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Local Film Tweets

Film Analysis

The Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston presents Psychedelic Cinema: Take a trip back to the 1960s

By Dave Walker
A still from Psychedelic Cinema, by filmmaker ken Brown, which will play at the ICA on February 9th.

Dave Walker breaks down the film behind the ICA’s event Pychedelic Cinema. He interviews filmmaker, Ken Brown, and percussionist, Ken Winokur, about their work, the era, and their journey.

Boston on the Big Screen

By John DeCarli
Boston skyline, image credit:

With Boston taking a front seat at the Academy Awards on February 27th, it’s easy to see why more than just a tax credit has drawn filmmakers to its streets -- Boston has a film identity all its own.

Palestinian, Filmmaker, or Both?

By B. Walter Irvine
A still from "From Palestine with Love"

This October, the Boston Palestine Film Festival showed how Palestinians could be both activists and filmmakers.

Thy Will Be Done: A Woman's Unique Journey

By Kerry O’Donnell
Sara Herwig at church.  (From Thy Will Be Done)

Filmmaker Alice Dungan Bouvrie documents the life of Sara Herwig, a transgendered woman with aspirations to become a Presbyterian minister.

The Who, the Whereuntofore, and The Why

By Kerry O’Donnell
Will Your Sins Catch Up with You?  The Why Knows...

The principal players not meeting until the day before production, The Why epitomizes the new type of collaboration in independent filmmaking.

Neurocinematics: Your Brain on Film

By April Gardner
Neurocinematics studies your brain's activity while watching films.

April Gardner provides a primer on the burgeoning academic field of neurocinematics, which may answer why we react (or don't) to certain films.

The Instinct to Create

By Marilyn D. Pennell
Pamela Tanner Boll is also a painter.

Marilyn Pennell recommends the documentary Who Does She Think She Is?, screening this month in Vermont at the Green Mountain Film Festival and Women’s Film Festival.

What Happens When Your Script Receives “Coverage?”

By Mere LaTour
Story analyst Mere LaTour.

Last month, Mere LaTour explained the benefits of story analysis. This month, she details what happens when a script receives "coverage."

How to Utilize Story Development Services

By Mere LaTour
Mere LaTour on the set of "Last in Class" with Bill Parker.

Mere LaTour describes the benefits of seeking outside help with telling an effective cinematic story, whether fictional or documentary.

Sizzle: A Global Warming Comedy to Heat Up Woods Hole Film Festival

By Julia Cox
Polar bears have a story to tell.

Marine biologist-turned filmmaker Dr. Randy Olson uses
laughter as a vehicle for change.

Secret, but Safe?

By Lynn Tryba
Destroying the evidence.

Secrecy's festival run continues to build steam. It screens this month at the Nantucket Film Festival.

Into the Groove

By Lynn Tryba
Sketches from another Harrington film, Origin.
Jason Harrington gathers elements of sketch artistry, literary nonfiction, the violin, and whale song in The Tree With The Lights In It, an animated short screening this month at SNOB.

Through Young Eyes

By D.P. Bettencourt
A still from Fateless.
Fateless, screening at the Hartford Jewish Film Festival, tells the semi-autobiographical story of a young boy's time in a concentration camp.

Sundance Preview

By Michele MeekA preview of some of the shorts, documentaries and features screening at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival - with, of course, New England connections.

Summer of Love

By Genevieve Butler
A still from "Turn Left at the End of the World."
Unlikely romances develop in the Israeli desert in the excellent "Turn Left at the End of the World," which screens this month as part of the Boston Jewish Film Festival.

Convincing a Jury of One

By Genevieve ButlerDocumentary Film "Deadline," screening as part of the Human Rights Watch Festival, tells of justice for the exonerated in Illinois after the long walk through the valley of the shadow of death.

Wonder Years

By Genevieve ButlerA review of "Anya (In and Out of Focus)" which screens at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston this month.

Thanksgiving Films

By Michele MeekA selection of movies celebrating, poking fun and analyzing America's holiday available through NewEnglandFilm's sister site,

Tradition, Tradition! & the Love Revolution

By Genevieve Butler
Still from "My Sister, My Bride."
A review of "My Sister, My Bride," the story of one couple’s struggle for equality to premiere at the Boston Jewish Film Festival this month.

Breaking the Cycle

By Genevieve Butler
A still from "Understanding Violence."
A review of Roberto Arévalo's documentary "Understanding Violence" featured this month at the Roxbury Film Festival.

A Blast of a Bash

By Genevieve Butler
Soup2Nuts's "Home Movies" was one of several animation pieces to screen.
Rhode Island School of Design grads steal the show at the recent New England Animation Bash, presented by the Brattle and Coolidge Corner Theatres.

Festival Favorites

By Mattias Frey
A still from "Flowers & Garnet."
Reviews of the outstanding films from the 2004 Independent Film Festival of Boston.

Love Fest

By Chris Cooke
A still from "Goldfish Memory."
Reviews of three features and a selection of shorts from the 20th Annual Boston Gay & Lesbian Film/Video Festival, coming to the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, May 12-23.

'Night, Mother

By Genevieve Butler
A still from "Foo-Foo Dust."
A review of "Foo-Foo Dust," the local film featured at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival and screening this month at the Florida Film Festival.

All It's Got

By Chris CookeA review of the local film "Everyone's Got One."

World Views

By Chris Cooke
A still from "Osama."
A review of films featured at the 2004 Human Rights Watch International Film Festival, "Osama," "Pinochet's Children" and "Scenes From an Endless War."

Unraveling Mind

By Chris CookeA review of Jafar Panahi's chilling portrait, "Crimson Gold," which screens this month at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts as part of the Festival of Films from Iran.

Mythic Romance

By Chris Cooke
A still from "The Epic Tale of Kalesius and Clotho."
A review of Kyle Gilman’s short film "The Epic Tale of Kalesius and Clotho," which screens in the upcoming Northampton Independent Film Festival.

Surviving the Americans

By Chris Cooke
Images from "Displaced! A Miracle at St. Ottilien."
Chris Cooke reviews "Displaced! A Miracle at St. Ottilien," screening at the Boston Jewish Film Festival this month.

Music Man

By Chris Cooke
Fights broke out at many of Antheil's European concerts. The premiere in Paris of the Ballet mécanique was no different.
A review of the film screening this month at the Film Fest New Haven, "Bad Boy Made Good," about American composer George Antheil.