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Local Film Tweets

Film School & Education

Stowe Story Labs Retreat Empowers Filmmakers

By Maud Dillingham
2013 Stowe Story Lab Participants and Presenters gather after screening of Chris Millis’ feature film “Small Apartments"

A September workshop in Vermont trains New England filmmakers in the nuts and bolts of making films.

New Low-Residency MFA Film Program Launches at Vermont College of Fine Arts

By Dave Walker
The Vermont College of Fine Arts' MFA in Film Production begins this October

A low-residency film program is reimagining film production for independent filmmakers and screenwriters who are looking to bring their visions to life.

Should Screenwriters Go to Film School? Part Two

By Susan Kouguell
Professor and Screenwriter J.D. Zeik

Is it worth it to go to film school? In part two of a series, Screenplay Doctor Susan Kouguell gets an answer from SUNY Purchase's Professor J.D. Zeik. Email to have your screenwriting question answered in an upcoming issue.

Should Screenwriters Go to Film School?

By Susan Kouguell
Professor Garland Waller of BU & Professor Richard Walter of UCLA

Is it worth it to go to film school? In part one of a series, Screenplay Doctor Susan Kouguell gets an answer from UCLA’s Professor Richard Walter and BU’s Professor Garland Waller. Email to have your screenwriting question answered in an upcoming issue.

Screenwriting Advice from Award-Winning Screenwriter and Teacher Barry Brodsky

By Susan Kouguell
Barry Brodsky, writer and director of the Emerson College Screenwriting Certificate Program

There's no one path to becoming a screenwriter, and Screenplay Doctor Susan Kouguell discusses some of the many options with writer and director of the Emerson College Screenwriting Certificate Program, Barry Brodsky. Email to have your screenwriting question answered in an upcoming issue.

Prague Film School: An International Melting Pot for Filmmakers

By Susan Kouguell
Prague Film School

Screenplay Doctor Susan Kouguell spent her summer at the Prague Film School. She interviews Co-Founder and Co-Director Tariq Hager about his school: a haven for passionate filmmakers of all shapes and sizes tucked away in a city that is as beautiful as the program is intense.

The Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation: Investing in a Brighter Future

By K. Correia
Mark Wahlberg at the Boys and Girls Club in Dorchester

The Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation and the Taco Bell Foundation have joined forces to provide Boys & Girls Clubs around the country with mentoring programs in film, television, and music production. One of their stops is Boston.

Movies From Marlboro: Taking the College Experience to a New Level

By K. Correia
Marlboro student filmmakers, Photo Credit: Marlboro College

The Movies from Marlboro program at Vermont’s Marlboro College combines classroom study with a professional work practicum, giving students and professional filmmakers alike an unforgettable learning experience.

Industry News - May 2011

By Casey Stirling
A still from The Wish Makers of West Hollywood, premiering at the Boston LGBT Film Festival

Cameras are rolling this month as a feature and a web series begin production, and there are plenty of finished films to take in via festivals across New England. Read on for opportunities, industry buzz and happenings in the local industry. To submit news, email

Collaboration: The Key to Success

By K. Correia
Making Media Now starts Friday, May 6

With 2011 fully underway, a new Executive Director, and an upcoming conference, The Filmmakers Collaborative is helping filmmakers in Re-Defining Collaboration in a Fractured Media World without losing sight of the traditional and conservative values of storytelling.

Rollin’ Out The Red Carpet for Emerson College EVVY Awards

By K. Correia
The podium at the Majestic Theatre (

On May 14th, the Cutler Majestic Theatre at Emerson College will play host to the EVVY Awards, a student-run organization modeled after professional award shows that recognizes student talent and achievement.

On "Hot Moves: The Science of Awesome"

By Peter Bohush
A still from "Hot Moves: The Science of Awesome" trailer

Hollywood Camera Work’s new instructional DVD "Hot Moves: The Science of Awesome" shows you how to recreate Hollywood’s big-time shots in your own filmmaking.

Industry News - January 2011

By Casey Stirling
Frontier Blues screens as part of the Boston Festival of Films from Iran

Ring in the New Year by heading to the Arts Advocacy Summit or to the Boston Society of Film Critics Annual Awards and Screening, as reported in the January 2011 industry news. To report news, email

New Mentorship Program Gives Students a Home in Media

By Bruce Dillenbeck
The production at English High School of "It's On You" music video.

