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Blogging Newport International 2009

By C.E. Craner
From David Boyle's "White on Rice," screened at Newport International in June 2009.

C.E. Craner gives her take on ad men, thwarted love, and cross-cultural comedy on the heels of the 2009 Newport International Film Festival, held June 3-7 in Rhode Island.

How to Nail an Audition

By Ariella Gogol
Angela Peri manages an open casting call for "Edge of Darkness."

Boston Casting’s Julie Arvedon offers insight on how to audition, when to give up, and the best way to become a reality TV star.

Industry News - June 2009

By Erin Trahan
Dean Huh (right) accepts an award among the beautiful people in LA.

Spring showers bring May festivals and May festivals bring June award announcements, the Brattle issues a call for trailers to "smackdown," and perturbed viewers storm out of Boston Film Night... the June 2009 report of industry news, festivals, and happenings.

Art as an Economic Engine

By C.E. Craner
What used to be the armory buidling now houses the nonprofit Arts Exchange in Pawtucket, RI.

Jason Caminiti’s documentary Pawtucket Rising tracks how a city in decline reversed its fortunes through the arts.

Industry News - May 2009

By Erin Trahan
From "Andaluz," an animated short by Karen Acqua in collaboration with  Joanna Priestley.

Is May New England's unofficial Animation Month? Six Berkshire filmmakers make the cut for their hometown fest, plans to help you turn "soft money into gold" are in the works, IFFBoston attracts record audience, and more... the May 2009 report of industry news, festivals, and happenings.

Writing Backwards From Budget to Film

By David Pierotti
Blood on the face of a character in Tim Cawley's "Big Day of Fishing."

Boston’s Tim Cawley explains some budgeting techniques that have fostered his independent film career; his second short film premieres this month at Boston Film Night.

New England Producers Honor the Native American Experience

By Mike Sullivan
The first Thanksgiving as depicted in "We Shall Remain."

This month PBS launches an unprecedented multi-media event with We Shall Remain, a five-part series spearheaded by local producers and bolstered by New England talent and locations.

Industry News - April 2009

By Erin Trahan
From "Don McKay," a feature shot in MA and premiering at Tribeca this month.

The Southeast New England Film, Music, and Arts (SENE) Festival debuts; Boston Gay and Lesbian Film Festival announces new name and venues; Vermont and Maine join the furious fight to offer film production tax incentives; and more... the April 2009 report of industry news, festivals, and happenings.

Vermont Studio Enters 22nd Year

By D.P. Bettencourt
L-R: Toby Fitch, head sound mixer; David Giancola, founder and director; and Tim Gillam, editor of Edgewood Studios.

Vermont’s Edgewood Studios remains a stronghold for film production both in-house and for its neighbors.

Hunting Goodwill

By Matthew Giordano
Matthew Giordano (left) and Jeremy Ellis (right) turn the spotlight on postive Boston stories in "For Boston."

Matthew Giordano describes how his documentary-in-progress For Boston shows Boston’s brighter side, inspiring him to lead by example and give back to the community.

Unexpected Heat over Bringing "Bones" to Maine

By Erin Trahan
From the Maine-made documentary "Ice Blink."

Maine residents take differing stances on giving tax breaks to film production and whether or not big-city filmmakers should shoot Stephen King's Bag of Bones in the author's home state. adds a few editorial thoughts.

A Tree Grows in Kenya, and Vermont

By Arlene Distler
Wangari Maathai, environmental visionary.  Photo by Lisa Merton.

Taking Root, a VT-made documentary about Nobel Peace Prize winning activist Wangari Maathai, screens this month at the White River Independent Film Fest and airs on PBS’s Independent Lens.

Filmgoing in Vermont

By Jared M. Gordon
Camille Musser of Cambridge, MA appears in "Who Does She Think She Is?" which screens at both VT fests this month.

The Green Mountain Film Festival and the Women’s Film Festival bring color to the Green Mountain State this month.

How to Be a PA

By David Willis

A production assistant’s survival guide to finding and keeping film work in New England.

