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By Michele Meek has launched a referral contest for its Indiegogo campaign -- if you refer the most funders to our campaign, you will have a story written about you, your film or your company in!

Why Web Series are Becoming the New Wild West

By Amy Quick Parrish
A still from Into Dust, a web series from Amy Quick Parrish.

Web series producer, Amy Quick Parish writes about how web series have quickly become a new outlet for indie-filmmakers. She also describes her experiences producing her series Into Dust and how filmmakers are making up the rules as they go.

Web Series Wisdom: An Interview with Anne Flournoy

By Susan Kouguell
Anne Flournoy, creator of web series The Louise Log

How to succeed in the film business without really trying (but actually trying really hard)? More and more, people are recommending that aspiring filmmakers tackle a web series. Screenplay Doctor Susan Kouguell talks to Anne Flournoy, an independent filmmaker who's done so and lived to tell the tale -- her series The Louise Log was just successfully funded for its third season. Email to have your screenwriting question answered in an upcoming issue.

Recap: Most Popular Stories of 2012

By Michele Meek
Who's Calling? was featured in one of the most popular stories of 2012: iFilmmakers: Are Smartphones the Next Step in Filmmaking

Here's a recap of's 15 most popular stories from 2012 and five stories from the archives with the most views.

Adults Only: A Web Series Come True

By K. Correia
Adults Only logo

From comic books to web-series, Jason Burns & Plymouth Rock Creative are proving “you’re only limited by the parameters you set for yourself.”

Digital DIY Distribution: Another Way to Be Heard

By B. Walter Irvine
A screenshot from the Dynamo Player distribution website.

A new kind of distribution is already here -- it’s digital, it’s DIY, and it’s just a few clicks away. Is it for you? This primer takes you through various services like Dynamo Player, Distrify, EggUP, and Yawma to learn what they're all about.

Documenting a Documentary Resource

By Karsten Hatch
DocumentaryTech Presents Plenty of Resources for the Documentary FIlmmaker in Your Life

DocumentaryTech aims to be a focal point for aspiring documentary filmmakers, both new and seasoned.

Festival of the Future

By Kerry O’Donnell
"Larry and Roz" screens this and next month in the Online New England Film Festival. launches the first annual Online New England Film Festival, playing this and next month... online!

New Media Company Spurs Political Involvement

By Larissa Milashenko
"18 in 08" asks young people about voting and the political process. Pictured: Scott Merrick.

Wellesley, MA native Nick Godfrey, of Crossborders, discusses the grind of getting a foot in the new media production door and the impact viral video can have on young people’s political behavior.

Make Your Film a Virtual Success

By April Gardner
Screen shot of Nicky O'Neill, from the documentary "41."

April Gardner reports on six of the the latest online tactics local filmmakers are using to attract money and audiences to their indie projects.

Learning From the Masters

By Scott R. Caseley
Windjammer Green Sea by Stephen Pace.
Kane-Lewis Productions reveals both the unique and universal elements of the artist’s journey through the Maine Masters series; the story of Stephen Pace premieres this month.

Delivering Video on the Web

By David Tames
Will Joost transform television?
In a series of articles to appear over the next few months, filmmaker and media technologist David Tamés begins to unravel web media distribution and viewing for those of us who need a translator.

Joppa Restored

By Erin Trahan
Behind the scenes during the 2006 season of Joppa.  Watch episodes online.
This month homegrown web comedy Joppa returns from hiatus (and a spin-off) with the launch of season four and an ever-growing fan base.

Blogging: The Arteries of Information

By Scott R. Caseley
A still from Citizen Journalism.
Nashua, New Hampshire native and first-time filmmaker Jason Ong gives his views and perspective on information-spreading through blogging in his film, Citizen Journalism: Pamphlets to Blog debuting this month at the Free Speech Shorts Video Festival at Cambridge Community Television.

Mini-Movies, Wide Web

By Nikki Chase
The Drivetime vlog at
Steve Garfield and Ravi Jain, speakers at the Making Mini-Movies seminar sponsored by the Filmmakers Workshop, talk about how video weblogs are changing the way people see film.

How to Promote Your Film Online

By Michele Meek
The website for the local film After June. Publisher Michele Meek offers some advice on how to create a winning website for your film, as well as what not to do.

Filmmakers with an Edge

By Andrea Maxwell
A still from "Strange America," one of the Edge Video exclusives.
Maine Filmmaker Doug Gordon features Maine filmmakers with an edge in the launch of  Part of the Dream to Screen series.

Home is Where the Art Is

By Lucy Lincoln Morrison
A scene from "Three-Abreast."
Imagining his life as a sitcom, Boston artist Ravi Jain launches the Internet series ""

On Top of the World: The Global Entertainment and Media Summit

By Lisa Frenchik
Eddie Kramer, Steve Zuckerman, and Les Paul at last year's Global Entertainment and Media Summit.
Independent filmmakers and musicians gather to learn how to use the Web and beat the system.

An Internet Adventure

By Emily Jansen
One of the posters for "Boy George Michael Jackson Browne."
Filmmaker Memo Salazar takes filmmaking to a new frontier with "Boy George Michael Jackson Browne."

Ultimate Streaming Seminar

By Samantha Head
The Ultimate Streaming Seminar is  presented by Dale Sorenson (pictured above) of Sorenson Services USA and Future Media Concept
Thinking about streaming your film or video over the Internet? The Ultimate Streaming Seminar taking place this month can show you how to get there.

Reconstructing the Romanian Past

By Maria Luisa Gambale
Monica Sevianu was condemned to a life in prison (1923-2977) after being charged with bank robbery.
Filmmaker Irene Lusztig talks about her new film, "Reconstruction," an examination of a highly controversial Romanian bank robbery.

Happy Anniversary!

By Samantha Head
The first issue of went live in August 1997.
It's been four years this month since first launched. Read about how it all began in this interview with the site's founder and publisher, Michele Meek.

Tradition Meets Technology

By Alex Rapp
Production still from "Full Sail: Classics Yachts in Antigua" which aired on Travel Channel.
The local production company, the Curt Worden Group reinvents itself as Context Media for the Internet age.

Independent Media Activists Take Over the Internet

By Katherine McMorran
imc Boston
Media networks beware, there are some new reporters on the streets who are taking control of what the public views.

Dot-com Dinosaurs

By Michele Meek is regarded by many as one of the few sensible dot-coms that is more likely to survive the downfall.
The rise and fall of several Internet entertainment sites have left some filmmakers wary.  Who can you trust?

Navigating the World of Streaming

By Peter Bohush
Local web site company is one of the sites to stream your videos online.
Want to share your video with the world? Whether its a documentary, narrative, or even some footage of a family reunion, here's the places to get it streamed on the web...

Stream On: the Latest in Video on the Web

By Michele Meek
Video Streaming.
Here's the rundown on software you'll need, sites to check out and how to get YOUR films/videos on the web.

The Internet Comes to TV on "Wild Wild Web"

By Keith Wagner
Boston-based TV series "Wild Wild Web" takes on the convergence of new and old media with some innovative ideas.

Stream On: An Update of Video Streaming on the Web

By Michele Meek
Giovanni vs. Mecha-Giovanni
There's good news and bad news. The bad news is not much has improved for the technology of video streaming in the past six months. The good news is that the selection of online videos is continuing to increase -- including some works from New England mediamakers.