool scale” nothing comes close to the ease with which you can make your drab video look like a Hollywood blockbuster movie with the post-production software bundle Magic Bullet Suite 10.

Three Must-Have Tools for Advanced Editing

By Peter Bohush
Boris Continuum Complete 7

Boris Continuum Complete 7, FxFactory & dvMatte Pro Studio 3 can take your editing to a pro level.

Syncing it Up with PluralEyes: Product Review

By Peter Bohush
Bohush tested PluralEyes for a scene in his film "Foolproof Plan."

Syncing separate audio and picture files used to be a tedious and expensive lab or post production process. With today’s computer editing systems and products such as PluralEyes, it’s easier than ever to do it yourself.

Almost Everything a DSLR Moviemaker (or Anyone Else) Needs To Know About Sound

By Peter Bohush
The sound recordist with a portable recorder over his shoulder doubles as the boom operator.

When DSLR cameras exploded onto the market over the past year, they offered an awe-inspiring improvement in picture quality over video camcorders. But they have one glaring weakness: poor audio recording capabilities. Here's a thorough report on audio recording so that you can spare yourself some unfortunate mistakes.

DSLRs Come into Their Own: Viva la Revolución!

By Peter Bohush
An Example of Depth of Field as Shot with the Canon 5D Mark II DSLR Film/video Camera.

Shooting video on a still camera? Peter Bohush tells us why this is no longer as ridiculous as it sounds - and how it can revolutionize the way you make your film.

DSLR Buyer's Guide: Which Should You Consider?

By Peter Bohush
The Nikon D90 - One of Many Options for the DSLR Enthusiast

So you want to buy a DSLR. Which is right for you? Peter Bohush reports for

Time to Buy That P2? A Review of Panasonic's Camera Lineup

By Lee Hershey
The AG-HPX500.  Does it have your name on it somewhere?

Sure, you want HD. But if you're looking at Panasonic's lineup, which is the right camera for you? Should you wait for the upcoming 3D model?

Not Your Grandfather's Prosumer Camcorders

By David Pierotti
Professional?  Consumer?  Prosumer!  (Photo by Brian Dewitt)

What should you know about the prosumer camcorder market? An overview with a detailed chart of popular cameras with their features and purchase and rental costs.

A Free Education in Film Rules

By David Pierotti
What's the Best Way for Me to Export That HDV Footage? (Photo by Niels van Kampenhout)

The Learning Lab Series at Rule/Boston Camera Film Rental provides a valuable and free resource for the local filmmaking community.

“Crooked Lane” Through the Eyes of RED

By Beth Brosnan
Shooting with RED on the NH set of "Crooked Lane."

Chase Bailey and a crew of New Hampshire filmmakers weigh the pros and cons of using RED to shoot the short film Crooked Lane, which premieres this month at the New Hampshire Film Festival.