Industry News - March 2009

By Erin Trahan
Nicole Prowell travels great lengths to define happiness in "Happy Hunting."

New England keeps cranking out films and festivals despite economic crunch, Boston Underground Film Festival features over 25 local filmmakers, several Bostonians premiere at SXSW, and more... the March 2009 report of industry news, festivals, and happenings.

Seen and Heard: The Mass Film Office Wrap Party

By David Pierotti
Cocktail photo by diongillard.

David Pierotti reflects on the Boston film community's boom year of 2008 and what's in store for 2009.

Studios in the Making

By Kellie Speed
KAY Studios' Stage Five, located in East Providence, RI. revisits the sprint to the studio report from May 2008.

Industry News - February 2009

By Erin Trahan
Camille Soloari and Josh Mitchell on the red carpet at Sundance. is accepting submissions for an online film fest, high school students get filmmaking opps, awards ceremonies galore, and more... the February 2009 report of industry news, festivals, and happenings.

Connecticut Organizes to Keep Production In-State

By Jared M. Gordon
From L-R: Kim Relick, Bruce Heller, and Kevin Segalla of the CT Film Center at Cannes.

The newly-formed Connecticut Production Coalition seeks to defend New England’s biggest tax break for filmmakers.

Industry News - January 2009

By Erin Trahan
Actors Michael Chen and Crystal Chiu, shooting a scene from Children of Invention.

Sundance helps film people look ahead, RI and CT start production coalitions, RIIFF and Coolidge name new staff, and more... the January 2009 report of industry news, festivals, and happenings.

Growing Momentum to Bolster Film Incentives in Maine

By Cameron Bonsey
Lea Giradin speaks to members of the Maine film community in December 2008.

Blogger and film advocate Cameron Bonsey gives a personal take on the roadblocks and opportunities to attracting more film production to Maine.

Industry News - December 2008

By Erin Trahan
Mark Lund (left in blue) at a screening of his short, First World. hosts a party on December 10th, the LEF Moving Image Fund hosts a how-to-apply for funds workshop, and more... the December 2008 report of industry news, festivals, and happenings.

Lighting New England

By Hillary von Schroeter
A Round-D-Round Doorway Dolly by Matthews

Kaye Lites of Woburn, MA recently doubled its size in response to an increased demand for lighting and grip.

Ready, Set… Act!

By David Pierotti
Jamake Pacual, Haven Quinn, Heidi Tranberg and daughters as The Bill Powers Band in the IFMP class movie "The Reality Shows."

A Brookline-based acting class gives actors hands-on experience, a film credit, and a reel.

Industry News - November 2008

By Erin Trahan
Soldiers line up in Maryanne Galvin's documentary, Interrogate This. relaunches, Ruff Cutz, MassVOTE's Eye on Democracy Video Contest and more... the November 2008 report of industry news, festivals, and happenings.

How to be a... Sports Camera Operator

By Mike Sullivan
Michael Porta knows cameras and sports.

Michael Porta has found a niche in remote broadcast television, which can be a launching pad for other creative projects.

Behind-the-Scenes of "Don McKay"

By Erin Trahan
It could be anywhere, but it's actually North Andover, MA.

An independent feature chooses Massachusetts over New York to the benefit of local crew members.

Industry News

By Erin Trahan
Enlighten Up! screens this month in Boston and Cambridge.
Yoga gets a send-up in Kate Churchill's Enlighten Up!, the Balagan Film Series remembers when Boston had psychedelic daze, the LEF Foundation shifts its funding strategies, and more... A report of news & happenings in the local industry for September 2008

Off the Ground

By Julia Cox
John Herman uses integrative tech to facilitate the NH Media Makers.  Photo by Roger Goun.

John Herman adopts a tried-and-true formula to lift the grassroots New Hampshire Media Makers into collective creativity.

Bringing Films to the Berkshires

By Marc Maurino
L to R: BFMAC board member Keith Girouard, State Rep. William "Smitty" Pignatelli, MFO director Nick Paleologos

Berkshire resident and filmmaker Marc Maurino reports from a recent meeting of the Berkshire Film and Media Arts Commission (BFMAC).