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Local Film Tweets

Local Industry

Is the Sky Falling?

By Tiffany Patrick
A still from "Things Never Seen" aired on MTV by Olive Jar Studios.
Find out why Red Sky Olive Jar is leaving New England for Los Angeles in this interview with its Executive Producer, Matthew Charde.

Industry News

By Allison Twomey
Boston film "Orphan" will screen at the upcoming 2001 Northampton Film Festival.
A report of news & events in the local industry for October 2001.

Picture Perfect: Providence Pictures

By Natasha Lardera
Providence Pictures produced the acclaimed" Lost King of the Maya."
Providence Pictures delves into some of the mysteries of the world in their critically-acclaimed documentaries.

Industry News

By Justin Ordman
Boston film and Sundance hit "Lift" will screen at this month's Boston Film Festival.
A report of news & events in the local industry for September 2001.

Industry News

By Justin Ordman
Locally-produced film "Jucio" will screen as part of the Roxbury Film Festival.
A report of news & events in the local industry for August 2001.

A Retrospective of the Designs of

Two Million Dollar Man

By Maureen Corrigan
Cobweb's founder, president and CEO Tony Lockwood has built what he calls a "mini-Dreamworks" right here in Rhode Island.
Tony Lockwood launches Cobweb Films in Rhode Island ready to make the most of $2 million movie deals.

Photos from the Women in Film and Video New England Gala

An Evening Gala

By Hillary E. Cutter
Amy Geller, incoming president and Lucia Small, outgoing president.
Women in Film and Video celebrate their 20th Anniversary by supporting a local non-profit organization and honoring actress Rebecca Pidgeon.

Post-Colonial, Bona Fide, Cape Verdean-American Diva

By Evelyn Adams Carrigan
Claire Adrade-Watkins.
Claire Andrade-Watkins brings the voices of African and "Cape Verdean/Brazilian/Portuguese" filmmakers to the big screen.

Industry News

By Allison Twomey
"The Empty Mirror" will screen on June 10 at the Harvard Film Archive.
A report of news & events in the local industry for June 2001.

Filmmaking on the Edge

By Alex Rapp
David Giancola behind the camera on an Edgewood Studios' production.
Edgewood Studios produces star-studded action flicks for TV and video in the unlikely town of Rutland, Vermont.

The Vocal Cords are Alive!

By Lorre Fritchy
NOT A BAD HABIT The author (with cross) and her mother (in drapes and curtain rod) hit the stage for the costume parade portion
Come on, admit it -- you’ve always loved "The Sound of Music." Find out about the latest and greatest version that screened at the Coolidge Corner Theatre.

Industry News

By Allison Twomey and Matthew Evan Scher
John Marshall's "The Hunters" is being restored with funds awarded to Documentary Educational Resources.
A report of news & events in the local industry for May 2001.

Behind-the-Scenes with Local Filmmakers

By Bonnie Waltch
Dexter Media is one of the film companies opening its doors to visitors on March 18 for Open Studios.
Wondering where your favorite local filmmaker creates his or her work? Check out the 2nd annual Filmmakers Open Studios.

Industry News

By Allison Twomey and Matthew Evan Scher
"The Blue Diner" premieres at the 26th Annual New EnglandFilm and Video Festival this month.
A report of news & events in the local industry for March 2001.

Boston's MFA Takes a Closer Look at Local Filmmakers

By Hillary E. Cutter
"Iditarod: A Far Distant Place" is one of the films to be featured in the series this month.
Always a great supporter of local artists and filmmakers, the MFA kicks off another series of films made by Boston filmmakers.

Celebrating Women in Film

By Vikki Warner
Women in Film & Video, NE Image Award co-chairs Sally Fay Cottingham (left) and Rebecca Richards (right) at the event.
This group of women is dedicated to providing a sense of community for women filmmakers in the New England area. Find out what inspires them.

How to Be a Makeup Artist

By Kristen Paulson
Joe Rossi recommends the book "Stage Makeup" which he used as a novice and later contributed to as a pro.
Are You Ready for Your Close-up?

Local Teamsters Under Investigation

By Daniel M. KimmelLocal 25 of the Teamsters Union is now under federal investigation for corruption -- a development many filmmakers feel is long overdue.

Mother Knows Best

By Amy SouzaHere's the lowdown on all your options for health insurance as a freelancer.

On the Set of "The Perfect Storm"

By Beth Tucker of
A still from "The Perfect Storm"
Gloucester resident Beth Tucker takes us behind-the-scenes of a local mega-movie.

O Pioneers!

By Shannon O'Neill
Michal Goldman is one of this year's Image Award receipients.
Women in Film & Video/New England honors local women in the industry this month at the Second Image Awards.

Industry News

By Susan Borden
Film Animator Karen Aqua will open up her studio in this month's Filmmakers Open Studio.
The dish on local films & industry-related news.

Rhode Warrior

By Tiffany Patrick
Still from "There's Something About Mary" the Farelly brothers' hit.
As he takes the helm at the Providence Film Commission, Eric Olin talks about his big plans for the small state of Rhode Island.

Robin Dawson: Heading up the Mass Film Office

By Eric Aron
A scene from "Good Will Hunting" shot in Massachusetts.
The director of the MFO works on bringing Hollywood production to the Bay State.

Industry News

By Lindsey WalkerThe dish on local films & industry-related news.

The Children's Place: BIG BLUE DOT

By Dave Avdoian
A screen shot from the Amelia web site a recent BIG BLUE DOT project.
As kid culture grows, BIG BLUE DOT finds its niche as a premier provider of kid-oriented design solutions.

Animator! Animator!

By Amy Souza
Constructing a set at Wreckless Abandon.
Wreckless Abandon Studios co-owner and creative director Michael Bannon shares the life of an animator and the love of the craft.

Industry News

By Lindsey Walker
"Mr. Death: the Rise and Fall of Fred A. Leuchter, Jr." with Errol Morris appearing in person.
The dish on local films & industry-related news from the New England Film & Video Industry