Alan Michel, Executive Director of nonprofit HOME, Inc., shares some insight into a media mentorship program that HOME, Inc. is starting, which matches high school students with media professionals in a year-long mentoring relationship.

Film School in New England -- What's the Draw? (Part 2)

By Maddy Kadish
School of the Museum of Fine Arts

In part two of a series, writer Maddy Kadish investigates the allure of attending film school in New England.

Should You Go to Film School?

By Jared M. Gordon
$1,600 per credit to hang with these guys?  It might be the best thing you've ever done. (Photo by Hugo V. K.)

If you're considering a formal education in production, here's some advice on how to think through the decision.

Film School in New England - What's the Draw?

By Maddy Kadish
Emerson College

In part one of a series, writer Maddy Kadish investigates the allure of attending film school in New England.

Big Winner: Martha Grant on her Animation "Win Big, Have It All"

By Warren J. Avery
A still from "Win Big, Have It All"

Filmmaker Martha Grant puts it all on the line at the Rhode Island International Film Festival with her film Win Big, Have It All.

Local Short, Big Screen

By Maddy Kadish
Wesman's film "Shelley" screened at Cannes International Film Festival.

Andrew Wesman’s Harvard University senior thesis film Shelley comes back from the Cannes International Film Festival as it celebrates the importance of small film on the big screen.

The Best Time You'll Ever Have at Summer School

By Kerry O’Donnell
Summer Moviemaking Camp.  Credit

Maine’s New England Film Academy celebrates its fifth anniversary by opening up a second location in Massachusetts. Director Christopher Watkins talked with about the organization and its goals.

A Decade After Film School: Where Are They Now?

By Jared M. Gordon
"I swear I went to film school." (Photo Credit: Michael Porter)

Film school was ten years ago. What are my fellow alumni up to? Not film, turns out.

A Free Education in Film Rules

By David Pierotti
What's the Best Way for Me to Export That HDV Footage? (Photo by Niels van Kampenhout)

The Learning Lab Series at Rule/Boston Camera Film Rental provides a valuable and free resource for the local filmmaking community.

Don't Cut This Class: Future Media Concepts

By April Gardner
Future Media Concepts recently moved to Kendall Square.

Warp speed your knowledge of postproduction through coursework at facilities like Future Media Concepts.

Training a Workforce for the Moviemaking Marathon

By April Gardner
CT Film & Digital Media Workforce offers training and resources throughout CT.

As New England attracts more major motion pictures, the race is on to grow a trained workforce. This guide offers an overview of new and ongoing skill-building opportunities to secure work in all aspects of production.

Next Generation Producers

By Karsten Hatch
Teens learn producing, and more, at SCAT's Next Generation Producers program.

Somerville Community Access Television (SCAT) opens the eyes of young talent.

Neurocinematics: Your Brain on Film

By April Gardner
Neurocinematics studies your brain's activity while watching films.

April Gardner provides a primer on the burgeoning academic field of neurocinematics, which may answer why we react (or don't) to certain films.

Summer Programs for Documentary Filmmakers

By Laura Gallagher
Lunch being prepared for delivery to MacDowell's 32 studios. Photo by Victoria Sambunaris.

A look at the professional development opportunities aimed at documentary filmmakers throughout New England.

MassArt's Clever Little Pegs

By Katie Petrillo
One of Adam Giangregorio's animated monsters.

Animation students at MassArt focus on imagination and basic design skills rather than technology to create films for the annual Squealing Pegs show on May 8th.

Cheap Moviemaking with Public Access

By Karsten Hatch
In the studio at Somerville Community Access TV.

A former staffer at Framingham Public Access offers tips for maximizing the production potential of local cable access stations.

Look Out Academy Awards -- Redstone is Hot on Your Toes

By Alexandria Lima
BU's Redstone winers from L to R: Charlie Anderson, Rosita Lama-Muvdi and Donna Reyes.

Boston University’s 29th annual Redstone Film Festival showcases an array of the best student works.